How To Have An Affair (without your partner finding out)

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How To Have An Affair

If life with your partner has become boring or stale, then read on to see if having an adventure could be something for you to explore.

We feel odd being blunt but to be bold and realistic, having sexual relationships outside of marriage is more common than most care to admit.

Up to 60% of men and women cheat, this is not including undocumented cheating, adultery, mistresses, one night stands etc

When reading this, compare your stance as to whether it’s right or wrong against your reality.

Example: if you claim that cheating is wrong but have cheated a dozen times then you need a reality check or perhaps you cheated just once but justified it.

Check out this testimony from a 23 year old female:

She admitted that every time she wanted to have an affair, she would break up with her boyfriend for 3 or 4 days, then when the boyfriend found out, she would argue that they had broken up.

  • This female planned a temporary breakup in order to justify cheating.

Therefore, we think pulling out the borderline between right and wrong is the best because this subject is not clear at all.

A persons reasons for being unfaithful can be quite extensive from:

  • being sexually driven
  • not caring about their partner’s feelings
  • sexually frustrated
  • unhappy
  • to fill a gap

This topic is avoided in such a way that it seems the public has built up an immunity to infidelity.

As much as it’s done “its just WRONG!”

It’s so wrong that researchers from the State University of New York found infidelity to be a genetic trait, the researchers found genes that leads to sensation seeking.

 infidelities are part of our biological makeup

So, we don’t think that research was so necessary, because it can be seen clearly that our infidelities are part of our biological and social makeup, and what makes infidelity bad is religion and the educational system.

We think agreeing to this or not, or making up moral or religious reasons doesn’t make a difference.

Let’s face it,  if anyone really desires a fling, or a one night stand etc they will eventually do it and justify it or even structure events and occurrences to their lives so that the opportunity arises.

A man we interviewed told us that he remained faithful for years and even when the sex was lost he hung on for a few more years, of coarse until he couldn’t anymore, out of nowhere he just started going to strip bars, go figure!

We can proudly say that these facts can’t be contradicted, the impulse to either have sex for a family, or because sex is so good is evident, just look around!

So now, the question is, are you bored with your sexual relationship?

Here a 4 dilemmas that lead to infidelity. You:

  1. love her but sexually unsatisfied.
  2. are trapped inside a life set up around your partners family.
  3. have family obligations (to be a dad, mom etc)
  4. feel at times that your relationship is close to its end and consider that it’s time to end it.

Our investigations have shown us clearly that many stay in relationships way longer than they desire.

insecurities of being alone

This is due to the fears and insecurities of being alone, inside a committed relationship etc so the postponement to endure a dead relationship can last decades.

Here is a quick story:

A man frowned against his wife working, after 25 yrs together, they ended up both unhappy but neither of them could pull apart, she had no money and he carried the responsibilities of the household and children.

  • In this case, the man went out to cheat in order to not leave his wife stranded, we never got to interview his wife but we hope she found sexual satisfaction, why not? because they were still married but miserable?

Hopefully we sound realistic enough for you to read on!

We would adore to favor the one man for one women for all eternity, till death do us apart but this would render us delusional plus hypocrites.

We can emphatically state that you have been on either side of the equation.


We at Friend with Benefits .com realize that this is a controversial topic, and do not wish to promote committing infidelities.

In fact, this article was written in hopes to be paradoxical and instead improve your existing relationship or to help wake you up to see your relationship for what it really is!

Is your relationship honest, faithful, open and fair with integrity and respect?

We think If you answered yes, you wouldn’t be here.

So, let’s proceed!

one night stand

The difference between a lover and a one night stand.

They are not the same, not even close.

Both are infidelities, but one can be the outcome of wanting hot sex for one night and the other a deeper connection.

Just like having gray hairs (a one night stand) if they are just a few then they won’t present a problem to conceal however a lover, if not careful can become toxic or a nightmare.

So hopefully, you want to do things gracefully.

Some couples have great relationships and can discuss sexual issues, but many wish to hide infidelity from their partner out of fears etc

Depending on your temperament, a one night may be OK, easy to hide, no big deal just shower and have a credible lie or It can play with your conscience and torture you.

In contrast, a lover is a person for whom you feel something for like passion, love, affection etc

In this case, there are qualities that encourages repeating the experience.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an occasional affair just like a nice cold beer once in a while?

