How To Know If My Partner Is Cheating On Me

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My Partner Is Cheating

We already know that flirting online is much easier than in person.

However, it also means that the opportunity to lie is greater.

After all, you can chat online with 10 girls or guys and then choose 3 to go out with while still chatting with the others. 

This doesn’t mean, that if you’ve found a partner, thanks to Friends with Benefits that he’ll cheat on you, but because of the mass amount of hot available choices online, it could turn complicated in that way.

How Do I Know If My Partner Is Cheating On Me?

As a general rule, if you’re asking this question, then you are suspicious for two reasons: either you have reason, or you are a jealous person.

The signs that your partner is cheating varies in each case, but there are some common traits that’ll help you detect if your man is playing you.

First off: if you are not jealous, but beginning to suspect something, then pay attention to your intuition.

Don’t bypass the ability to utilize your intuitive senses.

In other words, don’t fall into denial!  

Women and men are usually correct about their intuition unless jealousy or trama from a previous relationship blocks everything.   

We know this is a serious matter, as we are talking about your better half, your soul mate who you are bound to.

So, this article will provide you with many ways to provide you with enough evidence to draw a conclusion and then confront the matter.

Very important: don’t pick fights! 

Also, I will use “man” for some examples, but it applies to both genders.

The Signals:

Improves Appearance

1. Improves Appearance:

If your partner starts working out, eating well, dressing better or doesn’t include you in his outings compared to before, then these are signs to take note of.

It’s very rare for someone to change their habits on a whim, it’s usually evident by everyone, especially those closest to him.

For example, normally before a person joins the gym, he talks about it for awhile.

The changes a person makes is always evident, however, spur of the moment changes, are signs.

2. Telephone Or Computer Secrets:

New relationships start via phone and internet channel’s.

This is tricky because it’s his personal phone however, there are some clues.


  • If your partner’s phone or laptop never needed a password before, and now they have one, it’s not a good sign. 
  • It’s not a good sign if you are lucky to catch your partner clearing out his browser’s history often
  • If you notice that your partner normally leaves his phone anywhere and now takes a bath with his phone, it’s not a good sign.
  • If you ask playfully to see your partner’s phone and there is resistance, it’s not a good sign.
  • In other words, you know your partners patterns perhaps better than they do, and so any weird changes in patterns or behavior is something to take note of.

3. Changes In Patterns:

If your partner is out fooling around, he will be more likely to change his level of accountability, punctuality, and become less likely to answer your calls normally.

You may start hearing odd excuses that sound legitimate like: 

  • I was at meeting, I was driving.
  • I was in a “no coverage area”
  • My battery died.
  • I lost my phone, then found it in the bathroom.
  • he complains about his social life, even to the point that you agree with him, telling him things like “so babe, why don’t you go out with your friends after work”

4. Less Or More Sex:

A new relationship could either decrease or increase your sexual activities.

If your man usually bothers you for sex and then stops abruptly, not good! 

Alternatively, if he wants more sex, it could be because he is wound up from the other girl, or doing it in order cover things up.

Another possible sign is that your partner starts to bring new techniques and activities into your sex life.

As much as you may enjoy it, you may be learning new tricks that he learned with someone else.

5. Your Partner Shows Hostility: 

When a man is cheating, he usually begins to compare and grade things, like:

  • His new fling spoon feeds him and you don’t. 
  • He casually points out, that things don’t feel the same between you compared to before.
  • or will ask for changes, like becoming more daring in bed
  • some guys who are jokers, are bold enough to say that they were out fooling around during the times they were questioned like:

 “honey where were you”? “oh I was having sex with the cleaning lady at work” haha

The key is always this: that everything about the person qualities begins to shift.

6. Altering Schedules:


When your partner, who has never worked a day late in his life all of a sudden starts to, then he may be lying.

Then we have the immediate lies like: flat tire, dead batteries, traffic jams, spending more time at the gym, and other similar excuses could be signs of infidelity.

