4 Tips on how to impress a woman into flirtation

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how to impress a woman

Flirting with girls is something that every man obviously likes to do. 

If you think about it, the act of flirting itself is really the act of Impressing which is instinctual and done worldwide. 

We have all seen a peacock showing off its feathers or a bird putting on a spectacular show in order to hook up with a hot birdie.

The animal kingdom is full of examples of males who will do anything possible to impress females.

We possess the instinct of reproduction far above any sense of ridicule.

In order to attract a woman we have to impress her in some way and that way usually is done through flirting.

The art of flirting needs to be done with class because many of the things that we think a woman will like we are wrong about, like driving fast on a motorcycle.

I still feel that, by just putting on a motorcycle helmet, I become the center of attention, not!

True Story:

When I was about 18, I was skate boarding around the neighborhood and saw a group of girls sitting at a park, oh boy I thought, how I would love to have an adventure with any one of those girls.

Pretty or not It didn’t matter, I just wanted to have sex for the first time, even if it lasted just 30 seconds, haha!

The thought of touching one breast drove me mad.

Mind you, at that time there was no access to porn like now or the privilege to find a hot girl at Friends with benefits to get off.

So, at the time, I was left with only one option which was to show off and impress any of the 15 or so girls.

skate boarding

I knew I wasn’t handsome but I had great skills skate boarding.

So, I swished my way into the park, face first with hands behind my back towards a ramp that lead to a stage prepared to ride up and flip the skateboard clockwise in mid air and land safely on the stage.

Long story short: I can’t tell you what hurt more: tumbling down the ramp or the girls laughing.

When I came to a halt, I could still hear female voices carrying on, but too embarrassed to look their way.

My desperate attempt to impress girls failed and it hurt so much.

The worst part of it all, was that I knew I couldn’t face that ramp but went for it anyway, those girls man, they had the power to make me feel like superman.

Therefore, in this article, I will share my professional advice on how to impress a woman without hurting yourself lol. 

4 Flirting Tips To Impress Women:

In todays world, the dating game is fashioned where you don’t need to play superman like before.

Impressing girls is gonna come from going easy on the cologne so she doesn’t choke along with other things we often forget like “thinking before speaking”

These 4 tips I am going to share are basic but powerful.

Any man who POSSESSES these characteristics will be in good hands.

I wrote posses in all caps because these simple suggestions needs to be practiced and mastered so its a part of you!

You will want to internalize what you read.

*you will be able to use these tips for all your affairs!*

1. Making A First Impression:

When it comes to going out on a first date you have to go well prepared. 

As the golden rule states: “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” (I actually hate this quote but it’s true)

image that one projects

Truth be told: the image that one projects to others is important, and we can’t blame them, because what we show them is the impression they get, no?

No matter how handsome you are (well, almost) your first impression needs to be gold standard.

Try to see it like this:

We are all aware that dressing sharp for an interview In the business world is a given, and that wearing black to funerals is expected etc, well the same goes for dating.

I don’t mean go all Gucci style but you know, rather slick and neat.

The next step is to bring your authentic self.

Men have a tendency to exaggerate their personalities in order to impress, but that’s not the right way to go.

Authenticity is not easy, it requires being true to yourself and responding to 4 parts of you.

  1. How you see yourself, and what you expect from yourself.
  2. The way you see others and the world.
  3. How others really see you as
  4. How you want to project yourself to others as.

All these needs to be in sync in order to be authentic.

For Example: you spend money like you are rich, meanwhile any opportunity you get to steel toilet paper would make you inauthentic. 

Therefore, when meeting a girl for the first time you don’t want to take her to a 5 star restaurant and then not be able to follow through properly.

Lets Reverse Roles To Put Everything Into Perspective: 

“she shows up to meet you for the first time wearing clothes that looked like they we worn all week, what would you think?

Same way: when you show up anywhere neatly dressed and authentic you show the upmost respect for yourself.

A good practice to live by is reversing the roles around and putting yourself in a woman’s shoes.

beautiful neatly

9 times out of 10, I’m sure you’re going to always prefer to see a beautiful neatly put together woman whom you have anticipated to see for some time.

The first date impression without a doubt is paramount!

However, it astonishes me to see over and over, the many guys who go on dates that forget to clean their nails or to cut their nose hairs.

These comments are subjective in reality, however when sticking to the topic about “impressing a woman” its best to go safe! 

2. Treat Her And Others With Respect And Kindness.

I caught guys on their first date who yelled at the waiter and showed signs of frustration, not good! 

