Ten ways to find a partner

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find a partner

Flirting with women and men of all ages is becoming easier. Contact websites like Friends with benefits are there to make finding love much easier.

Some people don’t have much luck with flirting. It is a fact. And after a certain age, things can get even more complicated.

We all know the typical nice, handsome and intelligent guy who has never had any problems flirting, but now that his crazy teens and twenties have passed, he ends up with no one.

Everyone has “been taken” among his friends and even at his workplace, so he just watches the days pass, all by himself, alone.

Of course, you can keep on being a bachelor if you really want to.  As long as it makes you happy.

But in this article we want to make it easier for you to find love, so here are ten ways to find a partner.

The first one, and proven to be very effective is, of course:

online dating

Online dating

What do Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan and Halle Berry have in common? Apart from being actresses? Well, they have all tried their luck with online dating.

And that is certainly the best way to flirt today.

The obvious advantages being.

  • Guaranteed success. At least on Friends with benefits. It has the largest community of liberal women and men in the Australia.

Hundreds of thousands of users are looking for casual hook-ups. Surely someone somewhere near you is looking for what you have to offer.

  • It is easy. How many times have you come up with the perfect chat-up line when the time has passed? How many times have you wished that the girl in front of you could not see that unfortunate spot that has just popped up on your nose?

All these problems disappear online. Plus you can take your time when writing your reply and craft the perfect email. That’s why it’s so easy to chat online.

  • Intentions are clear from the beginning. If you talk to a girl in the gym, or the pub, or in the supermarket queue, there are so many things you’d love to know.

Does she have a boyfriend? Will she like you? Will you like her? Is she happy talking to a stranger in the Tesco’s queue? On our website for casual relationships, things are clear from the start.

You did not register on Friends with benefits to talk about pottery, right? Well, she didn’t either.


Local clubs

All around the Australia, there are different kinds of local clubs, community events and festivals. From sporting activities or volunteering to serve the local community, whether that is Neighbourhood Watch or at the local fete, there’s a huge variety to choose from and they often cater for all ages and interests.

In this environment, it’s easy to meet people and make friends with similar interests, whether it’s looking after your allotment or helping out at a charity event.

And …Maybe you are able to find a special friend among those new acquaintances.

The traditional way: pubs, nightclubs and festivals

There’s a reason the classic setting works. If we want to educate ourselves, we go to the library. If we want to flirt, pubs and nightclubs are the places to be.

Even though it still might be challenging, it’s a hundred times easier to flirt in a busy nightclub than in a corner shop.

A tip: if you become a regular in a particular nightclub, it’s easier to get in and get it on. And the reason for that? People are creatures of habit and it’s a much better way to form new friendships when you see them on regular basis.

A few quick tips to make flirting in nightclubs more successful.

  1. Be ready. First impressions are important. Make an effort. Make sure you have showered and look smart.
  2. Be confident. There’s nothing sexier than a person with healthy self-esteem. Being shy, insecure and nervous doesn’t help you when it comes down to finding a casual partner. So, love yourself or no-one else will!
  3. Have fun. Keep in mind that you have gone to the nightclub to have a good time, flirting is a bonus. If for whatever reason you are doing it the other way around and having fun is the bonus bit, you look like a vulture lurking for prey and there’s no woman alive that wants to come near you.

Music festivals are worthy of special note. They are a world of their own, and you can summarise them in one:

Do what you want as long as you respect others.


In a music festival, there’s more heat per square meter than at any other mass event. Love is in the air after the audience have just seen their favourite artist perform and it can all be very emotional.

Throw in some alcohol and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that festivals are brilliant places to have casual sex.

And if you want to continue to keep in contact with your fling of choice it’s pretty straight forward too.

  • By the way, can you give me your number? I’m always getting lost at these festivals, hahahaa.

Ask friends and family members

They know you better than anyone. Put them to work and pick their brains to see if they know anyone that could be suitable for you.

I know this married couple who met when their parents (well, mums) thought they would make a perfect match.

At first they both were reluctant to the idea of being set up by their mothers but eventually, love took hold.

And the same goes for your friends. If your best mate tells you that he knows this woman who would be a perfect match for you and they might even be interested in a casual relationship say yes and go for it, what do you have to lose?

Find someone to study with

Obviously, this only works if you are a student. But being a student doesn’t require you to be a certain age or even to be enrolled at a specific institute.

Let’s have a look at two different scenarios.

