Proven Tips to Conquer First Date Nerves – Discover the Secrets of Overcoming Your Anxiety and Having a Memorable Time!

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Conquer First Date Nerves

The thought of a first date can be daunting and filled with anxiety, especially when dating someone new. It’s natural to feel butterflies in your stomach and have first date nerves; however, the key to fighting these fears is to prepare yourself for the big day with some useful tips about what to say on a first date, what to do, and most importantly, what not to do. 

No matter how nervous you feel or how many times you’ve been on a first date before, it always helps to learn a few tricks that will help make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable! 

Reading this article, you can learn more about how to best tackle those first date nerves while still having fun and getting to know your date better. 

From creative conversation starters to things that are surefire no-no’s on a first date, there are plenty of ways to navigate those initial moments together confidently. 

Get ready for an exciting adventure into the world of dating!

What to talk about on a first date: 10 essential topics. 

Okay, so you’re meeting a girl from Friends with Benefits in a few days and you’ve never been much of a conversationalist, so you’re wondering what to talk about on a first date. Do not worry, you have reached the page to meet people who teaches the most about these things in the United States.

So just read ahead and right away we will provide you with interesting topics to talk about.

First though, we’re going to give you three very useful tips no matter what topic of conversation you’ve chosen to have.

First date conversation advices

Don’t argue

If you disagree at all about something important, it doesn’t matter. Don’t argue and let it go. Why argue with a stranger? It’s a first date, not Facebook. Not knowing what to say on a first date is normal. Arguing is not.

Don’t overextend yourself

You may be comfortable talking about a specific topic, but don’t go too far. Don’t turn the date into a monologue. Engage her with questions and be genuinely interested in the answers.

It is very important to watch your date’s body language to know if you are boring her or if she is having fun.

Let her bring up topics of conversation too

You don’t know what to talk about on a first date with a girl or boy? Maybe you should let her propose the topics. What’s more, you should do it even if you do know what to talk about.

On a date it is important that everything is more or less balanced.

What to talk about on a first date: 10 examples

The best first date conversation starters are those that seem natural.

What to say on a first date: Start by admitting you're a little nervous

1. What to say on a first date: Start by admitting you’re a little nervous

If you don’t know what to say on a first date with a boy or girl, a good idea is to acknowledge that you feel a little nervous at the beginning of the date. Although you may be handling it quite well, it could still serve to calm your partner’s nerves a bit.

And now some questions.

2. Do you have a passion? Something you love to do.

This question is very important. If someone has nothing that they are passionate about, they are empty inside. Unless you’re the same (my condolences) or looking for some uncompromising sex, run away, you fool.

People who have nothing apart from their job and their partner tend to establish relationships of need, not love.

 And the love that lasts is the one that leaves space. Remember it.

3. What makes you laugh?

One of the most important things to know about what you talk about on a first date is knowing what kind of comedic perspective your date has.

There are people who love black humor, others absurd humor; other people like stand ups.

This information can be very valuable for a second date.

One of the most important things to know about what you talk about on a first date is knowing what kind of comedic perspective your date has.

4. What are your best qualities?  

This is a crucial question to get to know that person. Whether or not you know what to talk about on a first date, this is a question you should never leave unasked.  

5. How was your childhood? (A best-seller date conversation starter

Family, personality, fears, memories. Why does she tell you this and not that? Did you have a sad childhood yet still are a happy person? The other way round? Did you live in a Wyoming village before moving to the West Side of Manhattan? Wow, interesting.    

6. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and won $ 100 million in the lottery? The king conversation topic for a date.  

It’s one of the perfect conversation topics for a first date. On the one hand it is fun – who does not like to dream? But above this, it will tell you what kind of person is sitting in front of you. Would you continue working? Would you travel? Would you give money to your friends and family? Any charity work? She may not like gaming (which would already give you information about your date).

7. Date conversation starter: What would your perfect day be like?  

One of the best first date conversation starters. Once again, it is a very open question, thus expanding a sea of ​​possibilities in the answers. The wider the possible range of answers is, the more information you can get, the less chance awkward silences will occur and the tension will be reduced. 

8. Do you get along with your family? 

Again, an important issue. If it’s just a bit of sporadic sex arranged through Friends with Benefits, you don’t need to know. After all, sporadic sex is just that, sporadic. 

But if you like your date and would like to meet again, it is a question that can give handy information. 

Be careful, all families have problems, do not insist if you see they don’t feel comfortable with the topic.

9. What’s your deepest fear? 

This question is very personal, but if it turns out right, it creates a very strong connection between the two of you. Revealing intimate fears is emotional stripping. And sometimes that is more complicated than physically undressing. Especially in front of someone you just met. 

But if you can talk about it and your partner does the same, you will have created a huge bond in a very short time. 

You will no longer be strangers.  

What’s your deepest fear? A good question to ask when you have calmed your first date nerves.

10. What is your greatest success in life? 

Again, the answer to this date conversation starter is a wonderful source of information. There are people who will go towards material stuff. Things like my professional career, being able to buy the chalet in that town of the Appalachians…. 

Another might say their children, or their college honors, or have understood that it doesn’t take much more than the basics to be happy, or to have overcome a serious illness. 

What do you consider a success?  

10 Things not to do on a first date

First date nerves can make you do a lot of stupid things.

