Say Goodbye to Shyness And Succeed With Women

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overcome shyness forever

Never be crippled by shyness ever again, If you wish to overcome shyness forever, just follow these step- by-step techniques.

What Is Shyness? 

A shy person is someone who is reserved, and who quickly becomes nervous or timid when in the company of others.

What Causes A Person To Be Shy? 

First off, should we care about the causes? 

…because If we discussed the many causes of shyness which may stem from a wide range of causes such as authoritative parents, being bullied at school, praised or bullied during childhood, and so on, would the knowledge of any of this help? 

We find that the cause is of no avail, however a transformation into a new mindset will turn shyness into confidence instantly. 

Here is how…

The first step to help overcome shyness is to consider that the root of shyness is fear, arrogance, and self-centeredness. 

These seem like strong language, right?  

However, those are the 3 keywords that we need to address to make a transformation.

Characteristics Of Shy People

To see how fear, arrogance, and self-centeredness play a part, we need to examine the characteristics of shy people.

Imagine the following scenario: you see a beautiful girl sitting alone, she shows signs that she would be open to chatting with you, however, you freeze unable to do anything, moreover, your friend tries to encourage you by saying “don’t be shy, make a move” but you can’t develop the courage, and therefore settle with grinning at her from a distance until she gets up and leaves.

This scenario showcases 2 outcomes from being shy: 

  1. you settle as a shy guy 
  2. you beat yourself over it, missing out once again
overcome shyness approaching a woman

Let’s analyze what happened in the scenario: 

  1. You were incapable of approaching a woman, why? Isn’t it fear? 
  1. then the situation at hand, which is simply taking a chance to talk to a girl which is so common, is exaggerated within you which is arrogance – arrogance to assume the outcome even with a friend trying to help out. 
  1. Lastly, premeditating the outcome due to low self-esteem to avoid rejection, isn’t this self-centered?

So, if we look at fear, arrogance, and self-centeredness as the root cause of shyness, then something radical can be done about it.

So, at this moment, see shyness as a defect of character and decide to cut it loose. 

For the sake of overcoming shyness, we need to construct an entirely new mental approach to remove shyness at once, not tomorrow but now.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to naturally seduce older women

What we desire to accomplish, is that you develop the type of mindset that embraces the brutal reality that millions of people get rejected constantly, and therefore, see rejection as a normal part of life. 

Therefore, if rejection is a part of life, and fear is a part of life, then don’t be arrogant to claim shyness as an excuse to not hookup with women, get it? 

Please Keep Reading So It Sinks In 

We believe in the power of the mind to transform you, for instance, if you only had 2 days to live, would you have a problem speaking to the beautiful girl sitting next to you right now? 

We know that you’re not going to give up the last 2 days of your life and settle  with the fact that you’re a shy chap, right? 

So, It’s time to get over shyness now! 

So what all this means is that, even if you’re fearful, scared to be turned down, or have feelings that you are unworthy, you still do it, but not out of courage courage, but out of a shift in mindset: WHO THE HELL CARES? 

There is a difference, courage is doing something that frightens you, however, with “who cares” in mind, there is the realization that approaching a girl is not a big deal. After all you’re not trying to gather the courage to jump out of an airplane. 

conviction is promising

Therefore, repeating power phrases like “so what” “let’s see what happens” “what do you have to lose” “the time is now, and if not now, when?” to yourself with conviction is promising. It should help the fear should drop as you start to realizing that it’s no big deal. 

This is why people drink to approach women, somehow the relaxation produced by a drink helps the mind to loosen up enough to just go for it.

The overall master tip to embrace is: if you don’t “go for it” there is no way in the world to know or predetermine what could have taken place. 

Shyness means to just sit there looking timid and modest, do you want that? 

To further our take on shyness, let’s pretend a girl is sitting next to me who I wish to meet, prior to introducing myself, can you predict what’s going to happen? No right? because for all we know, she could be married, a lesbian, not interested, or a porn star.

Whatever the case may be, you have to make a move to find out, yes or no?

Let’s emphasize this some more through a few more examples to help propel you to become fearless rather than sitting like a little shy boy. 

