The five most important signs that indicate she is cheating on you

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signs your partner is cheating on you

Do you suspect there are signs your partner is cheating on you ? Are you worried that your girlfriend may be hiding an affair? Maybe you have noticed strange behavior lately or information from third parties has reached you.

If you are suspicious and want to know if your partner is cheating on you, you should know that there are telltale signs. Some more than others, it is true.  

We explain the five most obvious below, so that you can detect it in time.  

Important: This article is not a guide to begin to suspect your partners. It only works if you have been alert for a long time. Do not read it if you are an insecure person or if you are in a long distance relationship (because it will do you no good).

1. Her phone becomes precious and very personal

We know that mobile phones have an astonishing amount of information. And of all that information, the one that refers to your habits is the one that interests us. Don’t worry, you don’t have to invade her privacy to get them. You don’t have to access her mobile without permission. That is wrong. 

It is, in fact, a crime. 

It is true that within the cell phone you could find a lot of valuable information. But it is equally valuable to see if there have been changes in the way of relating to the device. For instance: 

  • Before she used to leave her phone anywhere and now it is always in her possession
  • She gets nervous when you ask her for something nondescript, like taking a photo or looking for something in google maps. 
  • Also, she always deletes the messages and call log
  • She avoids taking calls in your presence.

2. She spends more time alone

Another of the most obvious signs to know if your partner is cheating on you? She obviously  will need more time alone. Everyone needs moments for themselves and that is the most normal thing. But if she used to spend a lot of time at home and now she is looking to be alone or spend more time outside, it is probably to dedicate it to a new person in her life. 

If she starts to meet with friends more often than she used to or encourages you to spend more time outside or take a trip, it is because she is looking for more time alone, and if it is not for some other reason that you know, it is likely that she is dedicating it to having some sex without commitment in an extramarital affair.

signs she cheated

3. Changes in her routines

If your partner is cheating on you and needs more time to do so, it is very likely that she has also changed her routine to be able to adapt. 

She may now tend to leave work later or have meetings more frequently. If she takes a shower now as soon as she gets home when she didn’t before, it can be a clear sign that she is hiding an infidelity. 

If she is always looking at her cell phone at the same time or routinely leaving the house for errands, those can be signs that indicate that she could be seeing someone behind your back. So are other changes in the routine such as taking the car when she did not do it before or suddenly going to buy at a certain place where she did not use to buy before.

 These are all signs that she is cheating on you. 

4. New interests

If your girlfriend is having an affair and spends a lot of time with someone else, chances are she is interested in activities that he might like. So if you notice new interests without knowing where they may come from and you have no explanation for it, you are witnessing the lighting of a lot of red emergency lights: signs that she is cheating on you.

5. Changes in her appearance (in a good way)

Another way to get an answer to that recurring thought that is tormenting you – Is my girlfriend cheating on me? – is to see if you notice any changes in her appearance. 

If she has met a new person with whom she has become infatuated, she will surely be taking better care of her appearance. She may have unexpectedly joined the gym or started using cosmetics on a daily basis when she only did it on special occasions. 

If you notice that she is dressing herself more than usual for work or even when she is out on an errand, she may be seeing a lover or trying to seduce someone.

Why do women cheat?

The question “why do women cheat?” is simple and complicated to answer at the same time: both unfaithful men and women are guided by the same motives. However, their hierarchy is completely different. It is essential for women to be taken into account, so the most frequent cause of infidelity is communication problems in the couple, followed by lack of love, sexual dissatisfaction, attraction to another person and the desire of revenge for a previous infidelity. 

signs she is cheating

1. Lack of emotional attachment and intimacy: the couple’s relationship is not satisfactory from the affective point of view, so the woman experiences a huge emotional void that she tries to fill with another person. 

2. Reaffirm femininity: the woman believes that she is no longer attractive to her partner and infidelity becomes a way to confirm her gender role and feel desired again. 

3. Experiencing romance: in many relationships as the years go by, the romantic details diminish, so that the woman misses those moments and wants to feel that she is special to someone and re-experience those butterflies in her stomach. 

What to do if you find out she’s cheating on you

It depends a lot on the circumstances of that deception. It is not the same if your wife cheats on you having sex one night with a man she has met at a disco and who she will never see again, than an emotional – as well as sexual – cheat with your best friend. 

There are unforgivable things, but they are very few. 

The best thing is to forgive. You have to talk, open up and rebuild the relationship. If you take advantage of the crisis to get to know your partner better, the relationship will have been strengthened. 

Of course, it is a medium and/or long-term project. Don’t expect to be able to forgive instantly.  I don’t think you can, but if you did, you would be sending a very negative message: “repeat it whenever you want, I’ll forgive you right away.” 

The worst thing you can do is tell her that you have forgiven her without actually doing it. That will lead you into a toxic relationship , and without a doubt, an assured end.

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Maybe you should talk and have an open relationship

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Signs your partner is cheating on you
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Signs your partner is cheating on you
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