How To Describe Yourself On A Dating Site – The Best Examples

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Describe Yourself On A Dating Site

Presenting yourself properly on a dating site is the key to attracting the right people, but like anything worthwhile in life, how you go about describing yourself has to be interesting and engaging. 

This article offers more than just how to describe yourself but also the mindset to capture the interest of those you wish to reach.

A Dating Site Is Not A Social Media Platform

We’re all guilty of hyping our appearance, status, personality, events, etc across social media platforms and it’s all good fun for the likes and comments, however, the dating world is entirely different, especially if you wish to casual hook up.

The first tip to consider is that your online dating profile is YOU! and we mean the real you, which means you may want to deflate your ego and come clean with your true self. 

With that said, imagine all the people who lie on their dating profiles bio?

They lie about their name, age, and improve their appearance, they place zero pictures of themselves or upload 10 year old photos, and when you read their profile description it’s almost impossible to date such perfection. 

A better question would be: would you be ok meeting a person who turns out nothing as you expected? 

Make Your Life Evident Through Pictures

Imagine landing on a girl’s profile named Jane.

Jane posts various photos, a pic in regular clothes, another dressed up with friends, a few action photos with her dog, and a sexy one, and when you read her description her words make sense because her photos fortify her words.

Jane made herself evident through her photos by expressing herself at a deeper degree, thus providing trust to her visitor.

woman love animals

Let’s analyze it: from the action pic of Jane with her dog it is evident that she loves animals which says a lot, the pic dressed up with her friends demonstrates that she is outgoing, friendly and that she is cared for, and her sexy picture may project confidence, class, sex appeal, etc.

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is what we are getting at. 

Jane will hands down have a far better chance at successful dating opportunities with quality men as opposed to the profiles with 0 photos. 

Jane also updates her profile regularly.

So how would you describe yourself on a dating site? 

Ways to Describe Yourself 

Naturally, you have the freedom to set up a profile with only sexy pics and describe yourself as someone who only wants sex, this is done often but it’s risky- risky because the chances of exchanging details too soon will run high, and may lead to problems, we see this as a problem because the profile is set up too shallow. 

The 2nd issue is that since it’s a dating site it may feel appropriate to deliver your quest to date through sexual pics, fantasies, etc.

Here are the 5 top recommended examples to describe yourself on a dating site.

1. Use humor to describe yourself.

It’s likely that you’ll put a smile on your reader’s face when they read that you can be a little clumsy at times.

2. Describe your interest in more detail

For instance, if you love traveling, is it to tropical places? Trekking across mountains? 

3. Have Fun.

The times you had a great date, worthy of repeating was because you laughed, this should be #1, so have fun! 

4. Describe the true you.

Are you shy? perhaps don’t like the idea of chatting through a machine? 

Some of the best conversations and ice-breakers happen through being truthful.

5. Ask family and friends what they think.

If you find yourself battling to describe yourself, ask a few friends to help describe you. Often friends and family know us better than we know ourselves. 

You can also search dating bio examples for more ideas

setting up an over-exaggerated or poor profile on a dating site

Important: don’t fall into the common mistake of setting up an over-exaggerated or poor profile. Instead make it a real-life experience for your visitor. 

Your profile is what users with a desire to meet someone special will come across and if they see no photos what do you expect? 

This means, taking out the time to upload various quality photos, plus filling out all the essentials.

How To Fill Out The Description Field/Dating Bio Examples

What do you think about this description?

 “I’m here to meet girls” 

Was your answer well dah?

The dating site description field must not be vague, unless you’d like a high bounce rate. 

Instead, follow this proven example that’ll enhance your engagement: 

Your job is a 3rd of your life and that’s a big deal. However, users typically state their careers flat out like “I am a financial advisor” or “I am a lawyer”.  

This is too vague, but elaborating about the type of impact you have upon others will spice things up and encourage users to interact with you.    

Example: “I’m a financial advisor and my job gives me the pleasure to organize people’s lives so that they can spend more time with their children”. 

This adds a deeper emotional aspect that’ll add value to your profile.

If you commit yourself to your profile, it’ll show, and you’ll become more attractive as opposed to the guy who puts “I’m looking for a shag”

something unique about you and being authentic is unique

Attracting Through Emotion: 

What makes a top notch-profile is to make your visitor see something unique about you and being authentic is unique!

