How to drive women crazy in bed

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How to drive women crazy in bed

Whether you wish to rekindle your sex life or find ways to enhance your sexual encounters and meet new friends, you’ve come to the right place!

**This article is designed to help couples at any level, whether married or newly dating**

The Goal is to make her at one with you!

Let’s begin:

The most important thing to give a woman pleasure is to understand her.

From Friends with benefits we want to help you reach this understanding.

Here are 4 initial tips we’d like to start with.

1Observe: observe her for who she is and not for the perfect girl you wish for!

2-Communication: having an open communication helps gain knowledge about her.

  • example : you don’t have to assume what she likes, you could ask!

3-Go slowly: there are women who need more time than others, so it’s important to be patient, and give them the time they need.

4-Be creative: having a creative spark, the ability to be humorous, charming, or to convey ideas in a way that she’ll connect to you will help you get to know her better.

The Key: Sex does not start in bed!

Women, tend to be more interested in the process and are not necessarily worried about reaching some type of end.

Sex starts within the type of activities you do, the way you treat her plus the way that you carry yourself.

The better things are between you and her, the greater the intensity in the bedroom!

Therefore, it is very important to understand her well in regards to what she looks for in a man.

Activities such as dancing, meaningful conversations, laughter or watching horror movies produces the hormones responsible for intimacy and pleasure.

longer term married couples

For longer term/married couples:

You may feel that you have tried everything, so if the bedroom activities are declining or has gone stale, the best thing to do is to relive those special moments that brought you together, or date fresh with a new start as though she is your new girlfriend.

Ask any woman who divorced and remarried the same man, they will emphatically say that they dated just like new couples would.

Also, many long term relationships stop kissing and flirting, and dressing sexy for each other which kills them in the bedroom.

On the other hand, if you are facing a first date scenario, you can choose common activities that’ll be easy on the girl so that she feels comfortable.

3 Places to Take Her To Help Boost Bedroom Intimacy!

1- The Mall – girls love malls and at the mall there is coffee, food and shopping!

  • Most guys report hating the mall, especially waiting for his wife to try on 20 shoes and buy nothing.
  • However, the amount of intimacy produced by tolerating her and making the best out of the day will pay you handsome dividends in the bedroom

2- Dog Park- being at a dog park produces relaxation and therefore reduces tension, there are many places to sit and laying on the grass puts you into pre-intimate mode.

Take A Walk Holding Hands

3- Take A Walk Holding Hands – walking outside (holding hands) will produce a bonding effect that will help in the bedroom


  • Some girls love to be mentally stimulated: If her mind isn’t present within the sexual experience then her ability to become aroused will be difficult, remember that the brain is the largest sex organ!
  • Some girls love to be stimulated taken to fancy restaurants or a night of elegance.

Advanced Stimulation:

  • Advanced stimulation includes teasing, intensifying sex by holding out longer, sex talk and playing out fantasies.

Remember This Gem: women are sexual by nature, they just don’t like desperate men, so don’t be pushy, let things happen naturally and you’ll drive her crazy in bed.

A trick that never fails through observation and communication is to wait for her clues,

if you are sharp you’ll know clearly whether she is getting hot or not.

Very Important: observation and communication means that you are present and focused, if your mind is elsewhere,

like too busy checking your phone every 2 minutes, then you will miss her body language.

Here are 5 ways to help tell if a girl is horny:

  1. She keeps glancing your way (flirtier than usual)
  2. Plays with her hair often.
  3. She laughs at your corny jokes or pays you compliments.
  4. Has the look on her face, like she’d like to eat you like a well done steak.
  5. She is touchy: more touchy than usual.
Hygiene and Appearance

Hygiene and Appearance:

You’re creative, funny, and a handsome guy but your underarms reek!

Research tells us that women evaluate men based on how they smell.

Typically, anyone would find it hard to be around anyone who smells, however women associates a man that smells good with being healthy and strong.

Ask a married man, what are his chances of getting laid, if he smells like cigarettes and a case of beer?

So: shower, clean under your nails, shave, brush and floss teeth, wear clean clothes and wash your hands frequently.

Hygiene, Appearance, Maturity, Honesty, Openness, Respect, Sense Of Humor and Affection are the Master Attributes!

Once your hygiene and appearance is spot on, then the rest is understanding her, and allowing yourself to be guided.

HINT: We’ve heard it over and over “ You Don’t Understand” if she says this line even once, re- read this article!

  • Women are constantly trying to show us what they want, but many of us are not tuned into reading between the lines.

It’s not about Intercourse, it’s about Outercourse!

One big problem addressing sexual problems is this:

Many men think sex is just penetration for an orgasm and that is not true.

Let’s look at it this way, not all women experience orgasms, so don’t consider orgasms as the goal.

Remember this: many women who can not orgasm with their partner can orgasm alone (and as fast as 4 minutes)

The trick is when she feels at one with you, she will love her orgasm-less sex with you and will eventually climax the way she knows and can!

