Signs Your Ex Wants You Back – Recognizing The Signs

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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

If you wish to know if your ex wants you back, this article will make you a pro at recognizing the signs. 

The first major tip is that when a relationship ends most ties are usually cut.

In rare cases, partners remain friends but usually the breakup is apparent. 

The Pangs Of A Breakup

The pangs of a breakup relate to two factors. 

  1. Emotional Hunger
  2. Loose Ends/Baggage  

Emotional Hunger 

Emotional hunger is a form of separation anxiety whereas the attachment will propel a person to find ways to contact their ex for instance: 

Shortly after a breakup you wake up to “Happy Birthday”

Although a happy birthday wish is not necessarily a sign, many times there are ways to read between the lines such as: 

  • Happy Birthday Old Friend
  • HBD what are you doing for your birthday? 
  • Happy Birthday!!! along with a gift from the family.

Only you’ll be able to understand the depth of the birthday wish but within the message may be an attempt to receive a reply from you.

The reply being your ex’s juice to re-connect on such a special day like your birthday, 

This is normal, as the life of your relationship wants to thrive but does not necessarily mean that your ex wants you back. 

*The key factor would be another attempt. 

Loose Ends/Baggage 

Taking care of loose ends is inevitable.

Perhaps children or finances causes you to continue facing each other. 

However, the ex-couple usually works out arrangements for such matters. 

If you are deeply hurt, It would be beneficial to understand how to overcome a breakup.  

how to overcome a breakup.

7 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

1- They Find Odd Reasons To Contact You.

As discussed above, it may take time for the relationship to come to a close. 

However, if it has ended and you are receiving weird messages, request or favors, then it may be signs that your ex wants you back.

  • Sympathy: sympathy is the strongest weapon because during a loss it’s easy to emphasize for the sake to console/be there for you, etc.
  • Your ex shares a sudden sickness: this could be of valid concern but if you find out it’s no big deal then it’s most likely an attempt to get you back.
  • Death: this is a serious matter which may require your attention but if it happens to be a distant cousin then it’s most likely an attempt to get you back.
  • The death of someone you are fond of: a family member of yours may have passed, and so getting a message from your ex would be cordial.

However, getting a message that your favorite singer has died can be the case that your ex wants you back.

  • Reverse Psychology:  a good one is sharing a problem that you have that they are now inflicted with, for instance: 

Let’s pretend that you suffer from anxiety, and your ex suddenly contacts you for advice about a sudden attack of anxiety that they’re facing, this may be a sign she or he wants you back

The trick in this technique is that you find yourself willfully helping them and they know this about you.

2- They Reach Out To Your Friends 

The closest avenue to you is through your friends and family, right? 

This is brilliant, as it is granted for your ex to remain friends with your sister or certain friends, why not?

To add to the brilliance, family members would want to help patch things up and your ex knows this.

So be aware if your ex is hanging out with your sister more often than usual.

signs she wants you back

3-Sharing Good News 

We all know this manipulative trick.

You want your ex back and wish you could win the lottery for the power to get her back. 

This is a classic technique found in romance films whereas the one dumped ends up on stage as a famous singer while the ex sits in tears over what they’ve lost. 

This trick is from clever to dangerous, it can go as deep as a girl getting pregnant for revenge.

It’ll be beneficial to know all you can about relationship manipulation to understand deeply what a manipulating partner does. 

4- Sparking Things Up

When someone gets dumped their ego, self-worth, etc usually takes a hit also. 

The feelings that they are not good enough may place them to prove you wrong. 

So, this type of hurt may lead your ex to show up all dressed up and in great shape somewhere that you attend Friday nights. 

From her standpoint, she is living a new life and wants to make you regret losing her, however, behind this are signs she wants you back

Other signs are hearing her laughing loud (so that you can hear that she is happy without you) from across the hall. 

If your ex visits the gym and trains with weights when she usually takes a class, it’s a sign! 

