Everything You Need To Know About Body Language When Flirting

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Body Language

When flirting online, one doesn’t need to take body language into account however, your first date will arrive soon.

About Body Language: Have you ever disliked someone but you were not clear about why? 

The answer is that you read the persons body language, which most of the time is right.

However, sometimes like when flirting like at a bar, there may be contradictions between what someone says and the signals they send with their bodies.


  • the person sitting at the bar doesn’t smile but may be the nice genuine guy
  • a person sits with disdain at an important meeting without realizing it.

There are many myths and realities out there about body language.
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Body language Myths:

The study of body language became fashionable at the end of the 20th century. 

The experts at that time made conclusions which are now myths.

One big myth is that liars avoid eye contact, this is not true!

* It is clear today that manipulative people possess the talent to look directly into someone’s eyes and lie*

Another myth is the ability to tell what someone is thinking by analyzing their body language, no you can’t! It’s impossible, we are not mind readers.

However, when it comes to flirting and in general,  there are signals worth learning that’ll help relate and get on with people.

Body Language Realities:

  • 93% of what we say is expressed through the body.
  • The receiver is more focused on body language than what is said
  • The hands are more expressive than the face.
  • The eyes never lie.

True or False? 

Show me the way you move and I’ll tell you what you are trying to say.

The first thing to know is that people who express themselves verbally tend to over exaggerate, like eating at a buffet, we pick and chose what to say.

However, body language is a more direct form of communication, whereas if a person tries to over exaggerate, they will show their true selves eventually through body language.

Our bodily movements, the positions of our face and our innate being transmits a description of us more powerful than words,.

However those who don’t understand body language can value the words spoken over body language which gets them into trouble.

The famous “Show Me That You Love Me’ is an example of body language over words.


Interpreting Body Language: 

Interpreting body language can be tricky to understand because of the many factors towards contextualizing them.

To begin with, you can not interpret signals individually. 

Body language is actually a set of expressions in conjunction with the words spoken etc, only then a conclusion can be made. 

The best example that all of us share in common is the many times we were in front of a total fake and just knew it, between what was being said along with his or her actions was just evident that he or she was full of it. 

There are subtle signals such as certain noises or impulsive reactions towards things that we respond to like twitching, a fake cough or deep breath etc.

The environment plays a big role, like being in extreme temperatures, having physical fatigue or being in a relaxed environment such as your home that will change how body signals are projected.

So, If you want to meet new people and interpret their intentions, we recommend that you continue reading this article:

Universal body language:

Whether German, French or Chinese, Joy will show as smiles, sadness tears and we all know what anger looks like, when person puts their hands to their face, 9 times out 10 it’s a sign of distrust, unbelief, or a OMG moment but there is more to it:



Touching Nose

1- Touching Nose: 

  • If it is done by the speaker it may mean he is attempting to hide something. 
  • Otehrwise if the listener does it, it may mean that he knows that you are trying to hide something from him.
  • If a person explores the depths of his nostrils, then the signal is that he or she is simply an unpleasant guy to be around

2- Touching Eyes: 

  • may be an attempt to not took at the person you are lying to.
  • an attempt  to distract someone.

3- Touching Neck: 

  • is usually a sign of uncertainty.
  • If it’s done by a woman, It may a signal that she likes you. 

4- Putting Finger Or Objects Into Mouth: 

  • It usually means insecurity however the context can change its meaning like bonding sexually with a woman would give it that obvious meaning.

The Language Of A Stare:

It is said that 40% to 70% of eye contact is established during a dialog.

This depends on each personality plus character flaws like being shy etc. 

In extreme cases someone with psychosocial problems may not make eye contact at all which is a clue that something is wrong.

In general, direct eye contact is a sign of confidence, which is ideal when it comes to flirting, but beware, direct eye contact if not done with class can be scary.



1- Blinking:

  • blinking more often than usual is an attempt to hide or block something.
  • the blink rate tends to increase when people are thinking more or feeling stressed.
  • rapid blinking can be an indication of lying as the liar has to keep thinking about what they  are saying.

So much is to be said about “the blink” which can be seen “thousands of times” in cartoons or romantic movies, “the blink” done in various ways transmit powerful meanings.

2- The Still Face

  • The still face or pausing depends where the pause happens
  • After asking a question there is a pause
  • pausing can be a sign of self-confidence.
  • other times it can be interpreted as a question or challenge.
  •  It can also be signs of sexual interest.

