How to understand women: the keys from within

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how to understand women

Have you ever wondered why women are so hard to understand? What types of personality do we have? How does the psychology of women work?

In this article I will try to answer all these questions.

According to studies, women and men have different types of personality and psychology. Therefore, it is important that you know how to act when you are in front of a woman.

Women tend to be more emotional and intuitive than men. We also tend to be more sensitive and perceive things differently. Sometimes it may seem that women do not act logically –the same thing happens to women with men– but in reality, we just see things in a different way.

One of the keys to understanding women is knowing how our psychology works.

Psychology of women: all the keys

According to experts, there are significant differences between the way a man’s brain works and that of a woman’s. That is why the psychology of women is different from that of men.

How to understand women: Differences between a man and a woman’s brain
1. Women have a greater capacity to do several things at once.
2. Women tend to be better at verbal communication.
3. Women are more intuitive and emotional than men.
4. Women tend to be more sensitive than men.
5. Women tend to have a greater sense of empathy.
6. Women are better at managing stress.
influence of estrogens

These differences are due to the fact that our brain is configured in a slightly different way from that of man. According to experts, this is due, among other things, to the influence of estrogens, the female sex hormones.

Studies have also shown that women’s brains are more plastic than men’s. This means that we can better adapt to changes and learn new things more easily.

Another example, we are more prone to emotional cheating than men, who always look for the physical component.

Female personality types

Obviously, each woman is different, but we could all be included in one of these great women female personality types

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Outgoing women: they are very sociable, they like to go out and meet new people. They are very communicative and expressive.

2. Introverted women: they prefer to be at home or in quiet places. They are more introspective and have less need to socialize.

3. Hypersensitive women: they are very emotional and intuitive. They have a great sense of empathy and are usually very understanding. Beware of trying to avoid the friend zone with this personality type. They can take it very seriously.

4. Rational women: they are more logical and practical. They tend to see things objectively and make decisions based on reason, not feeling.

5. Independent women: they are very self-confident and like to do things on their own. They are determined and autonomous.

6. Sweet and caring women: they are very kind and considerate. They have a big heart and are usually very passionate.

Exactly, these personality types also occur in men. Take advantage of it to know how to understand women. Actually, we are not that different.

What do men need to understand about women?

Men must understand that women are human beings, with their own needs and feelings. And that no gender is superior to the other.

Here are some things you should know about women:

1. Women like to be made to feel special. We need to know that we are loved and appreciated. A simple “I love you” can mean a lot to us.

Women like to talk about our feelings

2. Women like to talk about our feelings and stories. Sometimes we need to let off steam and unload everything that we carry inside. Listen carefully and understandingly, and try not to interrupt us.

3. Women like to feel safe and protected. We need to know that you are there for us, that you support us and respect us.

4. Women like to be independent. We don’t want you to do everything for us or make decisions for us. Respect our autonomy and independence. If you want to know how to understand women, first you have to understand that women like to know we are self-sufficient.

5. Women like attention and affection. We need to know that you love us and that you care about us. Show us your affection verbally and/or physically.

Another 5 things you should know on how to understand women

6. Women like to feel capable and competent. We don’t want you to laugh at our abilities or try to make us feel inferior. Rate what we can do and support us in our efforts.

7. Women like honesty. We don’t want you to lie to us or try to deceive us. Trust in a relationship is always the most important thing and that is why it is always better to tell the truth, even if it is not pleasant.

8. Women like romance. We love feeling loved and desired, and enjoying romantic moments with our partner.

9. Women like sensuality and sexuality. We need to feel attractive and feel desired by our partner. If you treat us with respect and show us your interest, we will reward you with passion.

10. Women like fun. We love to laugh and have a good time in the company of our friends and family. One of the signs that a woman likes you is her laugh.

In the end, what you need to understand is that women are human beings just like you, with their own needs and feelings.

We are not a mystery, we just see things a little differently from men.

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