More About Outercourse.

Outercourse: are the acts (foreplay) that couples perform before intercourse which helps obtain the highest degree of excitement possible before taking it to the next level (the bedroom)

  • Now, please take a quick moment to think of all the women who were turned off by men because:
  •                                   A- they showed up late.
  •                                   B- chewed with their mouth open.
  •                                   C- yelled at the waitress.
  •                                   D- spent the whole night bragging about himself.
  •                                   E- had an offensive odor.

                                …you can add to this list ad infinitum.

The Sexual Response Cycle:

Before good sex, our bodies experiences an Increase in blood pressure, heart rate, sweating and breathing rate increases, dopamine and the adrenaline hormone rise before and during sex.

For guys erections take place and for women vaginal lubrication.

  • None of this will happen if you are a jerk boring her about your ex, a no talker, you talk too much, have bad hygiene, tied to your phone or too busy checking out the other girls, so pay attention to her!
Erotic dinners

Erotic dinners: erotic dinners is a great way to arouse her.

  • you will both be nicely dressed.
  • in an environment with other sexy couples.
  • the classic foot under the table still works wonders. private gestures, hand rubs etc

BONUS: This Works If You Do It Right:

  • make sure you don’t get drunk but get her kinda drunk, then chances are she’ll go crazy in bed.


A massage, is always a good warm up.

  • We all expect shoulder and back rubs however, massaging her scalp, behind her thighs, hands, feet and ears has been proven to boost sexual drive.
  • Massages approaching the sexual zones (without invading them) will help excite your partner.

Cuddling: Body to body touch releases oxytocin, which helps us bond.

  • Cuddling lowers anxiety, depression and blood pressure.
  • Spoon Cuddling: spooning can be done face to face or with her back to you, men who love butts love this, the benefits are increased intimacy.
  • Monster Cuddling: this is when you tickle her nose, make her laugh, kiss and touch!

Kisses: we didn’t say kissing, we said kisses!

  • Kissing her on the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, forehead has a great deal of benefits from increasing intimacy to boosting the immune system.
  • Romantic Films. Romantic films can lead you to the bedroom to play out the stimulation produced by the movie.
  • Obviously, the intensity of the film from PG, R to XXX will make a difference.

Erotic/Sex games: There is a wide range in the market and can be a great way to stimulate sexuality.

Bondage/BDSM: BDSM has received widespread attention, now this of course takes knowing her well enough to go there.

This subject is controversial so we recommend looking more into it..

What we do know is that BDSM benefits include: improved mental health, lowers stress, and improves relationships.

The sexual acts of BDSM can be an instant way to drive your girl crazy in bed which includes, hair pulling, light spanking, aggressive language, using restraints (handcuffs etc) biting and blindfold games.


The most important thing is to interpret your partner’s wishes and signals well, what kind of women are you in front of?

Now, you might be a lucky guy who has found a passionate girl who loves pure hard sex and who would see everything that we discussed being separate from sex, marry her lol!

Then there are the type of girls that will teach you exactly who you need to be and what to do in the bedroom, marry her also!

Bedroom Personalities

4 Bedroom Personalities To be Aware Of:

1- She doesn’t care for sex: If you see she opens her legs, tries but is not into it, sorry, to be honest driving her crazy in bed won’t happen until she gets help.

  • Special attention in regards to emotional disorders like depression, traumatization, sexual dysfunction etc in most cases requires professional attention.

             3 signals that’ll help tell if she has any issues:

  1. She looks at the clock often.
  2. Shows signs of restlessness/nervousness.
  3. She show’s signs of fright or pain.

2- The Tiger:  She is full of passion, perhaps too much and you end up with a back full of scratches and bruises.

  • Hopefully this is what you consider driving her crazy in bed and you can skip reading the rest of this article ?

3- The Explorer: If have have an open mind, which we highly suggest, wonderful things can happen.

4- The Dominatrix: Okay, this doesn’t mean that you have to wear latex with carry a whip, but there are many women who love sex dominatrix style.

  • In this case, we can’t endorse an article called “how to drive her crazy in bed” and suggest you don’t join in on this grand opportunity to “let her drive you crazy” in bed!

It’s important to know that everyone is not the same in all situations.

  • People change depending on many things: their personal situation, financial troubles, cultural differences etc.
  • a wild girl in bed doesn’t mean she is wild in real life.
  • Alternatively, a girl who dresses sexy, has tattoos and appears like she loves sex would ask to turn off the lights before sex.

So sex as we see it, is an entirely separate encounter and doesn’t account to who the person is in reality.

An Invitation to the ULTIMATE SOLUTION!

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How to drive women crazy in bed
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How to drive women crazy in bed
Whether you wish to rekindle your sex life or find ways to enhance your sexual encounters and meet new friends, you’ve come to the right place!
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