  • If you are a student. Have you thought about some of the smart women you know (and obviously fancy) and ask one to help you with this or that subject, or to review a piece of an important exam. If she says yes you can see if there’s the possibility of a friendship, or something more.
  • If you are not a student. You can sign up for The Open University or take a course offered by your local council or even take an online course.

There are websites that offer very reasonably priced or even free courses on various different subjects and, of course, meet others who are registered. In fact, some of these courses insist on joining a study group to keep you informed of the latest updates and support fellow students

Do volunteer work

Volunteering is a great way to find new friends all over the country from Darwin to Canberra, almost everywhere in the Australia. And what makes it amazing is that apart from meeting new people, you will be helping others too.

In addition, it’s a winning strategy because statistics say that there are three times more women in volunteer and charity work than men.

And you will meet nice people, men and women with compassion and good values.

Friends with benefits encourages you to volunteer to widen your social network and meet interesting and compassionate girls in your area as long as that is not the only motivation that you have.

Helping refugees, people with disabilities or the environment are serious concerns that would benefit anyone by giving back into society and helping others but again you should not just do this if your aim is purely meeting people for casual sex.


Try sports, especially in pairs or teams.

There are many different types of sporting activities that can provide excellent opportunities to flirt.. but you have to start doing one first.

In the beginning, running doesn’t seem to have a lot of potential flirting wise, unless you join a running team.

But if you continue running the same route at the same time each day, you might pass other runners/people with a similar routine.

At first, you won’t necessarily make contact with them but after a couple of times, you could give them a nod and after a while exchange smiles and greetings.

After that, you can ask for their phone number if you are comfortable doing that.

But playing a sport in a team is a much better place for you in terms of flirting. The team spirit, adrenaline and morale can easily turn into something more.

Or, in the spirit of Romeo and Juliet, you can always get it on with someone from the opposite team.

Especially if you are given ‘the look’.

Even so, maybe the best way to increase your chance of obtaining a ‘friend with benefits’ and widen your social circle is to join a sports centre or a sports club.

Let’s assume you love kayaking but have no one to go with. You join your local kayaking club and the problem is solved.

There you can meet women who are single, married, with a partner or in an open relationship etc. And the same goes for men too.

Talk with the strangers

It may seem like the stalker’s proposal, right? Who in their right minds would talk to complete strangers?

Well, we all do, every day. We talk to strangers when we ask for directions, the time, need advice at the shop or get bored in a queue.

Why not take the conversation to the next level with that woman with a twinkle in her eyes?

Keep in mind that this is a tip for people with good conversational and people skills. If you are a shy person you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to strangers in this way.

Take up a new hobby

Try parachuting, rowing, acting, crocheting or live action role-playing, whatever rocks your boat. Surely in your area, you can find a group that is as passionate about your hobby as you are.

If you don’t have any hobbies (seriously!) try different kinds of activities until you find the one you like.

But you shouldn’t join a group just for an opportunity to have a casual relationship with someone you fancy, you need to like the activity too!

But a word of advice. If you join just to be close to someone you like, the relationship is doomed to fail. Either it’s not going to go anywhere or you will end up hurting yourself.



Travelling is one of the most exciting ways to meet people. And, in case you didn’t know, there are places in the world where flirting is easier than in others.

When you travel you can flirt with people from all over the world but perhaps the most interesting fact is that you can flirt with your fellow countrymen and women from the Australia.

And why is that? It’s natural when you are far away from home: two people from the same country and culture feel an instant connection automatically when they meet abroad.

Of course there are exceptions but generally, we tend to respond better to familiar signals from a person when we share a similar kind of background and whose habits we understand rather than a complete stranger with a language we might not understand.

But you have to be careful with this. After backpacking for months in Southeast Asia meeting someone from back home might seem like a perfect match for you for the rest of your life.

Do not make hasty decisions and promise things you cannot fulfil or say things that you really don’t feel because after returning home you will be in a world of pain getting rid of someone you really don’t connect with.

So now what?

The best thing you can do to find a ‘friend with benefits’ is to sign up to the most powerful tool you have available to you: Friends with benefits

It’s the online dating site that uses specific programmes and algorithms to set up matches based on a member’s location, interests, character traits and preferences. All this is to help liberal minded people like you find what they are looking for in a matter of minutes.

Why not check it out now?

Joining the most active and exciting community online is completely free!

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Ten ways to find a partner
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Flirting is becoming easier with men and women of all ages. The contact pages like Friends with benefits are there to make your love life much more effortless
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