The same thing goes regarding business trips etc, it is common that a cheater will need to find a way to make a weekend getaway and pretend that it is work related. 

The Guilt Trip: he purposefully acts weird, purposefully shows up late etc and then “surprises” you with a huge birthday party.

  • This is a real trip because, if you’ve built suspicion and even confronted him, only to get a big surprise party, you’ll feel bad and in turn, will allocate more freedom for him to continue fooling around.

7. His Friends Seem Uncomfortable Around You:

In many cases, his friends already knows, and when around you will act more quiet than usual, more talkative or extra kind, you will definitely feel something unusual in the air.  

If you share friends in common, and the overall vibe is different and your partner is talking louder than normal, then it’s clear that it’s time to get to the bottom of it.

8. Unexplained Expenses:

If you share financial responsibilities and notice, odd charges to the cards, less money in the savings account etc, then that’s something to confront him about.

Infidelity costs money: so things like gifts, trips, hotel rooms, and dinners (especially  places you never dine at) is something to confront him about.

hanging out

Now, you run into luck, and while washing clothes you find a receipt from a hotel, and able to tie it to the hair you found on his shirt, then boom, he is busted! 

This is why washing your partners clothes is crucial lol.

As you can see, this is pretty much mathematics and math doesn’t lie.

The math: If you find lipstick on a shirt of his + notice extra expenses + he had a flat tire last week + is hanging out with his buddies more often + everyone is acting strange = all that is needed is for him to call you Sally when your name is Jane.

9. Emotional Intimacy Changes:

There is no doubt that a cheater ends up feeling bad but is trapped.

At that point there will be a difference in intimacy.

You’ll notice during sleep, some subtle changes in his sleep patterns, like he may put his arms around you with hesitation and take more time to fall asleep.

If your senses are sharp, you’ll be able to sense sleep disturbances and sense him opening his eyes into a stare.

Emotional Intimacy Examples: feeling able to share your deepest needs, desires, dreams, insecurities and fears without a shadow of a doubt.

10. Confronting The Situation:

If your partner is cheating on you, the outcome will depend on your stage level.

  • Stage: 1 – you are not sure, but he Is acting strange.
  • 2 – you have enough evidence to confront him, but still doubt.
  • Stage 3 – you have busted him 100% and have the math to prove it.
convince you

At Stage 1, if you confront him at that stage, he may call you crazy or defend himself with whatever.

Stage 2, if he reads into your doubt, he may try everything possible to convince you otherwise.

At Stage 3, he will give in, or play stupid.

At any given time while confronting him, never accept any blame or guilt inflicted upon you.

Like I said, unless you suffer from jealousy, you have every right as his partner to know.

The Outcome:

The good news or bad news will depend on many factors.

  • Factor: #1 – you don’t believe in infidelity and will break up over it.
  • #2 – you don’t believe in infidelity, but if he is honest and wants to mend things, you are open to it.
  • Factor #3 – you’ve been married 4 yrs and have a child, and you are outraged.
  • #4- because of previous relationship issues, you could never trust him again.
  • Factor #5- you’ve been married 7 yrs, have 2 children and one on the way and have to keep the family together.

The list goes on and on…

There is no quick solution, but my 1st advise is to call mom!

  • Mom will have the entire scope of your reality way better than the both of you.
  • Turn to trustful friends.
  • Weigh out the pro’s and con’s.

Seek professional help from a couples therapist if necessary.

The point here is, don’t take this kind of a burden upon yourself.

Moving On:


If the relationship has to come to an end, take a break and when you are ready,

join a relationship site like Friends with Benefits to find new friends, a new partner, or anything that your heart desires.

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When it’s time to move on, it’s time!

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How To Know If My Partner Is Cheating On Me
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How To Know If My Partner Is Cheating On Me
As a general rule, if you’re asking this question, then you are suspicious for two reasons: either you have reason, or you are a jealous person
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