Everything You Need To Know About Interracial Dating

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Interracial Dating

Interracial dating are so beautiful that we are inclined to propose “just love each other and ignore what others think” but that is not the reality.

In this article, we will elaborate on the reality of interracial relationships with tools to overcome Interracial challenges. 

The Barriers Of Interracial Dating 

Most people can’t admit the truth to themselves about their prejudices, for instance: 

An interracial couple walking hand and hand at a park can cause up to an 80% disapproval from bystanders.

This disapproval is often disguised causing others to behave in different ways like: 

  • A guy dribbling a basketball would pause to look at the interracial couple. 
  • An old man sitting alone would stare. 
  • A few people at a picnic would catch the attention of others to look. 

If you are guilty of any of the above there is no need to be startled as studies have proven that interracial issues work as a double edge sword.

A double edge sword as in: 

  • At one end a “victim of racism” would frown against racism.
  • At the other end, his chances of being racist is also high.

Therefore there is a contradiction. 

The Racial Issue 

When we as children are raised experiencing racial issues that stemmed from family members, at school and through the media, as much as we’d like to disregard racial issues later in life, it is there. 

Racism runs across the board worldwide where hit songs like “it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white” by Micheal Jackson tries to convey the message to see no color. 

Consequently, this all adds up to interracial partnerships having to face challenges such as: 

  • Family members who disapprove 
  • Real or manufactured public disapproval. 
  • Perpetual racism via the media. 
  • Getting married/having children
  • Dealing with the stigma 
Interracial relationships

Interracial couples face two-fold issues.

  1. Discomfort from the disapproval of others real or fancied. 
  2. The one who is not the victim also struggles. 

Are you ready for the good news? 

Interracial Differences Is Not The Root Issue!

Thankfully, cultural differences are not what cause relationship issues. 

What usually causes interracial friction lies in the couple’s inability to handle what they face.

It’s safe to speak on behalf of all races, who have felt unwanted by another race throughout their life but the difference is how one handles the friction for instance: 

Upon entering Thailand all foreign nationals are documented as Aliens. 

The word Alien is written across every rule upon visiting Thailand which requires your signature. 

The choice in this matter is to bypass the word Alien and have a great time, or make a fuss about it. 

So, all it takes is to get a few stares from a different race to create paranoia, inferiority complex, hatred and war. 

So, What Is The Solution?  

The solution is to continue to fight the nonsense. 

In 1967 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of interracial marriages. 

Further insight may require a talk with grandma to see how awful things must have been in the old days.

The Take-Away: Imagining what the old days must have been like should result in a breath of fresh air that things aren’t bad these days.

I’d take a stare from a stranger over being disowned. How about you? 

bypass the nonsense

There Is No Racism! 

This may be hard to swallow but numerous Interracial partnerships get along with life wonderfully. 

They are smart because they choose not to feed into the media nor spend their time worrying about what others think.

These are the entrepreneurs who don’t feed into the nonsense because let’s face it:

You either bypass the nonsense or wallow in the mess, which side do you choose? 

Therefore: as challenging as racial inequalities can be, you must work past, through and around them. 

Perhaps a good example is what everyone is doing during Covid-19.

COVID has forced people to keep a certain distance, many can’t fly nor are allowed into countries, staying at home in fear, however:

People still hook up despite COVID restrictions so, as a metaphor: 

Racial issues are just as serious so “do what you gotta do!”

Furthermore, the attitude shouldn’t be “I don’t care what others think” or being bitter but rather: 

Knowing that we have no control over the 70-year-old man conditioned to feel a certain way towards another race. 

Major Interracial Relationship Benefits

A major benefit of interracial relationships is that it increases positive interracial encounters. 

Interracial couples create a reduction in prejudice within their surroundings. 

Things turn out well because if an interracial couple walks proud, what can anyone do about that? 

We all know interracial couples who are part of the gang, well, we need more of that! 

Therefore, pushing the older generations way of thinking aside into an all accepting one.

Note: we don’t refer to racial profiling, that is a different issue.

interracial partnerships

What Interracial Partners Should Know

  1. The relationship must be rock solid.

This means that no outside pressure could tear you apart. 

  1. Laugh At The Racial Nonsense.

Yes, laugh because you are not caught in the mess!  

3. Be Aware Of The Rise Of Interracial Couples 

Interracial marriages are up by 20%  

Don’t believe the nonsense that interracial partnerships are doomed to fail all while partnerships in general are doomed also. 

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Interracial Dating, all you need to know
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Interracial Dating, all you need to know
Interracial dating are so beautiful that we are inclined to say “just love each other and ignore what others think” but that is not the reality.
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