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places to have sex

When I was commissioned this article I was not very clear how to approach it. Sex is a very personal thing. What seems like good places to have sex to me may seem horrible to someone else. So I tried to generalize and made a ranking of sites that may be liked by most.  

Big mistake. It was a cold article, like ninety percent of the soulless rehash on the internet. 

So I am going to put the five best places to have sex from my point of view. I mean where I’ve had sex.  

Me and one other person, of course. Blowjobs do not count in this article.  Any place – where no one can see you by accident – is good for jerking off.

But I am drifting from the main topic of the article, so without further ado, let’s move on to the top five amazing places to have sex.

Where to have sex

Where to have sex?  Well boy, wherever you can. What do you want me to say. Sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad it’s pretty good, so fuck whoever you like, wherever you can. For the rest, keep in mind that there are sites where it will not be easy for you to improve your sexual statistics. That’s it.  

Oh, I almost forgot: don’t bother third parties. That is important.

Wierd places to have sex

People’s sexual life is like life itself, complicated. Many times we even complicate it voluntarily.  

And it is that, despite what they have sold us, comfort is not everything. That’s why I’m going to give you three weird places to have sex and two more normal ones.

weird places to have sex

1. In a nightclub

A long time ago I had a nightclub. Every weekend the best DJs in the city came to play and, of course, it was filled with girls.  

Behind a bar is the world’s  best place to flirt. I’ll tell you why.  

If you like a girl you have the power to buy her a drink. That same gesture, if someone who does not belong to the staff does it, has a clear intention: he wants to flirt. But if the barman does it, the girl doesn’t know if he wants to flirt or if he’s just being nice to her.  

So the next move is up to her. If she likes you, she will let you know.  

Those were the times I’ve fucked the most in my entire life.  

Once a regular customer came to me and said:  “Ron, you don’t know how much I want to fuck you right now.  

“Steve,” I said looking at my partner, “can you stay alone at the bar, mmmm, five minutes?”  

Said and done. I went with the girl to a bathroom and we had a refreshing unexpected fuck. Therefore, the bathrooms of a night club are cool places to have sex

2. In a tent

A tent is one of the best places to have sex. It must be cold, yes. Or at least it can’t be hot, otherwise it sucks. The fact is that I had just met the woman who is now my wife. She is fourteen years younger than me and at first we took the relationship as something sexual. The age difference posed too many problems.  

We had connected -and how- in bed. So we met to fuck. The problem came when I realized that I was in love and I told her. 

where to have sex

“Well, I just want to fuck.” she replied, cold as ice.  

I, far from being intimidated, thought “have I heard of a challenge?”  

At that time – eleven years ago – I lived in a chalet in the mountains. The chalet was small, but its plot was 10,000 square feet. On the north side there was a grove of pine trees.  

After my confession we met on a Saturday night and after some terrible cannelloni we started to see Into the wild -my favorite movie- and of course, she loved it. It could not be otherwise. It’s impossible for me to fall in love with someone who doesn’t like Into the wild. It’s an intelligent movie and remember: the most sensitive part of a woman is her intelligence.  

Well, when it was over we went to the grove where the surprise was prepared: a tent in front of a small pile of firewood ready to be lit, along with a bottle of mojito ready to be drunk.  

We talked by the fire about the movie, that is, about life and its lies, looking at the stars while drinking mojitos.  Then we got into the tent – which was well set up for it was winter – and we had the best sex anyone can have.  

Some time later she told me that it was that night when she began to feel something. And it is that nobody resists one of the best adventurous places to have sex as is a tent under the stars.

3. On a long-distance train

This, more than rare, I would qualify as one of the most interesting places to have sex.  

So long ago that I should date this anecdote with a carbon 14 test, I toured Europe by train with my girlfriend at the time. The journey during which the events took place was at night and we were traveling from Paris to Irun, on the border with Spain.

best places to have car sex

It was a seven or eight hour train journey. We were late to catch the train – things get complicated after two days of partying – so we had to run long distances with huge backpacks and a hangover and we couldn’t buy water.  

We took the train, but half an hour into the journey we were already dying of thirst and there was no restaurant car.  

Four hours later we wanted to die, so I got up and went to the bathroom ready to drink the water that comes out of those little taps installed in the corners of the toilets, usually crowned by a sign that says in capital letters. NON-POTABLE WATER in various languages.  

I drank water like ambrosia from the gods. I drank my fill without caring about the consequences and then called my partner to do the same.  

When we were done drinking we were so happy that we went into the bathroom and started to fuck standing up -obvious lack of space- as best we could.  

Everybody was sleeping – or trying to – so we had to be quiet. I don’t know if it was the joy of quenching my thirst, the smooth rattle of the train, or the curiosity of knowing that there were people less than five feet away, but it was a wonderful fuck.  

Another totally different story is the week that my girl and I spent with gastroenteritis after that. 

Two places to have sex (normal and marvelous at the same time).

4. In a car

Not everything will be weird places. At a certain age a car is the only place to have sex available and that’s fine. It cures you, it gives you experience.  

A car gives you the freedom to go to beautiful places away from prying eyes and in a small SUV was where I had the best worst fuck of my life. 

sex in weird places

It was with my first girlfriend. I was young and inexperienced and I lasted in that relationship for too long.  

In summary: I was neither in love nor was the sex with her particularly good. I always preferred to be with my friends, but I did not dare dump her.  

One fine day we went to a cane field near the beach to fuck and of course, not being in love and that sex was nothing to write home about made orgasm quite difficult, so we were taking a long time, so long, that at one point I discovered my partner looking at her wristwatch.  

While we were doing it.   

And that day I broke up with her. That’s why it was a good fuck: we only have one life; don’t commit the crime of wasting time with people you don’t have fun with. 

5. In bed

Ok, it is not an interesting place to have sex. It is also not a naughty place to have sex or even an adventurous place to have sex. But things are as they are.   

A bed is the best place to fuck and where you have the best chance of staying and leaving her satisfied. A good bed, neither too soft nor too hard, and above all, one that doesn’t make noise, is the best place in the world to have good sex. If there is a large mirror nearby, all the better.  

That’s why people fuck on top of the bed and not on top of the washing machine, although from time to time a good spin doesn’t hurt.

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By the way, it will cost you nothing to join and start being friends with many people who want to have sex without commitment.  

Where? You decide that.  

You’re grown up. 

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