The simple yet effective way to do this, is by telling a story, this is why stories are so popular on social media. 

A brief story about you, something fun. Like rehashing on a trip that your friends recently did together will tell much more about you. And will be much more interesting than simply stating that you like to go out with your friends.

By using stories to convey personality, you’ll become much more attractive so be sure to communicate your stories on an emotional level. 

Talk about your inner feelings during the experiences that took place at your event. 

Tapping into your visitor’s emotions has been proven to increase traffic to your profile. Plus the degree of your engagements, think of how an author keeps his reader engaged, making his reader turn page after page until the whole book is finished.      

With these simple tips, you’ll enjoy online dating more than ever.      


Now, with your profile in tip-top shape, this is where the power behind the special algorithms steps to the plate.

How it works: your honest, relevant information will flow through the Friends With Benefits system algorithms that’ll’ instantly pair you with like-minded available prospects.

This is the heart of Friends With Benefits, to ensure that while you’re busy working or sleeping, the system algorithms will work on your behalf through a wide spread of choices within your dating criteria.

For example, you won’t be paired with a wild drinker if that’s not your thing. 

All that is asked is that you cooperate with the full scope of the platform, and you can rest assured, that your inbox will be full of messages from available women/men to meet, date, and maybe a little more.

first online dating message

How to stand out with dating profile pictures

The profile photo on a dating site is very important, since it is usually the first thing that users see when looking for potential partners. Therefore, it is crucial that the photo is attractive and shows your personality in a genuine way.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect profile picture on a dating site:

  1. Use a recent photo: Make sure the photo is current and not from several years ago. This will show that you are being honest and serious about finding a partner.
  2. Show your face clearly: Do not use photos that are blurry or with objects in front of your face. A good option is to use a close-up photo that shows your smile and eyes.
  3. Avoid selfies with filters: While filters can be fun, it’s best to avoid them on a profile photo. Use a candid photo that shows who you really are.
  4. Use a photo that shows your interests: If you have a photo of you doing something you enjoy, like playing sports or playing an instrument, this can be very appealing to someone with similar interests.
  5. Avoid provocative photos: While it can be tempting to wear a bikini or underwear photo, it can attract the wrong crowd. It is better to use a photo that shows your personality and your interests.

Remember the profile photo is only one part of your profile on a dating site. Be sure to fill out all the information that is requested and to show your personality in an authentic way.

Well, now that you know how to describe yourself dating profile to improve your chances of success, let’s see how to write messages that will guarantee a great response.

How To Describe Yourself On A Dating Site – The Best Examples

If you follow these simple tips when sending your first online dating message you will increase your response rate by 40%

First off all, the main reason why you might not get a great initial response is because most guys send fairly arbitrary messages.

Sending Your First Online Message


Instead of sending arbitrary messages take the time to review her profile to see if anything strikes you about her.

Then ask her a question based on what you have learnt from reading her profile, this way, your message has much more substance.

You’ll stand out amongst other users because it’ll show her that you have taken the time to review her profile as opposed to most other men who won’t bother.

How Do You Start A Conversation With A Girl Online?

Now that you have gathered some information from her profile, the next step is to ask her about her photos or respond to something that she has written in her description.

Asking her something that relates to one of her photos will always entice her to respond.

For instance: a girl wakes up to 5 messages, as she scrolls through them she sees them like this, your message is the 5th.

  1. Hi : )
  2. damn, you’re hot
  3. let’s hook up on WhatsApp?
  4. I’m very attracted to you.
  5. Hi there, I see that you are a dog lover too! I also have a beautiful Black Labrador called Benji. That park looks familiar in your photos. Where is it? I am sure I have walked Benji there.

Now, pretending that you’re a girl, which message grabs your attention the most?

How Do You Start A Conversation With A Girl Online?

Let’s think this through:

If she answers all her messages she will most likely answer like this:

  • “Hello” in response to message 1
  • “Thank you” in response to messages 2 and 4
  • It’s very likely she will simply ignore message no. 3 high
  • However message 5 contains substance / engagement / interest.

Your first dating online message must have substance!

They say a Picture contains a thousand words…but also importantly it makes an emotional connection, so if by chance you’ve come across and questioned a photo that a girl posted years ago, imagine the chances of her responding when she reads your message concerning a picture that she’s long forgotten about?