  • Have you ever thought about the many opportunities that you’ve missed out on, that were inflicted by your shyness?
  • Remember giving someone else advice to ask someone out? 
  • Do you remember the advice you gave them? 

So now, take your own advice and say goodbye to being a shy guy

How To Stop Being Shy

Hopefully, you are inspired at this point, and ready for the new you. 

We are aware that to fully turn the switch from shy to bold may require an extra boost. 

This boost is generated from a set of techniques that’ll make things easier to transition into full-on confidence.

Overcome Shyness

5 Tips To Overcome Shyness

#1 Be Open to Your Surroundings.

If you’re shy, you probably tend to go about your own business. If you become open to your surroundings, you will develop more confidence. For example, start greeting anyone who comes your way. You can do this by either giving them a smile, or a simple hello. Just be attentive to the people around you. Say good morning in the elevator to a colleague at work you never speak to, smile to someone at the supermarket, etc. You also have to be prepared to make eye contact with them, this is key to overcome your shyness. And don’t worry about whether they respond or not. Just be open to talking to strangers, nothing more.

#2 Ask Someone For The Time Or Directions.

Chances are that a shy guy like you doesn’t like to bother anyone. Instead, make it your business to open up by asking a stranger for the time or directions. This includes approaching attendants at supermarkets or at your place of work. Being prepared to ask a random question for the sake of making small talk is the key, it doesn’t matter whether they respond or not, your goal is to open up.

Important Factor: the idea is to not care whether your request is reciprocated, because shyness is in direct anticipation of how you are perceived by people. 

#3 Take A Female Fitness Class.

Chances are that a shy guy won’t dare to be in a room full of girls working out with them. Here, if you have made the mental shift to be bold, bearing in mind that the mission is to be free of shyness, then taking a Zumba class is the ultimate technique. 

#4 Practice Through An Online Dating Site.

In the safety of your own home, you can practice approaching girls through a dating site like Friends With Benefits, where hundreds of women are available to date which behind a computer will make it easier to flirt to get practice opening up, we will explain in greater detail at the end of this article. 

#5 Start The Dance.

A shy guy won’t be the first to dance at a party, once again if you understand clearly that overcoming shyness to gain the capability to meet girls through this practice, then you wouldn’t object to doing it, doing this technique just once is all you need! 

Through these exercises, you’re going to find out something groundbreaking which is NOBODY FREAKIN CARES which is why we associated shyness with arrogance. 

Nobody will ever remember nor point out that you were the first to dance.

What you do want to reflect upon is: the uncountable amount of wasted opportunities perpetrated through shyness.

Just recalling a time in which you had found out, but too late that a girl liked you, should be enough to propel you into a bold, charismatic lifestyle. 

Online Dating To The Rescue

Online Dating To The Rescue 

Remaining a shy guy shielded behind your computer won’t work in full effect because what’s going to happen when it’s time to meet her in person? 

Shy guys who are bashful and fearful can easily turn a promising date into a nightmare which is why we wrote an in-depth article covering how to prevent a date from turning into a nightmare

We recommend incorporating these techniques to assist you so that you’ll make things happen faster as opposed to a shy guy who will stall around thinking, 

Now, you are a bold innovator talking to 4 or 5 girls through a top-ranking dating site like Friends With Benefits, now guess what happens? 

Exactly, you meet up with all 5 girls, and if one fesses up, who cares, you got 4 more on your plate.

How Friends With Benefits Works

Simply sign up to gain access to hundreds of women, and as you come across girls that you like, approach them, chat and meet.

Know, that there will be girls that will approach you also, so don’t be shy 

We also got you covered with an article that’ll help you to write enticing dating messages that are guaranteed to increase your engagement, if you are someone who’s not sure what to say. 

The girls’ profiles will give you enough information to decipher what to do, for instance, some female members only want a fling, some wish to pursue sexual fantasies, others desire a partner or friend. 

All you have to do is decide where you stand in the matter, and then go for it, 

Our motto is, someone out there is looking for someone just like you

Join the movement and meet girls now! 

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Overcome shyness forever
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Overcome shyness forever
Never be crippled by shyness ever again, If you wish to overcome shyness forever, just follow these step- by-step techniques
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