Alright, back to reality!

tips to have an affair

10 tips to have an affair without your partner finding out.

1. Use The Same Hygienic Products (that you use at home)

Using the same Hygienic Products that you use at home will save you against your partners extraordinary sense of smell.

Showering after sex is always a good idea.

2. Use caution at the places you choose to meet a lover.

What you don’t want is your partners boss walking in on you while you are with your fling.

Wherever you go, make it far and out of the context of your lifestyle.

Example, your life with your main partner is never at bars, so go to a bar far away.

3. Don’t Double Lie! (meaning lying both to your main partner plus fling)

Men usually think that lying to both in order to avoid conflicts is the way to go, but DON’T!

Be honest with your side lover, because if you lie, the chances are high the whole deal will turn against you!

Some guys will lie to his fling and say that things are bad at home, that him and his wife are planning a divorce etc to lead the side lover on with false hopes.

Playing with this type of a lie could lead to all kinds of complications, unexpected phone calls, surprise visits etc!

Remember: you just want sexual satisfaction not a fatal attraction!

The best advise ever is always to be honest and set the conditions at the very beginning.

It could be honesty like: “I like you and my life is more exciting with you in it however, please know that I will not leave my family.

Lover Who Has A Partner

4. Find A Lover Who Has A Partner.

Finding a lover who already has a partner puts you both in same situation, you’ll both be in sync with each other towards being discreet etc.

Since you both have the same thing to lose, then both of you will be more careful.

5. Make Sure You Live In Different Realities:

Your partner and your lover can “NOT” belong to the same professional sector, nor be from the same urbanization, go to the same gym, etc.

They have to live in different worlds to avoid any unfortunate circumstances.

Under no circumstances should you have an affair with your wife relatives or friends.

If you have a love a affair with your wife’s best friend or cousin,

then you deserve to get caught!

6. Do Not Be Predictable:

Don’t take your fling to the same places!

These type of patterns are traceable, so do not use predictable routines.

Plus don’t make “yourself” predictable! Here are 4 snags

Example: you make fake plans to see Joe every Tuesday at 7pm but its to meet your fling! Snag you:

  1. put on extra cologne and you are extra punctual returning home.
  2. are always extra nice to your main partner on Tuesdays.
  3. always put your self phone on the night table, but Tuesdays you keep your phone on you.
  4. are not an organized person, sloppy and always late, but on Tuesdays you are organized, punctual and looking pretty preppy.
Beware Of Leaving Traces

7. Beware Of Leaving Traces:

Remember always, girls have an enlightened ability to use their senses, the 6th sense is real!

Make sure you bring 0 residues of smell, hair or even little objects of hers that may end up in your pocket etc “Do not leave a trace”

Suggestion: tell your fling to not put on perfume when she sees you.

Check everything before going back to your regular partner especially “check your character”

As we already discussed, greeting your main partner with extra kindness could make you a dead giveaway.

8. Be Aware Of Your Sexuality Changes!

This is a rather tough one, if you are having amazing sex with your side lover, then sex with your main partner in comparison could lead you to show less interest.

You may not even want sex with your main partner which will get you caught!

9. Forget Social Networks!

Social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Line, Snapchat etc are the first go to places if your main partner suspects anything.

You may also want to consider to leave your car parked and take taxi’s or meet at destinations separately, this will spare you if your side lover drops an earring in your car or leaves a residue of her body odor etc

In a study done with 589 couples aged between 18 and 65 years revealed that 40% of infidelities were discovered due to carelessness with mobile/electronic devices.

10. Do Not Take This As A Game:

At Friends with benefits we don’t have a moral compass to make judgments of any kind.

What we do know is that the things we discussed regarding infidelity is reality and realistically everyone ends up doing whatever is ultimately desired either way.

A perfect example is that drugs are illegal but it doesn’t stop people from indulging, speeding is illegal but doesn’t stop many from speeding and porn is illegal but just go online and see!

Ultimately, relationships are precious so if you can cherish what you have.

Let us be clear that it is better to live a beautiful life of integrity without hurting anyone.

We have an alternative solution, which can help turn your main partner into a new fresh experience, the article is called How to drive women crazy in bed

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How To Have An Affair (without your partner finding out)
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How To Have An Affair (without your partner finding out)
If life with your partner has become boring or stale, then read on to see if having an adventure could be something for you to explore
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