Most sensitive parts of a woman

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most sensitive parts of the female body

The truth is each woman is a unique world and one’s body map is a different map from the previous one. There are women who go crazy if you kiss their ears while others can’t stand it. Lets discover the most sensitive parts of the female body.

“When you love, the whole body becomes lips.”

Luis Rosales. Spanish poet. 

Therefore, when mapping a female body, keep in mind that, although there are coincidences between women, there is no defined standard of erogenous zones, beyond the primary zones, such as vulva and breasts.  

In addition, there are several very sensitive parts of a woman’s body, but there is one that if you stimulate well, can take her to paradise.  

And we are not talking about the clitoris.  

Do you want to know what it is? Keep reading.

Erogenous zones for women

When it comes to finding out which are the women’s erogenous zones you must first know what exactly an erogenous zone is.

Erogenous zone is that part of the body that, when properly stimulated, produces great sexual pleasure. 

These parts of the body usually have a greater number of nerve endings or greater sensitivity that will more easily give pleasure and erotic arousal. 

There are two types of erogenous zone.

1. Primary sensitive parts of the female body: 

They are called this way because they are the most sensitive parts of the female body. In people with a vulva, the primary erogenous zones would be the clitoris (whose purpose is pleasure and has more than 80,000 nerve endings) and the vulva with all its parts: external and internal lips, entrance to the vagina, vagina, G-spot … 

most sensitive parts of a woman’s body

2. Secondary: 

It is in the secondary erogenous zones that the similarity between men and women becomes noticeable. Everything will depend on each person, their tastes and needs

They are areas with greater sensitivity. Thus, the scalp, nape, neck, ears, earlobes, lips, décolleté, breasts, nipples, shoulders, the inner face of the arms, the wrists stand out above all, the back, the bottom of the back, the ass, the belly, the inner thighs and the hamstrings of the knees. 

As you can see, there is a choice. Or did you think that Kamasutra postures were science fiction? 

The most underrated human sense is touch. So much, that we often forget the poet’s words: 

“When you love, the whole body becomes a lip.”

Do we all have erogenous zones?

The answer is yes, although they are not the same for everyone.  

When it comes to answering what are the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body, the answer is that everything will depend on each person. Although it is common to think that women have specific areas and men others, it does not depend on gender or any other condition, everything depends on what each one likes the most. 

If we put aside the primary erogenous zones, the rest of the erogenous zones do not depend so much on the sex of the people, but on how sensitive that zone is. 

The reality is that there are erogenous zones that coincide, regardless of the sex, but everything will depend on the person, their tastes, their nerve endings and their own positive and exciting connections with that area of ​​the body. 

For example, there are people who love to have their hair, head or neck touched and others, however, hate it. So if you want to know which body part of your girl is most sensitive, you have to find out what that girl in particular likes. 

In reality, there is a part of a woman’s body that, properly stimulated, can make any female want you uncontrollably. 

But we will talk about it a little later.

erogenous zones for women

Men vs women: who has the most sensitive body? 

The main difference between men and women in this regard are the primary erogenous zones, that is, the genitalia. From there, different studies have been carried out that show that the zones do not vary much according to sex, but preferences, intensity and sensitivity do. 

The lips top the ranking in both parts and both sexes coincide in areas such as the neck, the nipples, the inner part of the thighs, the nape and the ears

The perianal zone (which goes from the testicles to the anus) in men, is one of the erogenous zones that makes the difference between both sexes. In this part there is a great concentration of nerve endings that makes it especially sensitive and excitable and it must be remembered that it is the area where the G-spot in men is located, called the P-Point, when stimulating the prostate, something that does increase libido in men

In this sense, just remember that stimulating this area is not linked to any sexual orientation, since there are many ways to do it directly or indirectly. It is a matter of trying and respecting each moment, needs and tastes. 

Other erogenous zones for men are the inside of the buttocks, and even the anus.

And in the woman?

In this case, the ass or buttocks stand out above all. Pressure or caresses in this area generates great stimulation in many women. 

The breasts and / or nipples are other very excitable areas in women. However, when stimulating this area it is important to keep in mind that they are two different areas. 

In fact, there are women who only like to be stimulated by one of the two areas. For this reason, we advise being empathetic, observing and communicating tastes so that it is neither unpleasant nor boring, since the adequate stimulation of the nipples can lead in some women to a very high degree of excitement, but also discomfort. 

The lumbar area, either behind or through the belly, is another very pleasant area. This is so because it is a part of the body very close to the genital area, which increases the sensation of excitement and eroticism. 

Its stimulation through caresses, licks or kisses, generates a greater contraction of the pelvic floor, significantly increasing pleasure.

most sensitive parts of a woman

Most sensitive parts of the female body

Imagine a part of the woman’s body that, duly stimulated, could take you to paradise. That part exists and is common to all women. Of course, you have to be careful when accessing such an important temple, because just as it leads to paradise, it can lead to hell. 

And which one is it? What is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body? What is the part that is properly stimulated will make a woman experience the best sensations? 

Her brain, never forget that

It does not matter if she is not very graceful or if she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Stimulate her intelligence with entertaining conversations, make her discover new things, listen with interest to what she has to say, challenge her system of values ​​and beliefs with respect, make her see her potential, admire everything that her personality has to offer. 

If you want drive a woman crazy in bed, make love to her mind. 

You’ll see what happens. 

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Do you know the most sensitive parts of the female body?
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