What Is Emotional Cheating?

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Emotional Cheating

If you’re not sure what emotional cheating is, this article will inform you like no other source. 

First, there is no fixed definition for emotional cheating, so our best description is:

“Emotional Cheating Deprives A Person From Having A True Relationship”

Deprivation is the best word that helps emphasize that something is not right.

A relative example would be:

A family member or friend acts out of line from the ordinary expectations of the relationship, and therefore the consequences behind their behavior damages the relationship. 

The damage being

  • We all hate lies or things hidden from us. 
  • It’s not fun being around an uptight person
  • No one likes to be downplayed or compared to another.

Other issues that occur due to emotional cheating are: 

  • Jealousy 
  • Suspicion 
  • Neglect/Abandonment 
  • Resentment 
  • Depression 
  • Fear/Anxiety 
  • Hostility 

Here are more concrete examples along with an explanation and the characteristics behind emotional cheating.

  • Example 1. you are in a monogamous relationship and find yourself exchanging daily texts with a co-worker. 

Possible Harm: sending text itself is no problem, however, the emotional cheating aspect is that you don’t want your partner to know (secrecy)

  • Example 2. Sexual fantasies about your co-worker excite you.

Possible Harm: Sexual fantasies are healthy, however, these thoughts should enhance your relationship whereas emotional cheating diminishes your connection.

  • Example 3. Your partner tends to bring up a particular person for random reasons, in such a way that it’s obvious that this person is on their mind.

Possible Harm: your partner is preoccupied with someone else so you are given less priority. 

Emotional Infidelity
  • Example 4. Disconnected From Sex.

Your partner no longer initiates sex, nor holds your hand like he or she used to. 

Possible Harm: trouble in the bedroom are obvious signs of a potential problem that can lead to a breakup. 

Alternatively, your partner partaking in emotional cheating may suddenly want more sex, hence getting off on you. 

Some of this stuff doesn’t sound too bad, eh? 

After all, you can still be happy all while sparking up the bedroom or not, plus people change, right? 

The ultimate question that makes emotional cheating a concern is: Are You Doomed? 

A great example that shares light on emotional infidelity is to consider the damage behind giving attention to only one child.

The child who doesn’t get attention later in life could turn to food, drugs or alcohol or end up in therapy. 

In other words, relationships are sensitive and need to be nurtured

Next question

Why Is Emotional Cheating Bad? 

What makes emotional cheating tricky is that it can be easily overlooked. 

For instance, what’s wrong with having a little crush? 

Our insight into this matter is that the person who overlooks things, and therefore, does not get jealous, nor care sexually may seem to be better off as opposed to one who is sensitive enough to fight over it. 

Allow us to elaborate some more. 

  1. The passive partner who overlooks things may be shocked when her mate leaves her for her best friend. 
  2. The aggressive partner knew something was fishy all along but made things worse by fighting.

This is not easy to iron out, so you need to decide if physical cheating is worse than emotional cheating.

For example: 

  • Your mate cheats on you once, purely physical 
  • Your mate is with you all while preoccupied with someone else. 
Why Is Emotional Cheating Bad

From a census taken, emotional cheating was considered worse than having an affair because a one-night stand doesn’t include emotions

Whereas emotional cheating can be an investment/gateway towards something more with the aftermath being a breakup. 

Emotional cheating is typical in dramatic romantic films whereas:

A man who had cheated on his wife confesses, and while she is in shock, the real damage occurs when he tells her that he loves the other girl. 

This scene is usually accompanied with horror music for the full effect. 


What Is The Solution For Emotional Cheating? 

The first solution would be confronting your mate with questions such as: 

  • Is everything alright, you’ve been acting strangely? 
  • Is there anything missing? 
  • How is everything with us? 

An emotional cheater may deny these questions but will be “put on the spot” which is good.

For instance, if you bring up certain neglecting factors about him that are weakening the relationship, if he gets uptight, this reaction could serve as a sign that he is hiding something.

Stages Of Emotional Cheating  

  1. Something is missing. 
  2. Secrecy increases along with preoccupation and changes of behavior. 
  3. Confrontation which may lead to a breakup. 
Stages Of Emotional Cheating

How To Spot Emotional Cheating

  • Your mate gets uptight about little things.
  • Particular/weird with their phone habits.
  • There is less intimacy. 
  • Relationship priorities decrease. 
  • Sex is not the same
  • A decrease in communication, understanding
  • An increase in confrontation, resentments, etc. 

Is Emotional Cheating Worse Than Physical Cheating

The answer is Yes and No. 

For instance, the thought of a man picturing his wife giving oral sex to another man could be grounds for a divorce, while another might see it as a forgivable mistake.

Alternatively, a female may forgive a one-night stand in favor of not losing her long-time mate.

The question is, how do you relate to “just physical” over “emotional infidelity”

So What Can You Do? 

Most professional advice is centered through consoling, awareness, coping skills, etc but then what? 

Like really, how can you change the heart of another person? 

Therefore, we are aware that a couple who deals with problems of any type will seek help to make things work.

Hence, if it works out fantastic, but if it doesn’t then it’s time to move on, right? 

A great way to learn more about emotional cheating is by reading this article:

How to get away with having an affair”  

Why would an article like this help? 

Because you’ll see the tricks people do to have an affair

What occurs during cheating in any way can be draining with many falling into depression, etc. 

We don’t think that the battle should go as deep as to drive someone into depression.

A relationship should be about 2 people loving each other, not sending each other to therapy. 

have an affair

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What Is Emotional Cheating?
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What Is Emotional Cheating?
If you’re not sure what emotional cheating is, this article will inform you like no other source
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