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Dating in Manukau

Dating in Manukau is a matter of knowing where to go and how to go about a few things, so relax and get ready for some action!

About Manukau Girls

Don’t let Manukau women fool you with their laid-back personalities. 

The word is that if a Manukau single likes you she’ll have no problems making the first move although she will appear shy.

In Manukau, you won’t need to worry about “what to say on a first date” as you can always kick things off with “ you seem shy but you’re so cool” to get her to smile. 

If you’re lucky to meet a single Manukau cougar you’ll be in good hands with a great partner to hang out with who will know the coolest local spots. 

Please follow our lead because most would think the lots of women hang around the Manukau City Centre, but sometimes you have to look where it’s not obvious.

Have fun flirting and dating Manukau women

Meet Manukau Singles Day & Night

Republic Bar & Kitchen at Westfield Manukau City, 260 Amersham Way

It’s ideal to become a regular here for who knows, you might be asked to stick around for a private adult entertainment party, get the drift?

Woodside Kiwi Bar & Restaurant at 639 Great South Rd, MANUKAU CITY

Everyone is welcome at Woodside is the slogan! 

Woodside closes at 10 pm Thursdays thru Saturdays.

It’s worth visiting during a music event so make sure to inquire to get more action. 

Viva Dance at 10 Newton Road, Auckland Central 1010

Dancing still holds up as one of the best ways to get close to a girl. 

At a dance school, you’ll be paired up with multiple partners to practice with. 

If taking dance classes puts you off, keep in mind that they have pole dance lessons, so picture sexy hot girls swinging off poles if you catch our drift.

Even if you don’t score I doubt if you’ll mind hanging around a dance school. 

first date munakau

Club FeeniX – Bollywood Nightclub at 586 Great South Road, Manukau City

Known as a small place that gets quite crowded.

Crowded places are not good for those who have claustrophobia, but I don’t think you’ll mind being in close range of hot Manukau singles.

Hot Tip: go to Club FeeniX in a generous mood open to buying a round of drinks.

Also, make it a point to state that you’re visiting to get the inside scoop! 

Ink Bar at 268 Karangahape Road, Newton

Take a 19 km trip to Auckland to be within a range of bars and nightclubs worth your time. 

The Ink Bar is known for pairing up with Coherent which is perfect to flirt between the two. 

Nights can get hot however, it’s up to you to add some sparkle by being confident, outgoing and generous. 

Manukau women are more receptive than they look, so with a little courage you’ll find yourself mingling happily. 

The White House Adult Entertainment Centre 371 Queen St, Auckland

There are two ways to get laid instantly, one way is through friends with benefits, the other way is at the The White House.

At the White House you’ll be seeing stunning Manukau women everywhere, however getting laid requires patience, effort and is not 100% guaranteed. 

Alternatively, friends with benefits is a dating site where everyone is looking for some kind of action! 

Friends With Benefits

You’re probably not a stranger to the luxury and convenience of online dating.

Just as shopping, banking, ordering food is just a click away, so is meeting women. 

Thanks to the digital toys that everyone is constantly using: 

Dating is now a matter of browsing through hundreds of girls to chat your way to a happy ending.

Instead of scrolling through a menu to find a yummy dish to order, you’ll be scrolling through hot women via the friends with benefits platform, it’s the same! 

dating on the sunshine coast


Women would rather build a profile to conveniently and safely meet men, plus spare themselves from all that is involved preparing for a night out.

Moreover, COVID-19 restrictions has interrupted the dating scene in the outer world but not the inner world.

As a result, online dating has experienced surges from 31 to 43%   

Long distant relationships are now looked for on online dating sites whereas in the past the advice was “don’t bother” 

Therefore, go online to find women because that’s where it’s happening!  

As previously stated, everyone at Friends with Benefits is looking for some kind of action.

Whether it’s to meet new Manukau friends, find a partner, kinky sex, open relationships, WHATEVER! 

Friends with benefits will over-exceed your expectations

Friends with benefits will over-exceed your expectations, and you’ll understand why it’s a top-ranking site to meet, flirt and date women. 

Just as google makes your search easy to find what you want, so does friends with benefits for instance: 

Once you build a profile, the minute you type something like “seeking young women from Manukau, Sunshine Coast who like older men” 

The system’s algorithms will have obtained the relevant info to charge your profile into a real-time feedback loop that’ll send “younger girls” to your profile.  

Many users regret not joining FWB sooner while others wish they hung around longer to take advantage of the array of hot girls before tying the knot.  

The dating turnaround is fast so jump on board! 

Friends With Benefits 

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Dating in Manukau, all you need to know
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Dating in Manukau, all you need to know
Dating in Manukau is a matter of knowing where to go and what to do, so relax and get ready for some action!
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