Author: Joel Munro

Conquer First Date Nerves


Proven Tips to Conquer First Date Nerves – Discover the Secrets of Overcoming Your Anxiety and Having a Memorable Time!

The thought of a first date can be daunting and filled with anxiety, especially when dating someone new. It’s natural to feel butterflies...

ask someone out


How to ask someone out and get a yes for an answer

Asking how to ask someone out is one of the most important decisions you can make in life. If you choose the wrong person, you will regret...

age difference in dating

Tips for couples

Age gap relationships

The age difference in a relationship is one of the most controversial issues when it comes to relationships. As with everything in life,...

friends with benefits

Tips for flirting

Friends With Benefits: What Does It Mean?

Friends With Benefits: What Does It Mean? Allow us to begin by being straight forward, friends with benefits means having sex with a...

Dating Wollongong


Dating in Wollongong. The Ultimate Guide

So you’re planning a trip to Wollongong and want to know where to meet women, so where do you begin?  After reading this article...