Dating in Austin: the ultimate guide

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Hooking up in Austin

Dating in Austin has become a sparkling activity and, in recent times, many are those who set their sights on a city of contrasts with much to see and offer to both residents and visitors. 

Located in the southwest of the country, the capital of the state of Texas can boast of talent, gastronomy and heritage, three hallmarks that have made it one of the fashionable cities for both locals and tourists. 

Did you know that Austin is the second largest state capital in the United States? Or that in its streets you can find some of the typical clichés of the area coexisting with modern and risky bets? 

From leather boots and cowboy hats to vintage markets, through republican conservatism or street art, the charms of the North American city are well worth a visit. But let’s go to what really interests us: hooking up in Austin

Night dating in Austin

As we know that there are impatient people who stop reading, we will first put a list with the best clubs to meet new people in Austin

Singles in Austin

Having a night date in Austin is a joy, but it is not as easy as it might seem considering the number of nightclubs and these types of leisure offers. It’s a pretty conservative place, so a lot of women are too. 

Not all, far from it. Do not panic. 

Main bar area of ​​the University of Texas campus

The main area to go out is 6th Street, also known as Dirty Sixth. This is the main bar area of ​​the University of Texas campus, so you can always find a lot of college girls who come here for fun and looking for guys for a crazy night of dirty sex. 

Thursday nights are known to be great to go out, but all weekend and even most nights of the week can be amazing. 

There are many other bars to meet new people in Austin on the streets of Dirty Sixt. Rainey Street is about a 5-10 minute drive away and has plenty of places to try flirting, like Container Bar. 

If you want to stay away from the college girls of Austin, another good bar district is Rock Rose, between 15 minutes and a half hour north of Dirty Sixth. 

Date ideas in Austin

Not everything has to be flirting at night in bars and discos. Austin’s nightlife is special, but the city is just as inviting during the day. Maybe you met someone at night and call you for a second date during the day or maybe you already have a partner and you’re missing date ideas for a wonderful day with them. 

Strolling past the old manor houses on Rainey Street converted into shops and entertainment venues is great. There are also bars everywhere offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy good music at any time. 

The urban culture is deeply ingrained in Austin, not in vain, it can boast of being the capital of live music. With more than 250 daily performances, it is not difficult to find a group playing in the many venues throughout the city. 

Isn’t that a good idea to go on a date in Austin? 

On Sixth Avenue there are some of the most legendary gambling dens, although folk music can be heard practically in any corner of the capital.

In fact, some of the most famous festivals in the state take place in Austin, such as the South by Southwest Festival, the Old Settler’s Music Festival or the Austin City Limits Music Festival. 

But aside from music, street art manifests itself in other equally exciting formats. Murals are another thing you can see in Austin. Famous are the Texas pop mosaic or Greetings From Austin (1977), although urban art also appears in many other corners of the capital.

Date ideas Austin

Singles in Austin: Friends With Benefits is the perfect tool to meet girls

Today, many men are at a loss as to what they are supposed to do when it comes to flirting. When you go to a club, you usually see groups of girls at their own table taking selfies and rejecting any guy who tries to get close to them. 

When you’re out on the street during the day, if you see any pretty women, you generally avoid eye contact at all times. Most men like to get a knowing look before approaching, but in the age of social media this doesn’t happen as often. 

Don’t worry, Austin girls are fucking as much or more than ever. The key is that you have to adapt to modern times, and this means finding your way to the girls’ cell phone. 

How do you access her phone? Very easy, using online dating sites. But here we are not going to tell you about places to find your future girlfriend, there are many to choose from and they will all work very well for you. 

Instead, we’re going to offer some help to guys who just want to get laid without committing to a serious relationship. Why not reach out to girls who just want to get laid like you? 

Friends with benefits is the best dating site in the USA with tens of thousands of active users. There are hundreds of single girls in Austin who use it to flirt, and thousands more in Texas who use it for the same reason. 

These women are signing up for Friends With Benefits because they want to flirt without strings attached, have some sex without commitment, not start a serious relationship. 

Has your girl cheated on you and you want to meet Austin women again? You are in the right place.

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Hooking up in Austin
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