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date ideas in San Jose

There are many romantic places to think about date ideas in San Jose. San Jose is the second largest city in California, after Los Angeles. Downtown San Jose has become a place to meet women with plenty to see and do. 

Whether you want to be active in the great outdoors or just relax with your significant other, there are plenty of options when it comes to San Jose date ideas

Next, from Friends with Benefits, we tell you what to do on a date in San Jose so that you are guaranteed a second date and more with the girl you like. 

Date ideas San Jose

Looking for ideas for a day date in San Jose? San Jose is a fun place to go on a date at any time of the day. Here we tell you about the best places to plan a day date in San Jose. 

Where can I go on a date in the Bay Area?

If you’re both interested in science, you can’t miss the Tech Museum of Innovation. Admission is free, so it’s a great place for a date in San Jose. 

In the Bay Area you can also visit the Winchester Mystery House and its 160 rooms. It takes several hours to visit the entire property with a guide. But in the end it will be worth spending quality time with your date in San Jose. 

Guaranteed fun at California’s Great America

One of the romantic things to do on a summer date in the San Jose Bay Area is to go to California’s Great America Amusement Park. 

This is a beautiful and great park to visit with your partner. Here you will find many attractions to experience with your partner. One of the best to enjoy as a couple is the Gold Striker, which is a wooden roller coaster. 

In addition to that, there are also many attractions. So whether you like to do a lot of exciting or relaxing things together, you can do it here. 

There are also many food options in the park, which will make your date in San Jose even better.

romantic walk in San Jose

A romantic walk in the municipal rose garden in San Jose

If you’re looking for one of the most romantic things to do on a San Jose date with nature, visit the Municipal Rose Garden.

This is a beautiful historic garden with many beautiful roses. There are so many different types of roses here, which makes it a great place. In fact, there are almost 200 different roses in the garden. 

The rose is a romantic flower and seeing so many together with your partner on a date in San Jose will be one of the most beautiful ways to express love to the person next to you. 

Also, taking a relaxing walk is very romantic. There are walking paths that are very suitable for this. This is the ideal place to relax with your partner when you have a date in San Jose. 

Plan a date at Academic Coffee

A coffee date can be one of the best San Jose date ideas. That’s especially true if you and your partner love coffee. 

One of the best places to go for coffee on a date in San Jose is Academic Coffee. 

Here you find coffee from all over the world, plus,  they roast their own coffee. So the coffee in this place is delicious. 

Also, the atmosphere in the cafeteria is wonderful. It is a very relaxed place, ideal for a romantic date in San Jose. 

Date night in San Jose

Thinking about a date night in San Jose doesn’t have to keep you up at night. It is one of the cities where nightlife is very active. You will certainly find plenty of things to do on a date night in San Jose. 

And if you are single in San Jose, you can meet women in the local bars. In general people are open and spontaneous. So you will have no problem finding a partner and planning your first date in San Jose.

Watch the sunset in San Jose

Watch the sunset at the GrandView restaurant

One of the best places to watch the sunset if you have a date in San Jose, is the GrandView restaurant.

Watching the sunset with your partner is one of the most romantic things to do on a date night in San Jose. That’s because the view from here is incredible. 

The restaurant is located on Mount Hamilton. From here you can see a beautiful view of the city of San Jose. You can see all the buildings in the city. 

Plus, at night, the view is even more spectacular, making it a great place for a date night in San Jose. 

In addition to the view, they will also taste delicious food in the restaurant. Therefore, it is also a great place to dine in San Jose. 

Enjoy a romantic concert at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts

The best place to catch a show if you have a date night in San Jose is the San Jose Center for Performing Arts. 

Here you will enjoy Broadway musicals, all kinds of dance shows and more. They offer a very varied program to choose what you and your partner like the most. It’s going to be a wonderful San Jose date night. 

It is one of the best places to visit as a couple in San Jose. 

How to spend a day with your date in San Jose

San Jose has a lot to offer. So much so that it is almost impossible to see everything there is to see in one day, almost impossible, but not quite. From Friends with Benefits we offer you this little guide to inspire a whole day date in San Jose. 

Start your morning with a little history at History Park at Kelley park San Jose. It is an open-air history museum with rotating exhibits. 

After walking a bit it is a good time to eat something. What better place to have breakfast than The Breakfast Club. They serve food as memorable as the movie that bears its name.

If your partner likes art, you can go through the Latin American Art and Culture Movement (MACLA) community. It is a multi-cultural arts venue offering multiple exhibits, open mic performances, and experimental theater. 

Come lunchtime, there is no better place than Caffe Frascati. They have tasty dishes and also entertainment including opera performances. Your lunch in San Jose will be anything but boring. 

In the afternoon you can attend a performance. The California Theater is conveniently located in Silicon Valley for an entertaining evening. In February and March, the annual film festival, Cinequest, takes place.

the best San Jose dating site

When night comes downtown San Jose is the place to have a drink. Visit one of the many speakeasies that have some of the most incredible and personalized cocktails, with some recipes dating back to the pre-Prohibition period. Most are within walking distance of each other. 

After such a hectic day with your partner touring San Jose, you will surely enjoy a bubble bath and a refreshing champagne. 

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