How to fall in love again

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How to fall back in love

Love, at times, hurts. That’s a fact. Sooner or later we all get hurt in the name of love. Due to this if you have had a difficult time owing to this much sought after sentiment, we know, it’s complicated to know how to fall in love again

It could be that you have been in a toxic relationship, or you have lived an unrequited love. It could have been you who hurt someone and you are afraid that you now have to suffer the same. 

Whatever happens, love can do a lot of harm and this harm can lead to mistrusting love. 

But there are things you can do to prepare you to love and be loved again. 

Can you fall back in love?

Faced with the question, can you fall back in love? there’s only one answer: of course you can. 

Let’s look at how.

1. Work on getting to know yourself

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says the following “know others you’ll be wise. Know yourself and you’ll be enlightened. 

So, observe your thoughts and don’t feel bad for not immediately understanding what you’re feeling. 

The parts of your brain involved in falling in love are the same that are involved in physical pain and addiction. Falling in love can be marvellous, but it can also cause a great deal of emotional anguish, even physical when you experience the loss of this love. 

Time can help to recover, but it isn’t a process you can rush. 

Sometimes it’s your ex who wants you to get back together. In this case it’s extremely important that you’re clear about how you feel

2. Affirm that you deserve love

It can be difficult to believe you deserve to be loved, especially if you’ve had relationships which focus on criticising your imperfections instead of accepting you as you are. However, we all deserve to be loved. 

3. Reflect on your previous relationships

Even if it’s tempting to not think about your ex after a breakup, investigations have shown that people who reflect on the reality of recent separations get over them faster and easier than those who don’t. Expressing your emotions, whether to a therapist, a friend or to yourself in a diary, can help to get over the emotional pain from a separation and reinforce positive feelings about yourself. 

falling back in love

How to fall back in love with your spouse

If you’re wondering how to fall back in love with your spouse, you might be having a marital crisis. There are some that are easy to resolve, such as a domestic task dispute and others that are very complicated, for instance finding out they’re cheating on you. 

In these cases, you can address the problem, as long as it’s been identified. However, there are times when love recedes bit by bit, without anyone being at fault and without anyone realising it’s happening. 

So, the problem is harder to resolve. The main thing is to admit that a problem exists. The second thing is to act. 

So, what can you do to fall back in love with your partner? There are daily acts, little things that you can do every day to water the seeds of love. 

Let’s have a look at what you can do?

1. Remember that you fell in love at the start 

Falling in love with the same person requires some reflection. Think about why you fell in love with your partner initially. What were the first months like with this person? Remember that they’re the same person and that probably, they still have the same qualities. 

2. Communication

Communication is vital for feeling in love again. It’s impossible to move forward or maintain your love if you’re not capable of talking about the things that bother you both. 

People who are incapable of communicating build up an existential backpack of all the small things they don’t like about the other person until the backpack breaks from being so heavy. 

And then everything becomes much more complicated

3.  Be loving 

This doesn’t mean being as sweet as pie all day long. It means making small loving gestures. Talking and touching in a loving way is essential to fall back in love with your partner. 

 how to fall back in love with your partner

4. Find something new to do together 

Dance classes, canyoning, hiking in the countryside, cooking sushi, going to a swinging club… it doesn’t matter what the activity is. The important thing is that its new and you both enjoy it. 

5. Go on holiday 

Sometimes the professional careers of both members of the couple are an obstacle for falling back in love. The stress, the long working hours and all the difficulties associated with work can interfere in love. 

Therefore it’s good to go on holiday once in a while and get away from the world of work. 

This will give you time to enjoy the good things about your relationship. 

6. Find something to do independently. 

People are unique and independent beings. The myth of being one half of a whole is nothing more than that, a myth. In fact, rarely can you have a fulfilling relationship if you don’t have a fulfilling life of your own. If you are resentful because you don’t feel fulfilled, you’ll pass this onto your partner. 

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How to fall back in love
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