Dating in Christchurch

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Dating in Christchurch

Good news! There is a man for every single woman in Christchurch so tune in to get the best tips! Dating in Christchurch

Based on the latest census, 39.5% of the overall proportion of Christchurch residents are single which exceeds Auckland (37.6 %, Albury 37.9 % and Geelong 37.6%).

Interestingly, there is a decrease of single women during the summer which means Christchurch girls seek men to have a great summer!

What Are Christchurch Women like? 

Don’t let the name Christchurch fool you into thinking you have to get married before having sex. 

Furthermore, the chances of seeing two women fondling each other are high so don’t let their laid-back appearances fool you. 

The word is that if a Christchurch single likes you she’ll have no problems making the first move which accounts for why there is a decrease of single women in the summer. 

In Christchurch, you won’t need to worry about “what to talk about on a first date” either as you can always kick things off with “why is there a reduction of single women during the summer?” to get things rolling. 

In regards to flirting and dating in Christchurch, try to hit it off with a Christchurch cougar or a cool couple as locals will know the coolest local spots. 

Next, follow our lead because we have a lot of places for you to pick up Christchurch women. 

Have fun mingling! 

Meet Single Women in Christchurch

We begin with the nightlife for obvious reasons. 

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

The list below are recommendations from outgoing guys and girls with first-hand info:

  • The Dirty Land 131 Victoria St
  • The Poplar Social Club Christchurch Central City
  • Fox & Ferret 28 Rotherham St, Riccarton
  • Smash Palace 172 High St
  • Fat Eddies Corner of Hereford St & Oxford Terrace
  • Chic 64 Manchester St
  • The Last Word Christchurch Central City
  • Deja Vu Nightclub & Vip Lounge 2 Allen St
  • Boo Radley’s level 1/98 Victoria St
  • Astro Lounge 23 Worcester Blvd
single woman in Christchurch

Christchurch Flirting Advice

Book A Decent Hotel

Don’t be like many guys who book cheap hotels far away from the action.

Your hotel choice is part of your plan for scoring. 

You want to be as close to the main area which is along Victoria Street.

Another decent pub district is Asaph Street

Now that you’ve booked a hotel close to the action, you’ll be set to use your room for an extended night with your Christchurch hottie. 

Next, start hunting early and go to each venue in a generous mood. 

Get close to staff members, offer to buy them drinks, this will show that you’re looking for a good time while chatting to locals who have the inside scoop! 

Meet Christchurch Girls During The Day

Victoria and Asaph Street are also the prime areas to meet women during the day.

Our advice is to face the crowded streets and boldly take a chance with a girl who strikes you. 

Allow your feet to take you to the places that girls love being like shopping districts such as:

  • South City Shopping Centre 1-7 Tanda Pl, Glenfield Park
  • Eastgate Mall 20 Buckleys Road, Linwood
  • The Crossing 166 Cashel Street, Central City
  • The Tannery 3 Garlands Road, Woolston
  • Northlands Shopping Centre 55 Main North Road, Papanu
  • The Palms Corner Marshland &, New Brighton Road, Shirley

Flirt And Date Via Friends With Benefits

We don’t mean to spoil your dating adventures in Christchurch however: 

Our current digital tech era is singing a different tune which is: 

Find Christchurch girls online because that’s where they are! 

We can’t deny the fact that these days if you want anything just go online. 

When thousands of women join an online site like friends with benefits solely and specifically to meet men then what should you do, go to the mall? 

Recent data confirms that people who are attached to their devices have a higher hook-up rate compared to a guy who prepares for a Friday night.

This is because through your device, you’re already connected. 

Moreover, when a girl joins friends with benefits and she builds a profile with a desire to meet a specific type of guy and you come along, this is what happens through FWB:

  • She’ll get notified that you reached out to her
  • She will be enticed to check you out.
  • There is an 80% chance that she will strike a conversation.
  • If she likes you she will flirt with you. 
flirting and dating in Christchurch

Moreover, you can like and chat with 10 girls, whereas you can’t do this at a bar. 

Online, you can get personal a lot faster than in-person, since it’s a dating site you’re not overstepping boundaries. 

Consequently, when you describe yourself in your profile, this will enable the friends with benefits algorithms to feed your info to relevant women, and in turn, you’ll wake up to messages. 

Friends With Benefits High Success Rate

Hundreds of singles find love through friends with benefits daily. 

The platform is designed for you to get eye candy just as you would scrolling through sexy pics. 

Except for that while scrolling, you can pop in and strike up a conversation 

Is Online Dating Intimidating?

Most dating sites are too serious which can be intimidating.

At FWB, you don’t need to be serious about dating which is why it’s called friends with benefits. 

The reasons! 

We are aware that everyone seeks something but who knows how far it can go?

What we do know is that when a couple hits it off, magic happens.

So, whether you fancy a fling, sexual fantasies, or something serious when you provide your sexual criteria the system algorithms kick in to pair you up. 

We found that users are not sure what they want for instance: 

A male who seeks a serious relationship comes across a female who just wants sex, guess what happens? 

Alternatively, couples who never cared about anything serious found a lifelong partner.

Therefore, friends with benefits won’t try to sell you everlasting happiness, they are not naive. 

Instead, having a blast on your first date is what gives birth to what’s worthwhile. 

So, your next step is to join, browse through a massive database of women and see for yourself.

Take your time as you meet, chat and flirt with women who have joined for the same reasons you have. 

Join The Magic

Friends With Benefits

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Dating in Christchurch - The Best Tips
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Dating in Christchurch - The Best Tips
Good news! There is a man for every single woman in Christchurch, so tune in to get the best tips! Dating in Christchurch
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