The key to look out for are strange things out of random. 

5- The Stranglehold

This is another classic, whereas the hurt ex doesn’t want to let go.

This includes leaving things such as jewelry at your house or requesting for something personal to be returned.

The bizarre aspect to this is that it’s petty, for instance:  

Sorry to bother you but, do you happen to have the plastic bracelet that I left in the bathroom? it was my grandmother’s 

If your thoughts are: yeah aha, that plastic bracelet that you can find for 10 cents, she wants you back! 

meet new people

6- Revenge 

Anger and revenge are clear signs! 

We could go as crazy as a girl hooking up one time with an ex and getting pregnant to keep him. 

When acts of revenge take place, it’s because your ex still loves you, and does not want to see you happy because if you’re happy then it’s over. 

Hurt feelings include acts of revenge such as: 

  • she insults you while drunk
  • spreads false rumors
  • attempts to hurt your reputation 
  • spreads something true that you wish never reaches your mom. 
  • Financially hurt you

7- Crossing Paths 

Another tactic is that you find yourself running into your ex.

This is interesting because this tactic involves wandering around with the intensity to randomly catch you on the bus, while walking, at the coffee shop, etc. 

Stalking is not the proper word but it may seem as though your ex is following you. 

Your ex popping around places that she couldn’t care for and acts extra friendly to one of your friends are signs that she wants you back

Sometimes, you don’t need to be there, as her presence around your friends and family may serve as power to get you back.

General Advice 

After examining the signs, if you want your ex back great! 

However, if you want your ex back while it’s completely over, then please listen! 

If you had the chance to get your ex back then it would have happened, right? 

Your Ex Wants You Back

So, one thing to consider is that when a relationship is ending, it rarely ends abruptly, but rather tends to die out slowly for some time before the final finish.

So, the best piece of advice is to move on!!


Start flirting and mingling NOW! 


Because the energy wasted chasing, manipulating, and preoccupied trying to get an ex back is not worth it.

Dating Online Will Save You 

Dating online is not just about dating for instance:

You find yourself speaking to a nice person through a dating site like friends with benefits and come to see that you slept like a baby.

Moreover, energy spent productively is enough to do something incredible which could be thanks to your new friend that you have met online. 

In other words, an ex can keep you trapped all while you could be entertained with something new and fresh. 

We find it hard to simultaneously think about your ex while you’re all excited to continue a chat with a hot babe that kept you up last night. 

A dating site like friends with benefits guarantees that within a few days you’ll be over the craziness of chasing a relationship that has ended. 

As even a total stranger will tell you to stop the madness, yes or no? 

How Does Friends With Benefits Work? 

Friends with benefits is a dating platform where people of ages join to meet new people.

Interestingly, people are joining friends with benefits for the sake of seeing what’s out there. 

This is due to the fact that over 60% of dating is occurring online. 

Therefore, it’s brilliant to have the friends with benefits platform full of available singles for no different reason than you would have Facebook friends. 

Moreover, FWB is perfect to add arrousement to your current relationship or to make new friends just as would on any other social media.

This way, you are connected, and if one day you find yourself dumped, you’ll be in the market already, clever eh? 

Simply state when joining friends with benefits that you’d like to meet new friends. 

If you are single, you can find a partner or if you’re tired of relationships then you can seek sexy willing participants to have sex with. 

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Joining Friends With Benefits 

Joining is a two-step process just as with any other social media platform.

Once joined, your profile will be blank in need of details about why you are joining along with a current pic. 

The information and photo that you provide is very important.

It’s important because once you type “looking for a threesome” the system algorithms know’s what to do to make things happen. 

In other words, don’t be modest by typing “I’m here to meet new people” all while you have kinky sex in mind.

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As you can see, joining FWB for the sake of joining an environment so rich with men and women of all ages and tastes is worth it. 

Like the old saying, joining is just a click away.

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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back
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