3- Looking Sideways (Bad Signal)  

  • Looking to the side can mean boredom or that you are looking for a way to escape from the conversation, the exception can be due to being shy.

4- Lowering The Head And Looking Up:

  •  for women, this means submission, sexual desire or excitement. 
  • many models pose like this to reflect sex appeal also profile pictures for social media do this pose to enhance appearance.
  • for men, it helps project mystery or a tough character.

5- Raising The Eyebrows:

  • usually this implies being surprised, feeling pleasure, in accordance with, or interested. 
  • it can indicate the absence of fear.


  • ‘Life is a mirror: if you frown at it, it frowns back; if you smile, it returns the greeting – William Thackeray 
  • The smile is a very powerful tool. It is the clearest indication that something good is happening, unless it is forced.
  • The smile is a key attribute when it comes to being professional, or getting a faster response at the bakery. 
  • A smile can also be served as a gift to someone who is having a bad day 
  • A smile can be a sign of anticipated fear.

But not everything that glitters is gold. 

Some smiles can be scary, especially if produced by a psychopath.

Fake Smile

1- The Fake Smile:

  • the fake smile raises more the left part of the mouth than the right, experts say that this happens because the right part of the brain is responsible for managing emotions.

2- Spontaneous Smile: 

  • “The best thing about a look is the smile” or “the best thing about your smile is your look” no matter how its said, it depends.
  • To know whether someone smiles with sincerity or not, you need to look at the eyes and cheekbones simultaneously. 
  • A real smile will project the proper wrinkles around the eyes and the cheekbones should rise if not, it ’s a false smile.

3- Lips Clenched (Bad Signal) :

  • lips clenched could mean being resistant to comment or share emotions
  • lips clenched can mean regret, embarrassed, neglected or rejected.  

Example: telling someone that you don’t like them may cause them to clinch their lips.


  • The arms can express endless emotions and even serve as a shield to defend oneself.
  • The way the arms are positioned can serve as the most vulnerable part of the body against possible aggressions, both physical and verbal.

1- Crossing Arms:

  • someone who feels threatened may cross his arms, also the sense of rejection, or to stand bold, strong, proud or impatient, also the arms can serve as a barrier or wall.

 Women usually do it when they are tired of someone, or to someone they consider  aggressive, intrusive etc.

2- Joining Hands To Back: 

  • This posture exposes all vital areas of a person and projects comfort and safety.

        It can also serve as a way to demonstrate confidence or joy.

Remember: all these gestures has to be interpreted correctly within proper context. 

These interpretations won’t work at funerals, however flirting with girls at Friends with benefits is totally cool!


Leg positioning can be tricky to interpret however an integral part of body language. 

For instance, to the degree of how legs are brought together to the genitals can project all sorts of meanings, let’s see:

Legs Crossed

1- Legs Crossed:

  • Can project a defensive attitude or be done as a habit. 

Example:  if you approach a group of girls and one of them crosses her legs and arms, you can be assured that you are completely off limits with her.

2- Legs Open:

  • for the male,  legs open can mean secure, dominant, territorial, done for comfort or disrespectful (like sitting on a bus taking up all the space with legs open)
  • For a woman, same as above with the exception that it can serve as an implicit invitation to have sex.
  • if a girl who seems into you at first starts to close her legs more and more then it could be a sign her feelings changed or that she is wet and ready.

Important: in regards to sexuality, body language is powerful, we think more powerful than words, however “No” means “No” and doesn’t have to be repeated twice.


While facial expressions can say it all, the hands are also just as expressive. 

Our hands support everything that is said plus accompanies all body gestures, the hands play the role of adding or taking away the strength of all gestures.

1- Showing The Palm Of The Hand:

  •  Opened palms expresses sincerity and honesty.
  •  when the palms are faced down it expresses the opposite.

2- Thumbs In Pockets:

  • This position framing the genital area is exclusive to men that projects confidence, pride, class, style or a way to control fidgety fingers.

Example: a guy how tries on new clothes may put his thumbs in his pockets plus lift shoulders.

Hands On Hips

3- Hands On Hips: 

  • putting hands on the hips can project safety, confidence with a bit of aggressiveness, or a pose to increase body size.


Meeting people is a process of communication which includes flirting.

We have learned that the body has its own code. 

In the real world, practicng reading body language is crucial for everything from business to dating!

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Everything You Need To Know About Body Language When Flirting
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Everything You Need To Know About Body Language When Flirting
When flirting online, one doesn’t need to take body language into account however, your first date will arrive soon.
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