How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

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long distance relationships

If you doubt long distance relationships, this article will blow you away, as every single concern will be address in a fashion never heard before.  

The First Tip: never accept that long-distance relationships are difficult


…because the minute that there is a struggle with claims or conclusions that it’s hard, then you are already going into the matter with preconceptions. 

Let’s examine some of the issues behind long distant relationships

#1. Is your long distance relationship a substitute for having an open relationship?  

#2. Is it a struggle to join together at some point?  

#3. Is this long distance affair all you have on the table?  

#4. Is your long distance relationship “made distant” due to fear of commitment? 

 Note (If #3 and #4 is your case, then the single life has much to offer, and worth it! ) 

Master Tip: the life of any type of relationship is contingent upon it expanding. 

These questions need to be addressed because subsequently, the solution will depend on the situation.  

Therefore, we need to run more questions by you such as: 

  • is it an actual bond with realistic hopes for a future?  
  • Is she your dream girl but too young?  
  • Are you both still in heaven after your last encounter? 
  • Are you living inside your head with false hopes, dreams, and expectations? 
  • How long are you able to tolerate a long-distance connection?   
How To Make Long Distant Relationships Work

The Breakdown 

Distant relationships including friendships can tread for some time apart, but inevitably if there is no fire, then the connection will begin to fade.  

Take a bit of advice from an interview that we had with a Thai female. 

She maintained a long distance relationship with a German man for 1 year, and when we asked her how things were going she said “he has no plans for us” displaying discouraging body language.  

We like to share this metaphor to make a valid point: 

Just as a plant needs soil, sunshine, and water to grow so does any relationship. 

Bonus tip: if you happen to run across a single mom, the rules may bend as she may very well adore a long distance affair, and so will you!  

Long Distance Relationships Must Be Nurtured

We are talking about 2 human beings who are fond of each other. 

Therefore, relying on faith, or getting stimulated through imaginative romantic exchanges like: 

  • “let’s take it as it comes” 
  • ”leave it in gods hands” 
  • “if it’s meant to be, we’ll be together” 

That’s gotta go!  

There must be foresight backed by logic. 

In other words, if you are 17 yrs old and live with your parents, work at Star Mart part-time, and plan for college, this article is not for you.  

Alternatively, if your love affair Is purely sexual, then your matter will be making the best of it.  

Making Long Distant Relationships Work

Making Long Distant Relationships Work 

Now, you’re an entrepreneur with 2 businesses, you have employees and able to work anywhere through the internet, and therefore able to travel leisurely. 

Now, we are talking!  

This scenario has hopes written all over it.   

We can easily picture a man with this type of power, fly himself and her around which is liberating and exciting.  

So, the 2 keywords are Power and Freedom

Considering that the outlook is favorable, the best tip for any relationship is to establish a pattern, something structured and predictable

For instance, if a long-distance relationship can see each other 6 times a year, and it’s structured with predictability then it’ll work. 

However, If the relationship is disorganized with letdowns which ultimately will lead to discouragement, the relationship will inevitably hit a wall.  

The ultimate point is that intimacy needs to be seen as something bound to happen.  

In other words, the relationship must be actual, and not something made up in your head.  

Best Tips to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work 

  •  See It As An Opportunity  

For instance, a couple meets each other on a holiday in Mexico, he lives in New York, she lives in Australia, now what?  

At this point, it’s an opportunity.  

  • Have A Goal In Mind 

Even with modern relationships, if there is no goal, the relationship will stagger.  

Logically speaking, a long-distance connection will fade within a few months if nothing worthwhile happens. 

long distant relationships
  • Trust  

Jealousy or impatience should play a ZERO part of a long-distance relationship. 

So, If you find yourself jealous or riddled with fear while you are miles apart then forget it.  

Establishing structure along with creative ways to keep the fire burning in the relationship will help, but without trust, forget it!  

  • Know Each Other Schedules 

With this in effect, you’ll be able to enjoy alone time with family and friends until it’s time to connect with your honey. 

This also includes staying active in each other’s social media activities.  

Long-Distance Relationships Are NOT DIFFICULT  

We must reiterate the most important psychological factor which is:  

Anything that is considered difficult means that there is already a struggle” 

For instance, if you see an exercise and claim that it’s too hard, then you already failed before trying. 

Therefore, the entire concept that long distance relationships are hard needs to be whipped out of every aspect of your being.  

The new attitude should be “it’s not hard” it’s either possible through facts, or not. 

What kind of nonsense is that?… listening to someone say “this may not work” meanwhile madly in love. 

If you want to make anything work in life, never say that it’s hard.  

If it’s impossible, you’ll know it and hopefully, this article has brought some truth to the table.  

Do Long-Distance Relationships Work

Do Long-Distance Relationships Work? 

Now, what do you think?  

Based on what you’ve read so far, you should already be thinking in the realm of POSSIBILITIES, POWER, and FREEDOM. 

Alternatively, you should be grounded with life to the extent that if you can’t make it happen due to finances, a stable job etc, then make the best of your long distant affair with absolute knowledge of the facts.  

Long Distant Affairs Online

This article would have come to a close 10 years ago or so, however, we are saved through the power of the internet.  

Working out long distance relationships through the help of social media and online dating platforms increases the chances of making love work. 

For one, the relationship can thrive through messaging, video chats. and posts. 

The specialty behind online dating is that you’re allowed to be as sexual as you wish, and only limited to the extent of your imagination.  

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