Ten unmistakable signs to know if a woman likes you

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know if a girl likes you

Once, so long ago now that I prefer not to say when, an anonymous letter appeared in my mailbox. The letter was a declaration of love and was precious in its naivety. The collection of compliments would have recomposed the most fractured ego. I did not give credit to it.  

But the phrase that marked me the most, since it is practically the only one I remember, was the following:  

“I am someone closer to you than you imagine.”  

I never knew who wrote that letter for me.  And I never found out if it was a classmate, high school friend, a neighbor, a friend’s sister…  Wish I had an article like this. I wish I had read How to know if a girl likes you

How to tell if a girl likes you

There are many things you can find out if a woman likes you without asking her directly – something that could be a bit violent if you are not quite sure of the answer – but you have to know how to interpret the signals.  

How to tell if a girl likes you?  

Let’s look at those signs.  

1. Body language.  

Body language is something very important to take into account when it comes to how to tell if a girl likes you?  

If she gazes openly and fixedly when she sees you, that can be a sign of interest, in the same way as if when she looks at you she has her arms and legs spread, which would mean that she is unconsciously opening up to you

If she does just the opposite, she may not have really noticed you and is not entirely comfortable with you. 

Another interesting symptom is that when your eyes meet, she will look you straight in the eye for a few seconds and then turn away. That means she wants to look at you, but she is embarrassed you might find out.

She shows interest

2. She shows interest in yourself and your life

If she cares about you and tries to help you, she might like you. A girl who doesn’t like you is not going to ask you how things are going or be interested when you need some kind of help or when you have problems.

If she is interested in your life and pays attention to your problems more than any other girl does, it will be because that girl likes you and that is why she wants to help you in whatever way she can.

3. Her friends know about you

Talking with her friends can be a good way to find out if she likes you, having in mind that if her friends know about you it is because she has talked to them about you.

By having a small conversation with her friends, you will be able to get much more information than you can imagine, which will be very important to see the relevance it gives you in their social influence group. A guy who she is not attracted to or cares about at all will not be named in her group of friends.

4. You meet more than usual and she dresses nicely

One of the signs to know if she likes you is the fact that she dresses more than necessary on the occasions on which she knows she is going to see you.

If she normally dresses one way, but when she knows that she is going to meet you, she dresses up much more than usual, she may want to attract your attention, she may want you to notice her. This will be a pretty big indication that she likes you.

In the same way, if she tries to go to the same places as you do, it will also be a very accurate indication that she is interested in you.

5. You have good conversations with her

Another of the signs to know if she likes you is when you have a conversation with her. First of all, if she pays attention to what you are telling her and tries to interact so that you keep telling her things, it means that she has a great interest in you.

Likewise, if when you talk to her and make funny remarks or little jokes she laughs, it can be a big indicator that she likes you.

How to tell if a girl likes you online

How to tell if a girl likes you online

There are many ways to know if a girl likes you online, but it is somewhat more difficult than in person, because you cannot observe her body language or hear her tone of voice.  

There are many ways to flirt online, but there are three main ways to know if someone likes you. Through WhatsApp, through social networks and through dating sites such as Friends With Benefits.  

Signs that someone likes you on Whatsapp 

Recognizing the signs that she likes you over text

It is easy but you have to know how to do it.  

See if she spends time texting you 

If a girl likes you online, she will usually spend time talking and texting you. For example, she might message you frequently, even if you’re offline. 

She replies quickly to your messages 

One sign that she likes you is that she responds quickly to your messages. It is also important that you see if she sends you messages as soon as she sees that you are using the app. 

She sends messages that invite conversation. 

Sometimes women answer simply out of kindness, but in that case the answers will be short and will not lead to any conversation. 

How to know if she likes you on social media

See if she interacts with your posts. Does she “like” all your Facebook posts and status updates and Instagram photos? Or better yet, does she frequently comment on your posts? If so, this is a sign that she wants to interact with you and could indicate that she likes you. 

See also if she comments on other people’s posts. If she comments on everything frequently it could only reveal that she really enjoys using social media. 

However, if she “likes” other posts or comments not so frequently, this will be a sign that she might have feelings for you, who knows if love at first site.

the easiest way to find out if she likes you

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