Friends With Benefits: What Does It Mean?

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friends with benefits

Friends With Benefits: What Does It Mean?

Allow us to begin by being straight forward, friends with benefits means having sex with a friend, what else could it possibly mean? 
However, there are a few conditions.

What crosses your mind when you think of having a friend with benefits? 

Is it an understanding to have sex with no commitment, which means no strings attached, a sex buddy, bootie call, or anything that stresses you are not dating each other? 

In short, having a FWB is a way to stay single while getting the good stuff, right? 

Many choose to have a friend with benefits because they have good reasons not to be in a relationship.

Why deprive yourself of sex when you can have an affair with someone who feels the same? 

Friends with benefits is also a term pleasing to the ear and used so it won’t be frowned upon by others. 

It sounds so much better to announce the great sex you had last night was with a friend rather than a one-night stand with a stranger right? who wants to be judged or ridiculed?

I’ve heard women use FWB so they don’t sound slutty. 

Luckily, the word friend can be used loosely, for instance, you can meet a girl at a bar and refer to her as a friend within an hour or so, if you wish.

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Does Friends With Benefits Ever Work Out? 

Do marriage partnerships, or friendships ever workout? 

The realistic answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.

We can easily refer to life to answer this question, just take a handful of friends and look at their relationship status and you’ll see quickly that marriages, partnerships, and friendships have varying outcomes. 

So, with no way to reach a definitive conclusion, It’s best to try out FWB and see how it goes. 

Therefore, the essence behind having a FWB, is for its benefits, which is good sex without having to deal with the responsibilities and obligations, the devotion nor the compromise that is apparent from serious relationships. 

You are free, plus you are spared from relationship conflict which is so common that we wrote an in-depth article about it. 

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Can A Friend With Benefits Turn Into A Relationship? 

Absolutely, the stories are beautiful and go hand and hand with partnerships that have sprouted through childhood friendships, dating games, online dating, coworkers, long-distance affairs, etc. 

We’d like to emphasize that having a FWB is no different than any other type of relationship.

Best case scenario: if you can find a friend that agrees to exchange guilt-free casual sex, that is fantastic and possible, however, there are a set of rules to adhere to.

Friends with Benefits Rules. 

FWB rules are made to create boundaries so that things don’t turn complicated and backfire. 

Here are the top rules: 

Choose Someone Who Is Emotionally Capable. 

Sex often creates a powerful bond between people, for instance, sex is responsible for solidifying a relationship as in “they’ve tied the knot”

Once sex takes place, the tendency for care, affection, and devotion will seep in, and therefore cause urges for more and thus gain the tendency to want exclusivity, followed by a commitment. 

So, if you are not emotionally capable, problems will arise such as: 

  • Constant thoughts of him/her
  • Eagerness to meet again
  • Feelings of rejection 
  • Jealously
  • Difficulty going your own ways after sex. 
  • Fantasies about the future
  • Desires to talk on a daily basis

Wanting more is the issue, which in turn, by not getting more, can produce feelings ranging from bitterness, hostility, infatuation, possessiveness, envy, to depression. 

In short, don’t fall in love with this friend, please spare yourself from the inner struggle over wanting more, while your FWB doesn’t feel the same as you.  

To touch on feelings of rejection, when questions like: “why doesn’t he want me as a girlfriend, am I not good enough?” or “he wants me only for sex” then you know things have gotten serious. 

Many do not have the power to disconnect, so make sure that you, as well as your partner, are emotionally strong enough to switch off deeper feelings to be friends with benefits. 

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Choose Someone Who Is Open-Minded. 

An example of someone who is open-minded is someone who doesn’t see anything wrong with having sex and loves it.

Perhaps someone who doesn’t care for the aspects of an intimate relationship but wants sex, and therefore, having a friend they know and can to have sex with would be perfect. 

You don’t want a borderline religious person who has inherited strict values about sex.

Luckily, our current generation handles having friends with benefits far better than the previous generation, with so many teens open to bisexuality and announcing it with no problem, FWB is promising. 

No Dating

Attempting to date a FWB can resort to mixed messages, this is one of the boundaries that needs to be established from the start so that things don’t turn fluffy. 

Moreover, dating involves activities, and since there is more time spent together, it’s easier to miss each other, which can lead to talking more often, and therefore inevitably placing certain expectations upon one another.  

No Sleepovers/Cuddling 

Sleepovers can create an emotional attachment and cuddling is intimate, and if we add breakfast to the picture, things can get confusing. 

So, If you find yourselves saying goodnight to each other and farting under the covers, well then, things have turned serious. 

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How Often Should Friends With Benefits Hook Up?

Hookup as much as you both agree to, however, never keep a dating schedule. 

For example, deciding to meet every Friday night will turn into a commitment and once it becomes prone to commitment, then security and expectations will follow which is a form of attachment. 

We suggest to never schedule in advance with a FWB, so that the relationship stays afloat and outside the realm of structure or predictability.  

Now The Golden Question, Can You Do It? 

These rules imply that you should be strong enough emotionally to have sex and can disassociate this from your emotions. So can you do it? 

These rules will also come in handy to help catch the signs that your friend with benefits is falling for you.

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Is It Possible To Have A Friend With Benefits?

The answer is, Yes, Yes, and Yes!  

First, the objective behind FWB is to enjoy sex with someone with no strings attached.

So, If you can get your mind to embrace the idea that having a girl with whom you can have an awesome time with, along with the freedom to come and go as you both please, then this is paradise. 

The keyword is FREEDOM which means no relationship obligations nor standards. 

The Benefits Of Dating Online. 

We at Friends With Benefits know that relationship matters better than anyone else. 

Simply stated, having a friend with benefits is to maintain a flexible lifestyle, just imagine meeting a gorgeous woman and having love affairs with no strings attached? 

This is Total Freedom at its best! 

So, at Friends With Benefits, consider that every woman on our platform is your friend with the exception that all are willing participants for more. 

We are also aware of the good news that we are living during the times in which casual relationships are preferred more and more over serious partnerships. 

The testimonies from our users confirm that “you can have a sexual best friend”.

We pride ourselves as Friends With Benefits, a top-ranking dating site, with the emphasis on “the benefits” which translates to receiving all the pleasure that’ll fulfill your every desire.

Join the movement.

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Friends With Benefits: What Does It Mean?
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Friends With Benefits: What Does It Mean?
Friends with benefits means having sex with a friend, what else could it possibly mean? However there are a few conditions. Do you know them?
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