What Is An Open Relationship?

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Open Relationship

Welcome to the most fascinating article that you’ll ever read regarding everything that you ever wish to know about an open relationship.

Starting with the standard definition which is: having a non-exclusive type of romantic relationship that has been granted permission to be romantically or sexually involved with other people

This arrangement is sometimes with or without consent, for instance, the girl knows that he fools around but doesn’t want to know, or up and onwards to a polyamory arrangement involving many partners.  

The theme behind being “open” is a couple having a primary emotional and intimate relationship who are open to mingle in various ways. 

Open relationships run into a debate because sex is considered sacred by many, and therefore it’s wrong and hurtful to give your mate that type of freedom.

However, we run into a snag-the snag being that sexual betrayal in the general world is doing damage, for instance.

40% of married couples are impacted by infidelity, while 70% of unmarried couples deal with cheating within the course of their relationship.

*So, what we like to point out “as the heart” of this article, is that the majority from both the 40% and 70% groups consider “cheating wrong” all while it’s happening. 

This is something to examine because this means that out of every thousand marriages, 400 result in infidelity. 

The question

So, the question is: would it be worthwhile to overlook infidelity in marriages to save the marriage protected upon an open relationship arrangement? 

In other words, we would tell a 10 year marriage to work it out! 

We bring this special point to the table because, no one can claim infidelity within the arrangement of an open, understanding relationship, right?

Meaning that props should be given to those who arrange open relationships for their upfront honesty 

Since faithful relationships don’t turn out to be so faithful after all, those who are resistant to the idea should open their minds to see the contradiction.

What Is An Open Relationship?

The contradiction being: that at one end of the spectrum infidelity is wrong, and at the other end of the spectrum infidelity is happening. 

So based on the stats, what is happening here? 

Could it be that the general population has been cultivated through tradition, religious beliefs to value monogamous sex, and therefore tries to aim for honest, closed, exclusive relationships BUT CAN’T!

This is an important factor to consider because, if the high percentage of married and unmarried couples end up fooling around at some point, this means much of it happens in secret which means that the percentage is higher than 40% and 70%.

We need to face this fact which comedians point out which is: that both men and women would love to be on top of someone else, and manage to! 

Now, let’s review the initial implication behind an open relationship: 

The implication of an open relationship is having everything that a relationship has to offer, however with the freedom to have sex with others.

How does an open relationship sound now? 

Pretty normal according to the infidelity stats, eh? 

An Open Relationship Can Be A Good Thing. 

There is only one alternative within the mindset of a closed relationship which is: to be faithful or stay single.  

Therefore, we favor “healthy” open relationships.

“Why live a life of contradiction when 2 adults will be so much better off discussing their sexual needs honestly, and thereby doing right by one another?”

Furthermore, we have found through intensive research that it’s usually the one who opposes infidelity the most- who often times turns out to be the one who ends up cheating. 

Now, check out this paradox.

Oftentimes, open relationships turn out faithful, because “the permission factor” provides a level of freedom that produces an opposing effect, whereas because you can fool around, you don’t.

Is An Open Relationship Right for You?

True Story:

We know of a married woman who is very smart, whereas every time her husband goes out, she puts on sexy lingerie and rocks his world. 

This woman is brilliant because she knows that her mate while horny will be hot for others, so therefore, gives him satisfying sex that keeps him in line. 

It’s like feeding a man to the point that he can’t even look at food. 

We applaud marriages that are able to gain healthy perspectives about the reality between relationships.

Why spoil a 20-year marriage over a one-night affair? 

Do Open Relationships Work?

The answer is yes and no. 

It’s difficult for many to picture their mate with someone else. 

If attachment happens, then fears, jealousy, abandonment, possessiveness will cause problems. 

Therefore, an entire mental shift needs to happen in order to embrace having an open relationship. 

How To Start An Open Relationship 

First, one must break entirely free from traditions and religious beliefs that establishes false morals and principles that claims “that it’s wrong”  

Because In the case that it’s wrong, then an open relationship won’t be possible.

Alternatively, there are many wonderful benefits worth staying single, or you can be one of the lucky ones who has a faithful relationship which is beautiful. 

if you wish to enter an open relationship, here are some rules worth abiding by.

Open Relationship Rules

Set emotional boundaries. 

We are dealing with human hearts, so maintaining respect for your partner’s feelings will translate into discretion and integrity within an open relationship. 

Set sex boundaries. 

Sex boundaries cover how to be fair in the matter,  for example, if you can fool around, so can she is only fair, right? 

However, guys in particular can’t handle his girl going down on someone else, but it’s ok for him.

Establish who it’s appropriate to hook up with.

I don’t know about you, but if I had an open relationship my first fantasy would be to hook up with my girlfriend’s best friend.

Granted, we all love to fantasize, but having an open relationship doesn’t mean that you can go about having sex with whomever. 

Respect Everyone Involved.

This means “don’t overstep your boundaries”! 

Overstepping boundaries can happen by getting too close to others, or at times too close to your main partner.

Therefore, depending on the type of open relationship. many decide to live apart, or dating is redefined to fit the couple’s relationship criteria.

For example: no check-in calls, special favors, or the mushy love stuff is worked out. 

We think the ultimate answer rest upon FREEDOM because relationships are hard, so, therefore, having a no-strings-attached type of arrangement may be ideal for the “open type”

Types Of Open Relationships

Types Of Open Relationships 

There are different types of open relationships from swinging, monogamy, polyamory, hybrid, relationship anarchy, to just open. 

Hybrid relationships is the most challenging because in this arrangement, one partner fools around while the other doesn’t.

Is An Open Relationship Right for You?

It’s time to face it, we are sexual beings so our top advice is to bring 100% HONESTY to the table. 

For instance, if a married couple after 7 years finds themselves sexually dead, then what should they do?

This is difficult because they have a choice to remain non-sexual for the years to come, or the guy or girl eventually gets laid somehow in secret.

Succumbing to the pangs of a sexually frustrating relationship is no fun.

So here is the dilemma, to either stay in a sexually frustrated relationship, or decide upon having an open relationship? 

We boldly claim “to go for it” which leads us to the beauty of online dating. 

The Beauty Of Online Dating 

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Online dating takes the entire open relationship puzzle and throws it out the window. 

For instance, you will come across married women who want sex.

You’ll come across single moms who either want sex, a new partner or a friend.  

Through the extensive friends with benefits database, you’ll come across dozens of single girls who desire to hook-up with no-specific relationship goals.

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What is an open relationship?
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What is an open relationship?
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