Indeed, and even at the risk of being annoying, we insist: there are ten things you should never do on the first date.

Let’s go see them.

1. Being late

Have you heard of first impressions? You can be the most beautiful person (on the outside) in a hundred square miles, but there is nothing worse than being late for your date. You will continue to look bad. So worry about planning the day in advance to be on time.   

You do not have to be half an hour early to the date, a few minutes will be enough.  

2. Wearing inappropriate clothing

This is another of the ten things you should not do on the first date. 

You don’t want to go on a date at a beach bar in a suit and tie, right? You also don’t want to go to a fancy restaurant with your dog and a flute. Am I wrong?  

You have to go with clothing which is appropiate for the situation as long as the clothing suits you.  

If you don’t have anything to wear to go to a certain event, then those kinds of events don’t go with you.

You may have made a mistake with the date.  

3. Check your phone constantly

One of the easiest flirting mistakes to avoid. Unless you are a finalist for the Nobel Prize for love and they are about to announce the ruling, do not look at your phone constantly. It shows an absolute lack of respect.  

It will show that you are not interested in what your date is telling you, that it bores you. And if you want the date to work, the normal thing is that you listen to the other person.  

It is preferable that you leave -always with education- than staying there looking at your mobile all night, which is the abc of what not to do on the first date  

4. Talk about your ex or your mother

Shy people often fill gaps in conversations with whatever comes first to their minds. Sometimes they even talk about their ex or their mother. Really. No, do not do it. The only exception to the rule is if your date asks, but in that case try not to speak ill of your exes. Not too good either. If she notices that you speak passionately about your ex, she could interpret that you still have feelings for her.

5. What not to do on your first date: Don’t stop talking

The anxiety of a first date might keep you rambling on and on but remember a conversation is a two-way thing, so let him or her speak. People who only talk about themselves are very, very tiring.  

6. Be rude

Education is never superfluous. The context doesn’t matter. Giving thanks, waiting for their food to be brought to start eating yours, knowing how to listen, making your date feel comfortable are things that are always welcome.  

What not to do on your first date: Don't stop talking

7. Do not give advice that has not been asked for

If giving advice was of any use, no one would have a problem. So unless asked, don’t give advice. It could make you sound haughty, or a know-it-all.  

8. Lying  

If you lie on the first date, please make it acceptable. There are many people who are looking for some sporadic sex on a single date and tell a lot of lies to get it.  

9. Don’t be touchy

Humans speak with several codes at the same time. There is the spoken language, the body language, the code of distances.  

In the West – especially in Anglo-Saxon countries – we do not touch strangers. And acquaintances, generally, neither. There is an unwritten code that has to do with leaving a little personal space for others.  

Wait for her to play first. Or do it at the beginning and end of the date.  

10. Do not ask for a second date if there are no clear signs of having had a really good time

If you want to go on a second date, there is nothing worse than looking desperate. So if you notice that she hasn’t had a very good time, don’t ask her.    

Ten tips to calm your nerves on the first date.

Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that it’s normal to be nervous. Give yourself some time to calm down before the date. You don't need to rush into it. 

☕️ Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that it’s normal to be nervous. Give yourself some time to calm down before the date. You don’t need to rush into it. 

🎶 Listen to some music or watch a few videos that make you feel relaxed and happy. Music has the power of calming down our nerves in a few seconds. 

📚 Remind yourself of your favorite movies, books, or stories, and try to visualize how the characters felt when they were in difficult situations—such as having a first date! It can help take your mind off your own anxiety. 

🤝 Make sure you do something before the date that will help you connect with the other person. Talk about common interests or hobbies and find ways to relate them with each other—this could help break the ice on the actual date itself. 

🤗 Show genuine interest and curiosity in getting to know them better by asking open ended questions like “how did you get into…” instead of simple yes/no type questions. This allows for more meaningful conversations and helps establish an instant connection between two people. 

😊 Put on a positive attitude and smile often during conversations: this will make both of you feel more at ease than if you have a serious look on your face all night long! 

Give yourself plenty of time for preparation so that feeling rushed won’t be added onto the list of things making you nervous about this date. Doing this will allow you to focus on making sure everything is going smoothly rather than stressing over whether or not something will go wrong due to lack of preparedness on your end!  

 💁‍♂️Write down some talking points beforehand so that awkward silences won’t creep up on either one of you: these should include topics such as current events, music, fashion, sports ; others that are relevant but not too personal (e.g., family matters!). Doing this exercise can help build confidence knowing what types of topics you’ll be able to talk about ahead of time when necessary!   

 🗣 If it feels like there’s an uncomfortable lull between both parties in conversation – just start talking about something random, funny, or related tangentially with one another’s interests – it doesn’t have to be perfect but anything is better than nothing! Plus, finding humor in whatever situation can lighten everyone’s moods quickly; easily!  

 🥼 Dress comfortably yet confidently – choose clothing items that match well together without being too tight/baggy – wearing something nice gives off an air of sophistication & classiness which can give both parties enough reassurance during their interactions with each other! 

 🔮 Keep an open mind throughout the entire evening – don’t be afraid to express yourself authentically while also remaining curious open-minded towards learning new things from this person. This mentality can help create a strong bond between two people right away without needing too much effort from either one at all!

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