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Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation is a healthy and normal practice although it is still a taboo subject. It is so, despite the fact that it is a very widespread practice and that it is practiced by both men and women. Because of that, before knowing how to stop masturbation addiction we must know if we are addicted. 

Addiction does not depend on the number of times a day you decide to masturbate but on the problems it causes in your life. In this it resembles other types of behavioral addictions.  

During teen-age (or even earlier) people masturbate more than in adulthood and that does not mean they are addicted. It means they are in a period of discovery.  What happens when you discover a music group that you love? You’ll be listening to it all the time at the beginning; so much so that you’ll end up burning it. Then, it starts to get boring and you put it aside, although you always come back from time to time. 

Well with masturbation it’s the same. 

The questions you should ask yourself are: Does it prevent you from leading a normal life? Does it give you pleasure or make you suffer? 

Once you answer those questions you can verbalize what you already suspect: “I’m addicted to masturbating”

Everything you need to know about Compulsive Masturbation Disorder

Excessive masturbation, also known as compulsive masturbation or masturbation addiction is motivated by the intense and repeated urge to satisfy that need.

Although masturbating is a healthy and pleasant act, in the present case it becomes something independent of pleasure. Thus, the sufferer turns masturbation into an automatism to calm their anxiety.

It is a psychological disorder that can cause a great deterioration in social and work life. Those who have compulsive masturbation disorder could reach the point of not attending social gatherings in order to have more time to masturbate or to interrupt their work hours to satisfy the need in the bathroom.

It is common for these people to be labeled as vicious or perverted, when the truth is that it is a hypersexual disorder that needs psychological treatment. In some cases, you may even need medical assistance for injuries to the penis or vulva due to overstimulation.

excessive masturbation

How much masturbation is too much?

Easy. If you see smoke coming from down there, you have to stop. Just kidding, obviously.

There are people who have a high sex drive and enjoy masturbating often and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when someone begins to change the goal of the action, while increasing its frequency. That is, the person becomes addicted to the stimulating feeling, which is known as a process addiction. In this sense it is very similar to any other addiction.

People with a compulsive masturbation problem, which is a conduct disorder, begin to repeat this behavior to alleviate the negative effects of its absence: anxiety, nervousness, irritability, headaches, lack or excess of appetite, insomnia and even tremors.

In addition, for it to be considered compulsive masturbation, there must be an increase in behavior. The person with the disorder will increase the frequency of masturbation as well as the inability to control the urge. This disability will cause problems at work or generate conflicts with the partner.

In short: if masturbation only serves to keep negative feelings such as anxiety at bay and hinders your performance in daily life, you are masturbating excessively.

How to stop masturbation addiction

To know how to stop the masturbation addiction it is best that you go to a specialist. There is nothing shameful about it, quite the contrary. But to go you have to know first if you have a problem. 

That’s what this article is for. 

As indicated above, if the act of masturbating, as well as the need to do it, does not cause discomfort and does not affect other aspects of your life (it would very likely be that this disorder would end up sabotaging your affective relationships if you did not solve it) there is no need to seek treatment. 

Masturbation is a behavior that is part of sexuality and is completely healthy. However, if it is associated with feelings of anxiety and lack of impulse control, the most appropriate thing is to go to an expert in psychology and sex therapy.

If you think you have this disorder and before going to therapy you want to try it on your own, you can try the following:

Set a schedule, first with short goals. For example, avoid masturbating every “x” hours (you decide how many). Then increase the time until days between masturbations and the practice is less common. Ideally, the habit will gradually be eliminated. However, psychological support is necessary to deal with the associated feelings. Especially if after testing autonomously these do not decrease or even get worse.

how to stop maturbating

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Masturbation Addiction, all you need to know
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