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age difference in dating

The age difference in a relationship is one of the most controversial issues when it comes to relationships. As with everything in life, relationships with a large age gap have their proponents and detractors, so let’s take a look at the pros (all based on experience) and cons (you’re not going to explore all the postures of Kamasutra) of relationships marked by the difference in age so that each one draws their own conclusions.

Relationships with age difference: pros and cons

In all relationships with age difference there are good things and not so good things. 

Let’s see them.

age gaps in dating

Pros in age difference relationships

1. Life experience. 

As a general rule, when one of the two is much older than the other, they have more life experience. They have already experienced the mistakes which painfully teach what it means to be alive. And that, for the younger person and for the relationship itself, is invaluable

2. Experience in bed. 

Normally, the older you are, the more experience in bed. When the experience of the mature part comes together with the young woman’s desire to experiment, a kind of sexual symbiosis is formed that is difficult to overcome in other ways.  

3. Economic stability. 

Also as a general rule, the older you are, the greater the economic stability. When both members of the couple are very young, it is difficult to do things that support the relationship, such as going on weekend getaways or simply having a free place to have sex. 

4. Man is fertile throughout life. 

Among the advantages of dating with age gaps is the fact that if in a relationship the man is older than the woman (remember that we are talking about a significant difference), it is viable that if the couple wishes, they can have children. The man, no matter how old he is, can still be fertile (although less and less, certainly), so they will not have problems procreating if she is young.  

 age difference in dating

5. Mutual learning is assured. 

Age difference in dating is about learning every day from the other person. Because youth brings some things but experience many more. So both learn and feed from each other. It is necessary that both members have an open mind and it is an incomparable remedy for the arrogance of youth and the disbelief of maturity.  

In other words: not everything old is boring and not everything new is rubbish. It often happens that there are old things that will always be modern and new things that are born outdated.  All this is learned very well in relationships with an age difference.

Cons in age gap relationships

There may be advantages to relationships with age difference, but there are also disadvantages. 

Let’s see them.  

1. Different stages of life.

At first it is great to enjoy a second youth. You go out with your girl fourteen years younger and suddenly you find yourself involved in activities that have been absent for a long time: going to clubs, smoking joints and drinking shots of Jagger is back on the agenda and although at first it can be fun, every time you enjoy it less.  

It’s a bummer, but not the biggest.   

2. They will rarely have children. 

She may want to have children and he already has enough with his 13 and 16 year olds whom he had with his previous partner.  Or maybe it’s him who wants to have children because he’s already forty-four, but she just turned twenty-two and doesn’t feel like it at all.

When the age difference is greater than twelve or thirteen years, the life cycle is out of step.  

3. The age difference is becoming more and more evident.  

Let’s say you’re 43 and she’s 29. The fourteen year difference is there, but it’s not too noticeable. The problem will become apparent if she is 43 and he is 64.  It will no longer be just the physical limitations (menopause, andropause and others) but aesthetic ones. The wrinkle is beautiful when both members are the same age or similar. Otherwise it’s just a constant reminder.   

Sex can be magical at first, but then one of the two’s libido will drastically lower and the other party will have it intact. And that is a problem. 

4. Society rejects you. 

There have always been and always will be people willing to criticize others, but when we talk about relationships with age gap, these people multiply.  

“Gold digger” or “cradle robber” are just two adjectives that you will hear depending on your situation, but there are more.  It’s not enough for people to mind their own business. They need those of others.  And commenting on the appropriate age difference for dating and in other couple activities is one of them.

5. The generation gap.

Sometimes it can be very funny. It’s great to teach 90s cinema to a person who was born in 91. What for you are founding myths, for her are movies she’s heard of at some point. She might have seen some.  

It is very good to do that kind of pedagogy. But it is bidirectional. And often tiring.

You’ll see when he plays his best albums -what am I saying? Albums?  that doesn’t even exist anymore- and she her favorite trap songs from her Spoty list. You’ll see how fun that is.  

It is about learning, of course, but older people have learned one thing very well: time is money. They don’t like to waste it listening to what they consider rubbish. 

The generation gap does not end in art. No way. Customs change. What is right or wrong changes too.  

So forget about telling a joke “from your time” if you are the oldest, because you will surely offend four hundred different groups of people.

dating with age gaps

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