How to make a girl that you like laugh

Written by Regina Falangi Tips for flirting

make a girl that you like laugh

We’ve all heard it: if you want to conquer a woman, the best thing to do is make her laugh, however, not everyone has that talent.

Be honest: either you have it or don’t.

There was a seminar about talent, which concluded that, you need to be born with the ability to make someone laugh.

I believe that one is born with talent, however to keep it, one needs to build upon it, and practice constantly in order to maintain it.  

For example, remember that song you played so perfectly on the piano? 

Well, chances are, if you stopped practicing, you’ll be struggling trying to remember the chords, and even surprised how you lost the ability to play a song that you had played so perfectly before, right?  

So, it’s the same with everything else including comedy, it’s not enough to be born funny, you have to work at your craft constantly. 

Now, in regards to the love world, the key is to “not try” to be funny, but rather bring yourself to your innate self, whereas your humor project’s itself naturally.

In other words, you want your jokes to adapt to the context, instead of being planned out.

We all have done this, where we didn’t mean to be funny, but everybody bursted out laughing at something we did or said.

So now, you’re not a funny kind of guy, however for the sake of the girl that you are dating, it would be best if you worked out a strategy to make your sense of humor flourish.

kind of humor can you pull off

The first thing you need to find out is, what kind of humor can you pull off?

For instance, you suck at telling jokes but, you may tell clever stories that make people laugh.

I always tell my new friends, that a girl left me because I talk too much, which makes them die laughing, and the best part is, I am a motor mouth which is really the punchline.

Everyone likes to laugh, but not everyone considers it important, especially if you have the gift of seduction which will keep you busy elsewhere.

In this case, you are good, but for that particular case.

In some cases, a date can go real well without laughter, but It doesn’t hurt to spice things up with a few laughs, especially when the objective is to make an impression.

If you can make a girl laugh, according to the benefits of laughter, you would have produced “the feel good hormones” for the both of you, which you both would want to repeat again.

Your talents at hand:

Ok, so if you want to be successful at flirting, one way is through humor and if you don’t have a sense of humor, you better be really handsome or a sexy stud.

The next step above that is to build a sense of humor.

Here are a few tips:

1. Building a sense of humor: 

Find out what bothers you, and then work that into your conversation’s and I bet many will laugh through identification.

Tell your date, that you tried making a kid laugh but instead, the kid cried lol.

I’m already laughing because I am picturing a serious looking guy say that with a straight face, get it?

Another way to make her laugh is to laugh at what she talks about, so you get her to laugh at herself.

People love the attention when they express humor, it also helps create a bond.

girl you just met

2. It’s easier to humor a girl you just met.

In this case, you can laugh at what the waiter says or does and she’ll join you.

This is the lucky stage, because you won’t find yourself struggling too much trying to make her laugh, even if you make her giggle or chuckle, you are good!

If you date a girl while amongst friends, your friends will save you because, there is always a clown in every group which will do the entertaining for you.

At this point, you can contribute a dry joke with confidence that everyone who is already laughing will except it, and you’ll get points for your dry joke.

Just steer clear from politics, sports, negative talk etc and you’ll be fine!

Lastly, if you’re not into being humorous, then give her lot’s of attention, which will make her smile.

3. Be Spontaneous:

Since you need to have talent to tell jokes, then try telling a popular joke badly.

Another trick is to repeat something funny that she says and act like you said it..

Example: she says something funny and then repeat it a half hour later. 

This may sound tacky but its not, people love when their humor touches people and then worth being repeated.

Remember that: humor seduces people because it makes them happy.

Anyone who recaps about a great evening will always talk about how much they laughed.

Laughter ranks way higher than intelligence.       

The benefits of laughter:  

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces stress
  • boosts immune system
  • produces happiness
  • works out abs
  • builds trust
works out abs

4. Use Sarcasm: 

There is one place where it’s impossible to be humorous, and no, it not a burial ground, but rather entering the office at 9am on a Monday.

The 9am office environment is not the place for comedy, but if you use sarcasm, irony and exaggeration, you can do wonders.

Try these lines:

  • “I’m so happy to be here” and the whole office will light up.
  • Ask someone if they have vodka, so you can pour a shot into your coffee.
  • Tell everyone that you just saw your boss, and that the vein in his forehead finally exploded.
  • Be the first at work, and tell everyone you were there all weekend.

These type of comments will save you when flirting with women.

I tell girl’s these type of lines with success: 

  • She says “she is tired”, and I reply “oh I see you couldn’t sleep thinking about me eh?”
  • I ask her if she wants to see me again, and if she says yes I reply “because you love me right”? 
  • when a girl asks me my age, I tell her that I’m 85 (I’m really 28 lol) 
  • whenever I get get a cherry, like In with cocktail, I exaggerate how much you love cherries.
  • I also read the menu wrong on purpose, and say oh look they have grilled “shrimp” 

Using exaggeration and sarcasm is a simple, yet effective way to produce smiles.

Everything starts with a smile, whether you are with friends, family, or hanging out with buddies.

Flirting and laughing will spark up your chances to make your date an amazing one!

Once she is laughing, you can consider that when you ask her something, and she smiles, that her answer is yes, that is how powerful a smile is. 

