How to flirt at work!

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How to flirt at work

Are you AGAINST or FOR flirting at your workplace?

Whether you are against or for it, the answer depends on how flirting is done, understood and excepted.

For example, a friendly wink can produce a smile in one person, but can be considered crossing boundaries in another person.

Flirting especially at the workplace depends on the type of environment, proper timing, and from whom the flirting comes from.

Let’s exaggerate an example to put flirting in perspective!

  • A 60 year old man winks at a 24 year old female at the workplace, what do you think?
  • Now, the same 60 year old man knows the 24 year old for 3 yrs, what do you think?

The variables makes such a difference, someone may find both examples inappropriate while another may find the 2nd senario OK.

So our point is…Flirting depends on many factors.

Flirting In General

In general, people love to be flirted with, from a simple wink, a compliment or a slight friendly touch.

In fact, no romance has ever been possible without flirting.

However, at work, being aware of the rules, being respectful and professional are the qualities you must adhere to

This of course, is all contingent upon where you work.

For example: Flirting at corporate jobs is harder, while flirting in the entertainment field or in entrepreneur-based enterprises is much easier.


5 Benefits Of Flirting.

  1. Flirting is an instant stress reliever.
  2. Boost self-esteem.
  3. Eliminates boredom
  4. Boosts the immune system!
  5. Adds value to your personality

Healthy flirting is the act of making someone feel good but at the workplace special care must be taken.

Let’s look at 3 facts about the workplace.

  1. 1/3 of our life is spent at work.
  2. Our income supports our lives (health, home, family, clothes, future etc)
  3. The people who surrounds us at work, is a huge part of our lives.

Now, Let’s look at this major concern.

1- People strongly suggest that you should never date anyone at work, however, his could be right or wrong.

  • Right, because problems do arise between couples who work together and wrong because love is too powerful for anyone stop it,


40% of people have dated someone they worked with.

35% of female coworkers reported dating someone at a higher level in the company.

25% of male coworkers reported dating someone at a higher level in the company.

31% percent of workers who dated at work ended up getting married.

So, we think it’s unreal to think dating at work never happens, nor should never happen.

The reality, like anything else is that sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t!

Flirting At Work

The Flirting At Work Challenge!

What makes flirting at work challenging is facing your boss and coworkers.

You know the feeling! when the time comes to introduce your boyfriend to mom and dad!

There’s a certain disapproval in the air which causes tension!

Even when dating women or men at school or among friends, you can see the female blush along with body language that’s different than normal.

So at work, it’s intensified because of the fact that you are at work, the place where you make a living!

Unlike relationships established elsewhere, at work, mistakes or a decline in your performance could be seen as signs of relationship troubles by your boss.

Once again, it’s where you work and spend 1/3 of your life.

This is why many couples who have met at work see each other in discreet until it’s ok to spread the news.

Now, we could end this article right now by suggesting:

If you work at a bank and like a co-worker, just date outside and what happens outside of work is nobodies business.

Sounds good, However, it’s not that simple.

workplace advantages

Lets take a look at a few workplace advantages and disadvantages:

* Note: some of the advantages may seem like disadvantages so make sure you adapt our advise to your work situation.


  • With coworkers can relieve workplace tension.
  • Flirting is known to produce positive energy.
  • Flirting at work (especially women) do it for fun.
  • If the relationship is serious, you get to spend more time together.
  • Security, she is safe with you at work.
  • Flirting at work can turn a dull day into a fun day.


  • Workplace flirting requires extra precautions because you must remain professional
  • You will see each other five days a week, eight hours a day

          (This could be good or bad)

  • Work disputes complicate your personal relationship
  • Competition at work.
  • Trouble being friends with other girls (if your girl is jealous)
  • In the case of flirting with clients, you have to be careful, because they are a source of income for the company
  • (BIG ONE!) What happens if things don’t workout – 6% of workers have left a job because a romantic relationship with someone at work went sour.

Special TIP:

If you are a playboy, playgirl or just want sex, adhere to this fact:

You can put yourself into a really big mess!!

…you better be sure he or she is ok with your lifestyle, otherwise your life at work can turn into a nightmare.

5 Ultimate Workplace Ethics:

  1. Light flirting is the key – Light Flirting is harmless flirting that doesn’t hold the promise of physical intimacy.
  2. Flirt with class and honesty.
  3. Don’t play games, nor play with feelings.
  4. If you keep things classy, you can be your charming self, as it’s impossible to flirt if you are upset or in a bad mood.
  5. If someone tells you to stop, STOP!

5 Flirting Advantages At the Workplace:

  1. If you work in the same department, you’ll have the excuse to talk about work or start a general chat, then let the conversation slide into other directions naturally.
  2. Unlike dating online or meeting a complete stranger, since you work together there is an instant level of trust established.
  3. Catching her in the elevator will give you a moment to talk alone, go for a quick cup of coffee or go out for happy hour!
  4. Take advantage of the situation: at work it’s very likely you’ll have access to his or her contact information.
  5. If flirting turns into something special, being discreet about your new fling at work can be lots of fun, it intensifies the connection and when work is over, WOW!
odd advantage

Here is an odd advantage, funny but true.

When a connection is established, the both of you won’t mind being the last one’s to leave work!

Working overtime will be a pleasure, haha!

Love Has No Boundaries!

All relationships established anywhere is special.

We feel if you met someone special at work CHERISH IT!

Cherish it, because meeting people at work opposed to the internet or at a club takes a lot more energy, courage and has many risks.

The only downfall dating at work is if the relationship doesn’t workout, which can cause all kinds of trouble.


We favor flirting and dating adventures on the internet.

Online, you can flirt with people all over the world and it’s safer than at the workplace, you can specifically search for the girl or guy of your dreams, age, type, etc and even date a few!

Online is a fun multi level process:

First, exploring profiles, chatting, engaging in fantasies, the excitement to wake up to see his or her response, to setting up a date to meet each other in person.

All the people who sign up at (website) are liberal people who signed up specifically to meet someone special or to explore their sexuality.

Online dating is a clear and straight forward approach to satisfy your sexual fantasies.

There is someone out there that wants the exact same thing as you!

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How to flirt at work!
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How to flirt at work!
Are you AGAINST or FOR flirting at your workplace? Whether you are against or for it, the answer depends on how flirting is done, understood and excepted.
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