Guys mess up here big time!

You can not expect to make a good impression, treating your new date with kindness all while being rude to others.

Being good to others is so sexy and demonstrates who you really are!

This is another skill that requires practice.

Being kind and respectful to others especially in a disadvantaged situation (like being served by a shitty waiter) is the acid test to who you really are!

I saw a guy make a scene at a bakery over a donut, seriously over a donut! his girl was in his car with her head down.

The bakery scene may seem like a childish example, but it’s not.

I can write a book (and I have) about the stupidest things people freak out about, from the frustrations of being served a cold cup coffee followed by the 1 hour debate over who’s fault it was.

I was told this once by a female entrepreneur and CEO:


“What turns me on the most in a man is his ability to empathize with others and still be kind, in spite of having every right to be a douche bag“

She also added:

A man sensitive enough to interact with small children, and be fully attentive, listening carefully and respectfully to what they have to say without treating them “just as kids” is so sexy.

She also added:

A man who is capable to stop what he is doing to talk to a homeless person is likely to get laid by her on the spot (she said laughing) 

I’ll tell ya, she kept me in deep thought about the times I could of been nicer to the homeless.

These little small things speaks volume’s about us!

*Don’t be that guy who tries to impress his girl but who forgets about his surroundings!*

3. Be Passionate And Show Ambition:

This is another one to see in role reversal mode, picture this:

“ a beautiful down to earth girl goes out with a guy and all he does is  spew about how everything they did could of been better, he goes on and on about a better restaurant, better movie etc”

What do you think?

Didn’t he miss the entire point that he was out on date with someone special and should of made the best out of every moment? 

A passionate person would automatically look past the restaurant and the movies etc.   

Being passionate and showing ambition means that life for you whether good or bad still enriches you! 

Life good or bad means:

  • whether or not you are on top of the success latter 
  • unemployed or your business is going under 
  • or your house just burned down
  •  you still project the qualities of being ambitious and passionate

In all seriousness, if things are really bad, the last thing that should be on a mans plate is finding a new girlfriend. 

However many guys look for girls to mask their troubles disregarding that their troubles will affect them also.

So make sure you are qualified to handle a new relationship.


More About Ambition And Being Passionate:

It does not matter what you do:

  • if you clean rugs for a living, be the best!
  • be the best if you clean cars
  • if you are cat sitter or whatever, be the best!
  • *If in fact the truth is that you hate your job then posses something else you are passionate about like fitness, cooking, art, fashion, life etc!*

When a person is passionate, you’ll see the passion because his eyes will shine.

When someone is passionate about something, it also means that they have a big heart, and understand that life is to be lived and not simply exist.

*The ultimate passion to have is passion about life period with no reason, “Just Being Alive Is Enough!” 

4- Please Listen! Please!

To be honest, it has taken me my whole life to get this: 

“Men Suck At Listening”

This fact is usually argued, but the truth is (and this also goes for women)

The mind is so occupied with thoughts that even when we think we are listening there are 100’s of thoughts disrupting our ability to listen.

It takes a lot of concentration to fully listen, women have the same problem but are generally better.

When I fully understood this, being a good listener turned my world around.

I’m no longer caught up thinking about a monkey smashing two dishes together when my wife is talking to me.

I also don’t get snagged when she spontaneously ask me “what did I just say?”

I got the point one day when I made her cry.
made her cry

She was telling me something very important about work and I was in my own conversation  and missed it..

What she shared with me was important, and when it came time to take care of what she needed, I didn’t have all the details and it brought her to tears.

Her cries brought me back to the times my parents fought over their communication problems.

So much grief can be caused all because of poor listening skills.

From then on, I practiced being a good listener and practiced meditation to get there.

I understand the importance of truly listening and not acting as though I am listening nodding my head, and I hope you do too!

Points To Being A Good Listener:

  • while she speaks, repeat what she says along with any question to confirm that you got it! 
  • back up what you heard by giving or asking for advice
  • always walk away clear that you understood her completely by summarizing what was said
  • maintain eye contact
  • never assume, ask

She will love you more for being in sync with her.

Being a good listener will help you in all the areas of your life.

Listening is an art which requires diligence to listen while blocking off intruding thoughts.

Listening is so powerful that enlightened masters say that just through listening better will librate you.


Nothing beats being kind, ambitious and passionate, even good looks die out eventually but quality characteristics lasts a life time!

If you have read this far, then you are ready for your first date.

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