How To Improve Your Sexual Performance (Real Stuff, No Tricks)

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improve your sexual performance

Whether we have a partner or if we are looking for a flirt or a sporadic relationship in Friends With Benefits, we all want to know how to increase our sexual performance. We will not lie to you: there are no magic tricks.

But it can be done. And it’s not so difficult. 

Throughout our lives there are many factors that can condition our sexual performance such as stress from work, seasonal changes, age, mental and physical problems… It is true that we are not in control of many of these factors, but there are many others that can be controlled. 

So today we are going to try to offer some tips on how to increase our sexual performance. 

Your partner or your possible conquests will thank you for the effort, and it will also help reinforce your self-esteem, one of the qualities most appreciated by women.

1. How to improve your sexual performance: stay fit 

Practicing some sport was obviously going to appear on the list. The benefits are innumerable: it improves circulation, makes us feel more active, releases stress … 

When we practice sports we must have in mind our goal. You don’t do the same exercise to lose weight as you do to gain muscle. Something similar happens with exercise focused on sex. We must look for exercises that will help us

Improve our breathing rate

Running increases your stamina in bed. Breathing correctly is vital for this, it helps you relax, control muscles and is beneficial for circulation. 

Strengthen the pelvic area

The abdominals muscles and those of the pelvic area play an important role in the sexual act, strengthening them can help delay ejaculation in the case of men and increase the pleasure of the partner in the case of women.

Sexual Performance yoga

Possibly one of the best exercises to achieve this is Yoga. It is suitable for all ages, but it is especially useful if you want to understand well how to improve your sexual performance after 50. We will talk more about this age group later.

It strengthens the pelvic area through isometric exercises and also teaches us to breathe correctly, in addition, it is not an exercise that carries great possibilities of injury, we can do it at home, and it is accessible even if we have not been doing sports for a long time. 

If that is not enough, it also has other associated benefits, such as its stress-relieving power or flexibility, which can help us innovate and try postures that we would never have imagined we could perform. 

If you don’t like Yoga, practice some other aerobic exercise, but in no case can you just stay still, sport improves circulation and this is vital, especially in the case of men. In addition, sport increases desire, making it an ideal activity for couples wanting to revitalize their sex life.

2. Do you want to improve your sexual performance?: Rest 

The lack of rest lies behind many dates that have ended in disappointment. Our body needs to recover and be at its best, especially when we are going to face a demanding activity such as sex. 

Lack of rest causes hypertension problems, chronic exhaustion, stress and mood swings. None of these things seem to increase sexual energy, so we must never neglect our rest: 

Try to go to bed at the same time every day

We know that organizing our days might not be as easy as it seems, but having an hour to go to bed, and another to get up helps us to be more regular, and it can also be useful to plan and organize the rest of the day better. 

Quit bad habits

Smoking, drinking, drinking a lot of coffee, eating with too much salt or a lot of sugar negatively affect sleep, either making it difficult or making it less effective. We know that quitting these habits is complicated, but you can start by reducing them little by little, your body and your sexual partners will thank you.

Rest is especially important when we have a busy life, especially if we plan to date real women through Friends With Benefits. Never lose sight of how important recovery is. As pleasant as it is, a night of sex without commitment cannot replace eight hours of sleep, it is important to try to find time for both, otherwise we run the risk of losing both due to stress, fatigue and bad mood.

good habits to improve your sexual performance

3. More good habits to improve your sexual performance: Eat well

Eating well is one of the great pillars of health, and its influence on sexual performance is unquestionable. Eating healthy is a guarantee to increase stamina in bed. 

You are what you eat is a hackneyed but true phrase, so when meeting people with whom you plan to have sex, keep in mind not to eat much before having intimate relationships.

Nobody likes to exercise while digesting a family pizza, right? 

