Everything you always wanted to know about sex

places to have sex


Top five amazing places to have sex

When I was commissioned this article I was not very clear how to approach it. Sex is a very personal thing. What seems like good places to...

most sensitive parts of the female body


Most sensitive parts of a woman

The truth is each woman is a unique world and one’s body map is a different map from the previous one. There are women who go crazy if...

improve your sexual performance


How To Improve Your Sexual Performance (Real Stuff, No Tricks)

Whether we have a partner or if we are looking for a flirt or a sporadic relationship in Friends With Benefits, we all want to know how to...



These are the 5 simplest positions from the kamasutra

We have all heard about the Kamasutra, the hindu book about sexuality. It is important to say that in the western countries most of the...

Dirty things to say during sex


Dirty things to say in bed

When the moment comes to be in bed with your partner, gestures and caresses are not all there is. Other things will also be important, the...

Masturbation Addiction


Guaranteed: How to stop masturbation addiction

Masturbation is a healthy and normal practice although it is still a taboo subject. It is so, despite the fact that it is a very widespread...