How to Avoid Falling Into The Friend-Zone

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This article will show you how to avoid falling into the friend-zone, from now on the friend-zone will cease to exist, unless of course, you want it to, here is how…

Let’s start with a scenario. You’re having dinner with the most beautiful girl in the world, you can’t help staring into her radiant eyes, you’re feeling like the happiest guy alive and then all of a sudden she hits you with “ you’re such a sweet guy, I think we’re going to be good friends”

Oops, she called you a good friend, now what?

What Do You Do?

  • Act like nothing has happened?
  • Do you play along?


  • You tell her straight out “I like you and I want more!”

Be Straight Forward

Many guys who fall into the friend-zone mode are not confident about this. We suggest that you don’t hold back, and by declaring the fact that you like her romantically, the friend-zone will be avoided. exist.

I like you, and I want more” is friend-zone free!

In the case that you like a girl, never settle for a friendship, why? because you like her romantically!

break the friend zone

Let’s break it down, if you go along with the role as friends, you’re going to inevitably fall into the pretence of a friendship, you’ll be faking it.

So, if it’s a fact that you like her romantically, then the truth should be spoken.

*Most guys fall into the friend-zone because they take too long to make a move which is why we suggest doing it on the spot.

Tricks To Avoid Being Friend-Zoned

We bypassed the use of tricks because we wish to avoid the trap head-on.

No question nor answer could address how to get out of a friend-zone if you never fell for the trap in the first place.

The Law: It’s not a crime to tell someone that you like them, so topics like how to know that you’ve been friend-zoned won’t happen because you would have made a move in the first place..

Make A Move

Returning to the dinner scenario, you were a man to share your true feelings, well done, at this point, we wait for her response.

Her reply can only go 1 of 3 ways.

  • Answer 1. I am sorry I don’t feel the same, which ends it.
  • Answer 2. She likes you too (sometimes the word friend can be used loosely) and so it’s great that this has been cleared up.
  • Answer 3. She’ll share her reasons …there may be some hope here.

For instance,

  • she just got out of a relationship (hope)
  • or she was sidetracked when you told her that you liked her and couldn’t get a grip of how she felt (hope)
  • she kinda likes you but wants to go slow (hope)
  • she said friends to test you, score!
get out of the friend zone

The statement “you’re such a sweet guy, I think we’re going to be good friends” can relay different messages so get clarity immediately.

Don’t sit on the fence

The world doesn’t need any more guys that go with the flow, let’s face it, there are only men and women in this world.

Going with the flow means that you’ve settled to see what happens, however, if you go with the flow consider that you’ve entered the friend-zone.

Look, If you hang around and act all buddy-buddy with a girl, eventually she’ll start talking buddy-buddy which means that she’ll be talking about other guys all while you have a crush on her.

Don’t take a blow like that, tell her how you feel!

Remember, that most guys fall into the friend-zone because they take too long to make a move which is why we suggest doing it on the spot.

She Likes You As A Friend

If she likes you as a friend, you did your part, the ball is in your court so take it or leave it, most friendship arrangements dwindle anyway.

She Likes You Too

She admits or shows any indication of a green-light, fantastic! 

You will be proud plus relieved that you boldly told her how you feel, imagine if you didn’t tell her? You’d be left to wonder and perhaps ride it out as friends and maybe have entered the friend-zone on your accord. 

How to Avoid Falling Into The Friend-Zone

Hope Is In The Air 

We could never narrow down the specifics because love happens in mysterious ways, all we know is that you’ll always be better off honest,  so whether she just broke off with someone, likes someone else, you have set the cards on the table and things are clear. 

This means that you can play the field and see if there is a nearby chance with her. 

For example: if she tells you “oh I kinda like some else” you can add the fact that she’s having dinner with you and draw off of that, it’s your job to boldly find out because you like her. 

You can ask her to clarify something like “so, this means I don’t have a chance with you?”

Once Again! most guys fall into the friend-zone because they take too long to make a move. 

Don’t Win Her Over 

Being blunt takes the cake because you won’t need to play games nor hang around passively waiting for her to fall for you.  

Next, you’re not the nice sweet guy walking around with her like a pretend boyfriend, NO! you are the man who wants her

Many fall into the pretend boyfriend trap and do it so well that they cause others to think that they are a couple, please know this, playing boyfriend is the friend-zone.

Don’t try to make her jealous, play mysterious, or arouse her to think that other girls like you, no games! 

Allow Time To Help 

From our dinner scenario, assuming that you treated her like a queen, and she somewhat declined, allow some time to pass so she could digest your proposal.

Three things happen with the help of time. 

One: she has a chance to digest that you like her.

Two: you are friend-zone free and she knows that.

Three: time will help her to feel the incompleteness without you, if she likes you she’ll miss you. 

Tricks To Avoid Being Friend-Zoned

Be Proactive 

If you are given the green light, touch her (respectfully) throw her kisses, try to grab her hand, insist on future dates, flower her down.

This is the icing on the cake because obviously, she has to reciprocate. 


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Friend zone, how to avoid falling into it
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Friend zone, how to avoid falling into it
This article will show you how to avoid falling into the friend zone, from now on the friend zone will cease to exist, unless of course, you want it to
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