Does Love at First Sight exist?

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love at first sight

Is there truly such a thing as love at first sight, or is it a myth? Let’s find out! 

Is Love At First Sight A Myth? 

Could love at first sight be a learned response through watching romantic content? 

For instance, we’ve all watched many romance films growing up, and as we continually see women falling into men’s arms. We may tend to believe and model what we see. 

And as a result, we’ve been programmed to believe in qualities associated with “love at first sight” like. He took my breath away and slogans like “falling head over heels”, etc. 

Is Love At First Sight A Phenomenon? 

Many have reported love at first sight having the power to produce feelings of euphoria, a sudden flutter of excitement, or a deep connection beyond explanation.

Alternatively, love at first sight, has been reported to cause nervousness, as in “she could not think straight, became clumsy and weak in the knees”

What Science Says About Love At First Sight 

Biologists and scientists claim that humans are biologically constructed with the capacity to love.

…that, when a person falls in love, different parts of the brain release chemicals that trigger feelings of happiness, bonding, excitement, arousal, etc. 

So, what do you gather? 

We think that “love at first sight” should be taken for what it’s worth.

Love at first sight is true if taken for what it is, the problem occurs when projecting surreal promises from romantic episodes. 

In other words, just because a person’s knees buckle over someone they’ve just met doesn’t mean that it’s a sign from heaven.

The feeling of euphoria, excitement, bond, etc, should be taken for what it is in that instance and not as a binding contract for the future. 

Everyone’s definition of what love is differs   

We can easily find numerous accounts from the many who’ve claimed they’ve fallen madly in love at “first sight” but nevertheless have had various outcomes.

Furthermore, no one ever seems to discuss the love at first sight stories which have ended in disaster.

So, we think that “love at first sight” is worth believing and taking its existence for what it’s worth, however, DON’T jump into any conclusions.  

body language

5 Signs To Tell If You’re Experiencing Love At First Sight

1- You Feel A Strong Connection

This is taken from a true story and the person said these exact words:

“I went to a party and the minute I laid eyes on him, I knew that he would be my husband” 

The confidence behind her claiming a husband who at the time was a complete stranger is quite impressive.

2- You Feel Charged 

Have you ever felt ready to leave a gathering because you were tired, and while you’re saying goodbye to your friends a gorgeous woman enters the room and suddenly you’re no longer tired?  

Later that night, the friends who you had said goodbye to, addresses you with “weren’t you leaving”? 

Feelings of immediate attraction can knock the tiredness out of you. 

3- Body Language 

Scientists report that eye contact allows us to tell instantly whether we have encountered a suitable sexual partner.

What makes eye contact powerful is that we can intuitively gauge personality traits from trustworthiness to compatibility, all before uttering a word. 

The same goes for hand gestures, smiles, or during a moment of chemistry, as she works out a way to get closer to you. 

4- Eager Anticipation.

The girl of your dreams is across the hall and you feel restless and eager to get close to her at once, you find yourself glancing her way practically every second, you don’t dare use the bathroom as she may slip away.

This eager anticipation can drive a person who has fear of rejection to gain a sudden burst of confidence to walk directly up to a person.

He owes it to the smile that pulled him in, and now she is all he can see. 

What Science Says About Love At First Sight

5- Feeling Sick

Often referred to as butterflies in the stomach, there is scientific proof that we have a brain to stomach connection whereas, “love at first sight” can gather all emotions from excitement, doubt, love, anger to sadness to center in the gut.

This type of “love at first sight” accounts to those who feel queasy, sweaty, anxious, etc. 


We at kindly suggests through hands-on experience to take life as it comes.

Whenever it feels like “love at first sight”, it’s always best to take things slow and allow the time to get to know each other. 

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Love at first sight exist, does it?
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Love at first sight exist, does it?
Is there truly such a thing as love at first sight, or is it a myth? Let’s find out!
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