Flirting in Canberra

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City of Canberra

People are often surprised to hear that Canberra is Australia’s capital. A lot of tourists mistakenly think Sydney is, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Canberra is the capital and also one of the best places in Australia to meet new people and to flirt of course, the national pastime of Aussies!

Unlike most of the capitals in the world, Canberra is not that big. In fact, it’s one of the smallest there is, with only a just over 400,000 people living there. This makes meeting girls easy!

Obviously, you must be interested in discovering the best places in Canberra to meet women and maybe even a serious partner. As you are reading this blog. Read on!

The best places in Canberra to meet new people

As mentioned previously, Canberra is a very accommodating city both in it’s size and even more so with it’s lovely, friendly people. Very handy features when it comes to meeting new people in general, especially women.

It’s important to know a little about the city. It’s not fun wandering around residential  areas trying to meet people as it is not usually where most of the bars and restaurants are located. Like all cities, some research is needed.

Unless you have some desire to try your luck in the parliamentary area of the city, we suggest you head to the north part of Canberra.

It has residential areas there too, but it also has a lot of shopping centres with cafes and restaurants.


Fashionable areas

One of the most fashionable areas is Northbourne Avenue with a lot of interesting shopping possibilities, hotels and chic restaurants. It’s a must when it comes to places to discover in Canberra.

Put on your smart clothes and explore the cosmopolitan feel of the area. Try White Rabbit or Treehouse for fancy cocktails and nibbles.

If you happen to love coffee Canberra is definitely your city.

All over Australia cafe culture is very popular, and in Canberra, you can find a number of specialised places to enjoy your favourite drink.

Flirting over a delicious hot drink is very much in cards in this Australian capital.

You must visit the Ona Coffee House. If for whatever reason flirting doesn’t go well, you can always say that you drank coffee in the establishment of the Australian Barista Champion 2016 and 2017 Hugh Kelly.

For those looking to find themselves a sophisticated and cultured woman, museums and theatres are good places to visit.

Canberra has a wide range of leisure establishments for everyone. You can visit for example The Australian War Memorial, Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex or The Captain Cook Memorial.  


Top tips to flirt in Canberra

The best advice we can give to you when you want to flirt in Canberra is that you leave your prejudices behind.

As said, in Australia flirting is considered to be a national hobby and the country is full of young people and backpackers, two very vibrant groups of people.

Aussies are very open people, and in comparison to some European countries, their culture is free of religious stigmas or certain taboos. The relaxed and happy atmosphere of Canberra is bound to charm you too.

Flirting is so much fun when you can mingle with like-minded people who are respectful, upbeat, energetic and often full of surprises.

Although Canberra has few international fights the feeling is very international and tolerant.

Wait for the right moment

Even though you can basically flirt anywhere and in any situation, it’s still good to wait for the right moment to approach women.

When girls are out having fun you can easily make eye contact but if they are very busy talking with their friends you might be better of waiting for a more suitable moment.

To master the art of flirting and love you need to have an understanding of being ‘in the moment’… And don’t worry too much most Aussie girls are not shy at all so they will often make the first move if they feel like it.

The adventures awaiting you in Canberra could be just around the next corner.


Get fit and you’ll earn points

Although Canberra might seem like a paradise, nothing is after all perfect. The competition is fierce and in order to create some interest, you need to keep up. So instead of enjoying all the wonderful food and drinks get up and get fit.

It’s sad but true, a six-pack is never out of fashion. But don’t panic, you only need to make small adjustments to your diet and do a bit of regular exercise to get attention.

Ditch the extra carbs and its not only your body that will look better but your skin will too.

Meeting new people in Canberra is not complicated. People are friendly and outgoing and if you relax and put on your best smiley face you are going to succeed.

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Flirting in Canberra
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