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casually dating

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How often should you see someone you’re casually dating

How often should you see someone you’re casually dating? Every day? Probably not. Weekly? Maybe neither. It’s important to find the...

date ideas in Oklahoma


Date ideas in Oklahoma city for a guaranteed success on your date

Oklahoma City was founded in 1889, after Indian lands were selected for settlement by the United States Congress. The city developed...

awkward silence on a date

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What to do with an awkward silence on a date

Are first dates awkward?  It is true that the second is easier, but a first date does not have to be awkward.  Keep one thing in...

awkward date

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Turn your awkward first date into a memorable one

Sometimes going on a date turns into a nightmare. Most of us have been on at least one awkward date. How to mitigate its effects? How to...

single parent dating advice

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Single parent and dating advice: this is what you need to know now

Are you a single dad dating a childless woman or are you looking for women in your same situation? Because it’s not the same...

the best online dating ideas

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Eva gives you some online dating ideas. They will surprise you

Eva is a restless, kind and beautiful woman who boasts of analyzing reality with a clinical eye. She is always ready to help those who need...