So, we would recommend questions like:

  • “That’s a great picture, where was it taken?”
  •   “Do you have more photos of that trip?”
  • Your yoga poses are incredible, how long did it take you to hold a pose like that?

Also, another good idea is to make a joke based on what you can see from the photos she has uploaded.

For instance, telling her that you’d like to sink your face into her birthday cake will make her smile, plus it’s a great way to tap into starting a conversation about food cravings.

Connecting through photos will help establish a common ground, and will always stand out amongst the predictable  “ you look hot, wanna hookup” approach.

Challenge Her

If you want your first message to have more value, you could try asking her to take on a challenge.

For example, if she loves fitness, you can send her a message asking her if she likes challenges, and if she says yes, then challenge her to a 30-day plank or squat challenge.

This doesn’t mean that she’ll out right accept the challenge, but it will help to gain somewhat of a rapport.

Sending Your First Online Message

True Story: a girl who lived in Sydney Australia was asked if she liked challenges, the dialogue went exactly like this:

Guy, do you like challenges?

Girl, yes,

Guy, “are you serious about challenges?

Girl, yes, serious!

Guy, ok, how about an all-expense paid trip to America for 2 weeks?

This challenge turned into a 4-year relationship!

Granted, this case is an extreme example, as it was a high risk challenge for both parties, however, the strength behind the story demonstrates how enticing challenges can be.

There is no harm in setting a challenge, she can take it or leave it.

Moreover, if she is turned on by your challenge but scared to spontaneously travel across the world, she will most likely be intrigued to hang around to get to know you properly which is not a bad start.

Get Her To Talk About Herself

People love talking about themselves and it has been proven to be an effective way to make people feel good about themselves.

So, the trick is to see how to entice her to into talking about herself.

One way you could do this is by questioning her “likes and dislikes” ask her for advice or ask her a fun question like “so, on a scale of 1-10, how marvellous are you?”

Don’t Suffocate Her

Keep your messages short, around 2-3 sentences.

Imagine a girl receiving a message that looks like an essay?

Firstly, it’s scary because it shows that you have way too much time on your hands, and two, you’ll come off as trying too hard.

In general, keep the atmosphere playful and innocent, and see if you can engage in a lively debate.

Meeting Women Online

Meeting Women Online:

Your attitude towards meeting girls and sending your first message online go hand and hand.

Don’t assume that because it’s a dating site, girls ought to move faster than usual. This can be the root behind composing many poor messages.

When it comes to dating a woman that you’ve met online, you will have to take the same steps and approach this as you would in offline.

Golden Rules:

  • Don’t rush things, follow her lead
  • Don’t ask for her phone number, WhatsApp, yet!

One of the biggest issues is: Guys expect personal details to be given out too soon just because it’s a dating site.

Let’s put this into perspective right away. Imagine right now walking down the street and randomly asking a girl for her number?

This works exactly the same online. It might be a dating site, but it doesn’t mean that a girl ought to disclose anything, you gotta earn trust, etc before a girl will feel comfortable handing out her number.

In time, you will both agree to meet. Whether that’s as soon as the 4th message or a bit further down the line.

The Female Perspective

If you want to master the art of online dating, a smart thing to do is to think in terms of a woman using the site.

Remember that most attractive women will have their inbox flooded with messages within minutes of joining up. Then they have to figure out who are the potential partners from the bozos.

Here, you’ll see why your first message  needs to have the potential to tap into her in a way that others can’t.

How to Send Effective Online Dating Messages - The Best Tips

Your First Message Must Be The Message!

Take time to think about what your potential girl is looking for?

Is it stability? Is it to have a romantic partner? Steady boyfriend? A one-night fling?

This means that you have reviewed her profile and know what she’s looking for. You are now armed with ideas about how to interact with her.

Knowing your chosen girl will help you to obtain a better handle on what it’ll take to make your first messages come across with style, and what types of messages to avoid.

We suggest that you check out other guys profiles, to get ideas that’ll help improve yours.

With a presentable profile and messaging skills, you are all set to give your chosen women what they desire.


At, it’s our business to know how people relate and engage with each other.

So, when we suggest never to send arbitrary messages, the reason for that kind of advice is because we have seen the futility behind sending poor messages.

Alternatively, we have seen that when a man comes on board and takes the time to engage with women in stimulating ways, his chances of success always outranks the lazy guys.

Now go get em! signing up is as easy as clicking here.

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