When we talk about eating well, we are not only talking about aphrodisiac foods and their beneficial short-term effects. We also refer to day-to-day eating habits that can improve sexual performance by helping us reduce our cholesterol levels and improving our cardiovascular health and that can help people with hormonal imbalances, and even increase libido. The keys for this are

Reduce fat intake

This is obvious, although it never hurts to remember it. We do not mean that you should stop taking them, since, in their fair measure, they are necessary, but most of us consume them in excess, so it is good to cut back on your intake, or substitute it for foods with vegetable fats such as avocado or olive oil.

Increase the intake of Vitamin E

We can find it in large quantities in wheat germ, red cabbage, whole grains, olive oil and many other foods. Its intake improves blood flow, reduces or prevents the formation of the plaques responsible for the curvature of the penis and increases libido

We are what we eat, so if we want to lead an active erotic life and increase sexual performance, we must take care of our diet

Diet changes are always difficult, but avoiding going limp, feeling better and wanting more sex, seem like good incentives to eat a little healthier, even if it is not so appetizing.

4. Count on the other party to find out how to improve your sexual performance

Once we have done everything we can for ourselves, it is time to look at other possible causes that can make our sexual relationships not being as satisfactory as we would like. 

One of the first things we must take care of is communication. Whether you are in a relationship, in that phase in which you say to yourself “I am looking for an open relationship”, or if you have dates and sporadic encounters, verbal communication is basic. As much as body language can tell you about another person, there is nothing like asking the right questions.

 positive impact on sex

● It helps us feel more comfortable

It is normal to be tense when we go on a date, talking a little on a date, laughing, telling something about ourselves and asking about the other person, are steps that help us feel comfortable, that way things flow better, and that has a positive impact on sex. 

It is stimulating

Words are proven to exciting: whispering in the ear, flattering or being flattered, or simply hearing someone else’s voice, can be powerful aphrodisiacs that can lead to the most unforgettable sex you’ve ever had. It costs nothing to try and you might have a big surprise.  

The more we know, the better lovers we will be. As Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power”, in this case power of seduction. When you’re planning a date and want it to end in sex, it’s so much easier to be successful if you plan an evening suited to their preferences, and the best way to find out is to ask. If she likes Indian restaurants and is bothered by dirt, better prepare your house for the date and surprise her with a reservation in a romantic and beautiful restaurant.

5. Sex is best when there is no rush

Unless you are masturbating and are late for work, rushing is not good counselor. In sex, rushing can be the way to failure or to disappointing experiences. That’s why we can’t help but insist that you take your time. 

Sex is to be enjoyed, and it is a process that begins with the exchange of looks, kisses, hugs, caresses, and ends with the act itself. Enjoy the whole process, do not rush, you could turn something precious into an empty experience that neither of you want to remember.  

Let yourself be loved

Don’t be the one to take the next step, for example, if you are giving kisses, let it be her or him who puts a hand on you, or puts a hand under your clothes, this way we increase the desire, and the more we want something, the more effort we will put in and the better the results will be. 

Give and receive

You are not going through the preliminaries as a key to access sex, they are part of it and you should enjoy them, make the other person feel comfortable and let them know what you want, you will be surprised how easy it is to receive what you expect if you are complacent.  

Practicing Kamasutra is great, but it would not be a problem to finish in the preliminaries, do not be afraid if it happens, it is only a sign that you like what you are doing at that moment Deep down you will be achieving your goal, enjoying and making the other person enjoy too. After all, this is how sexual performance is measured, right?

improve sexual performance after 50

How to improve sexual performance after 50

Exactly the same as at twenty. You have to lead healthy lifestyle habits. Rest, take it easy, eat properly, and exercise are things to do at any age. Adapting the exercises to age, of course. 

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you will notice an improvement in your sexual performance. 

To seduce an older woman you have to have the same attributes as to seduce a young woman: sympathy, good looks and a healthy appearance. 

A curious thing also happens with age: people notice both the exterior and the interior. 

In other words: after fifty, you already know that flesh withers, but wisdom and other invisible qualities of a person do not. Cultivate yourself and you will see how your partners like you more. That translates to better sex.

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