5. Show Empathy In The Little Things

This is another exaggeration scheme, a bit childish, but its what actually makes me laugh the most. 

I tell a girl that I was at the bank all day making deals, and go into exaggerated details, but as though it was exhausting, until she responds “oh poor baby” 

I’m laughing here, this works! 

Here is another: I call up a friend and tell him that I am having a major problem, when he responds ”what’s going on”?  

I tell him “ I set up a date with 2 girls and don’t know who I should see first and its driving me crazy”

The response to this is usually “oh man, I wish I had your problems and we end up laughing.       

Exaggerations, sometimes gets taken literally, so make sure you have broken the ice and know the person’s level of sense of humor.

broken the ice

If you take things too far, you may produce the opposite and end up apologizing.

Mixing humor with empathy go really well together however, you need take into account to not provoke any unwanted feelings or reaction.

The fact is this, if you mess with her carefully and elegantly, you’ll walk away a winner.

Make sure, that with risky humor that you alternate with compliments and when you make her laugh, take a pause, don’t try to get on a roll with back to back exaggerated humor.

One great way to play it safe, is to tell a story and add exaggerated bits to the story.

 6. Laugh At Yourself:

If you laugh at yourself, plus have a funny laugh, you can have her laughing all evening.

There is one thing that is really sexy for men and women, and that’s to see a person laugh with confidence.

People who burst into laughter don’t need to funny.

It’s also attractive to laugh at your flaws, it demonstrates that you handle life well.

This is key: if you show anyone that you can laugh at your flaws, or at instances that would normally cause frustration etc, you’ll get them to trust you.

Now you are a man that faces life as it comes!

7. Causing Tension To Produce Laughter:

Causing tension, and then releasing the tension will generate relief and then laughter will follow.

Example: let’s pretend that you just finished dinner with your date, and it’s time to pay, and you worked out a plank to double or triple the amount of the bill. 

And then while looking at the bill, you react like: OMG! ”Oysters, 180 euros? and 190 euros for the wine? “There must be an error”! 

If you are good, you can add that you’ve left your wallet at home.

This produces 2 types of tension, the 1st being the high amount, the 2nd is that you are forgetful.

Then reveal that everything was just a joke haha

This needs to be done slick and with good timing to be affective, as you need to deliver this type of plank in a way that she kinda doesn’t believe you, but maybe.

Here you will generate the effects of tension, relief and laughter, which will carry over into the rest of the night.

This kind of plank, requires acting talent however, if it’s done with style, it can roll over into your future dates and become a private joke between you.

Striking Out

8. Don’t Be Afraid Of Striking Out:

The best comedians in the world have failed with their jokes.

From their failures, they learned to read into their audience first. 

For example: a comedian who loves to curse faces a modest audience, he notices that no one laughs at his curse words, so he shifts his performance towards his PG material to be effective.

It’s the same when out with your date, first test things out and see the type of humor she is into, and if you strike out, try your other styles, maybe you’ll score with dry humor, exaggerated humor or you are funny being yourself.

9. Get Comedy Educated:

Read Comedy books and watch movies to build your humor.

I made a girl giggle much acting like Jim Carey here and there.

It’s helpful to be in touch with comedy/movie history and then use remote comedy.    


What does Darth Vader keep in the freezer? Dark ice cream haha

This is silly indeed, but you’ll produce a smile.

Another trick, is to laugh at your own jokes, this is when she has to follow suit or look dry.

Life and humor are inseparable, even pain often causes us to laugh.

The first comedians on screen like Charlie Chaplin or The 3 stooges, made millions laugh through hitting each other, including themselves.

You can always make someone laugh by calling yourself an idiot, and then pretending to wack yourself over the head.

Levity is something used to find humor in a serious matter, tragic event and even death.

Levity, is often used as a treatment to cope with a loss, and for depression etc through the power of laughter.

The whole world laughed watching Charlot eating a shoe because he was so hungry.

Although eating a shoe in real life is not really funny, it worked making the world laugh.

This type of humor is when pain meets pleasure, some say pain and pleasure are the same emotion but in it’s opposite extremes.

Why do people cry when something good happens? and why do people laugh when terrified? 

I believe pain and pleasure do coexist with one another.

So, If you can add drama to your comedy, you’ll be a smash or a drama queen lol

10. Remember The Goal 

The goal here, is to “make her laugh” in order to score points and then flirt your way into a hug or more. 

Laughter should never be the objective in itself, but rather a “by-product” of your conversations and behavior etc. 

If your main goal is to make people laugh, it may turn out bad, as you’ll overdo it and end up looking like a clown, which is fine with friends but not when out on a date.

The key using laughter is to use it as a gauge, to serve as an indication that things are going well, and also as permission to enhance the night as you both see fit.

power of humor


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Friends with benefits understands that producing good feelings through smiles amongst its users is what connects people.    

So, if you are single and wish to make new friends, find a new partner or live out a few sexual fantasies, now you have the tools to make her laugh and score!

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How to make a girl that you like laugh
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We've all heard it: if you want to conquer a woman, the best thing to do is make her laugh, however, not everyone has that talent. Be honest: either you have it or don’t.
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