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the best online dating ideas

Eva is a restless, kind and beautiful woman who boasts of analyzing reality with a clinical eye. She is always ready to help those who need it and has a contagious smile.  The best online dating ideas

She is also an intelligent and self-confident person, which helps her to face difficult situations calmly. Her beauty and natural charm attract everyone around her. We will ask her about her life and ask her to give all the readers some online dating ideas.   

Hi Eva, thanks for attending Friends with benefit’s newsroom. Please tell our readers who Eva is.  

You’re welcome, I’m delighted to do this interview. I am a woman with a kind and beautiful soul! For example, I love to experiment in the kitchen and cook delicious sweet cakes that I always give to my friends.  

In my free time I also like to watch interesting movies, visit new places and learn about them.  

Another of my hobbies is taking care of myself. I really like to move, do fitness, and go to gyms.  

After all, movement is life!  

I also like to meet guys and one of the best ways for people who, like me, have no time to waste is to use dating sites like Friends with benefits.  

Oh, let me not forget, I like to go shopping, especially here in Europe. 

In Europe? People usually talk about neighborhoods or cities when they talk about shopping, not continents. Do you travel a lot? 

I love European culture. I have been to countries like Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece. Actually I love to know about any culture. You can learn things from everyone.    

For this reason, I have also been to the United Arab Emirates, the USA, China, Taiwan, Turkey… and some more that I do not remember now.  

I can’t say which one I like more, because each country is attractive in its own way. 

eva online dating advice

Everywhere there were interesting and wonderful people, sociable and with good intentions.  

Of course, the people and inhabitants of each population have their own distinctive features. But men are the same everywhere, everyone wants to meet a beautiful and interesting girl. Especially when the girl is not local.  

It is so funny to see the shyness and embarrassment of a man when he wants to distinguish himself and interest the woman he likes. All this wonder, calm, flirtation, the period of acquaintance, cannot be expressed in words. I love it!  

I especially like London, to flirt. Thanks to Friends with benefits, I don’t waste time. By the way, I take the opportunity to tell all the guys that there are online dating questions that are better not to ask when you’ve just met a girl. I’m not going to bore you with specific questions. Just don’t get too personal and intense at first.  

Well, apart from flirting with boys and letting yourself be seduced. What do you do professionally?  

My main occupation is being a model, DJing and a bit of an actress. I’m more of a photography model: I like to pose and I always work for a quality, beautiful and professional result.  

Do you work with nudes?  

Of course!. I am an ambassador of the female body. My philosophy: beauty will save the world of men!

And what about being a DJ? How did that come about? I don’t know many model DJs.  

It became a natural thing to become a DJ, as I always liked music, dancing, and over time I understood what a person behind the console should look like and be like. I am also a very empathetic person and that helps me to find out the mood of the audience and what they need.  

As for my career as an actress, it is the most difficult challenge, but I love the idea of ​​putting myself in other people’s shoes and feeling what they would feel.  

Let’s talk a little about what we, as a dating website, are interested in. How do you see the current world of online dating?  

current world of online dating

The best dates are in person, in real life, because first impressions are impossible to understand online. There is something, I don’t know what to call it, chemistry, or feeling, that is only felt in the presence of the other. Either there is a spark or there isn’t. 

That said, I think there’s nothing wrong with meeting online for the purpose of dating. That’s why I’m aware that some people need online dating. There are shy people who have gained in quality of love life thanks to pages like Friends with benefits, that’s for sure. 

Online dating helps people communicate with each other, wherever they are and select a specific partner for comfortable communication.  

That is why the first message of online dating first message is so important. It has to be fun and original, but without going overboard. Never take things too far.   

Could you give us some online dating tips for a man who wants to flirt online?  

Be kind. Don’t be rude to a girl. And don’t lie to have sex, since we will discover you 99% of the time. It is also important that you introduce yourself properly. This means that you must have a good photo and a good profile.  

The great thing about dating sites is that there are hundreds and hundreds of possibilities. Surely there is someone for you! Why lie? The best online dating advice I can give you is to be yourself. If you pretend to be who you are not, everything will go wrong.

Now let’s talk about sex. This page was born to help people have sex without commitment. What do you have to say to that?   

Sex is an important cultural phenomenon of gender relations. Sex can be thrilling, sensual and it can also be frank, vicious, passionate! Here it is important to be open, liberated and respectful of each other.  

Men, be patient. If on your first night of love, the girl didn’t jump on you and rip your shirt off, there’s nothing wrong. Maybe on the first night she wants to show herself sensitive to you. Be attentive to their needs. Don’t be ashamed of your feelings and body movements, don’t lock yourself away. The next time you have sex, she will be more liberated and more sure of her feelings.  

Some girls like to experiment, don’t be afraid of that.  

As Woody Allen said: Sex is only good when it’s dirty.

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The best online dating ideas
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