Dating in Auckland – Meet singles today

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Dating in Auckland

In this guide, we will walk you through the best Aucklands singles hotspots to pick-up women, starting with Auckland’s nightlife, daytime activities, plus a guaranteed way to score! Dating in Auckland.

About Auckland Females

Auckland women get on well with Aussie men, they are straight forward so if she likes you, you’ll be in good hands. 

They are modern and outgoing and love to spend their time in the company of a charming man.

Hint: If money is no problem, you could get laid instantly! 

Your only setback may be trying to keep up with Auckland girls who are known to party hard! 

When drunk girls start flashing and kissing each other, you’ll know it’s peak time! 

Alternatively, if she’s a modest girl, then you’ll have to go with the flow or get her drunk.

Auckland females have intense body language, so if you’re sharp enough to read their body language, you’ll be sure to get sexier messages than words could ever say. 

Now, let’s check out where to meet women in Auckland.

Auckland’s Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Special Note: these hotspots are where guys have picked up, dated, and had one-night stands with Auckland girls:

  • Cassette 9 Vulcan Ln, Auckland, 1010

Cassettes 9 is great because you’ll be encouraged to mingle.

So don’t worry, if a girl likes you, you will know soon enough.

  • Globe Bar Level 3, 229 Queen Street, Auckland 1010

The girl’s night event attracts many singles.

The trick here is to go prepared to spoil the girls.

If you give these girls a good time, it would be odd if you went home alone. 

  • Ding Dong Lounge 26 Wyndham St

Do this! find a girl that you like, have casual drinks together and then make your way to a booth or private spot.

Now, you’re not far from whatever your imagination is chalking up right now. 

The girls are in their 30s so you’re dealing with women who know what they want! 

  • Red Bar 57 Pitt St

If you like small intimate places, the cozy crowd, squishy sofas and low red lighting will set the perfect atmosphere for you and your lady.

best Aucklands singles hotspots to pick-up women

Here are 5 other hotspots where guys have scored! 

  • Provedor 131 Quay St (Hint: go Wednesday’s)
  • Ink Bar 268 Karangahape Rd 
  • Frerard 3 Ryden Place, Glen Eden
  • Studio The Venue 340 Karangahape Rd
  • The Roxy 7 Fort Lane

Here are 5 extra hotspots that many regard highly.

  • Sapphire 1 Fort Lane
  • Longroom 114 Ponsonby Rd
  • Ponsonby Social Club 152 Ponsonby Rd
  • Impala 7 Shortland St
  • The Glass Goose 78 Federal S

Now that we’ve provided the best hotspots, we recommend booking a hotel nearby all the action.

it’s important to be as close to the action for obvious reasons – because if your hotel is too far, the chances that your date will turn down an invite to your room will be higher. 

A hotel like The Hilton Auckland at Auckland city center is perfect and will entice her to swing by your room with you.

Make Your Stay Nearby These Districts: 

  • The Viaduct: close to the best bars in the city.
  • Britomart: nearby a promising nightlife district.
  • Ponsonby bar street: recommended by one-night stand kind of guys.

The Viaduct and Britomart has heavy foot traffic by shops and cafes. 

Meet Auckland Girls During The Day

Meet Auckland Girls During The Day

During the summer, Piha Beach is an absolute must to see sexy girls in bikinis. 

Island hopping can lead you to some uninhibited escapades. 

  • Waiheke Island
  • Rotoroa Island
  • Rangitota Island

Women love shopping so let’s join them at the mall. 

  • Westfield Manukau City 
  • Westfield St Lukes
  • LynnMall
  • Botany Town Centre
  • Westfield Albany

Meet Auckland Women Online 

We are proud to have provided a hefty list of places to go.

Your odds to mingle into a successful date scenario is likely but not 100% guaranteed. 

The reason: the girls are all online! 

Women these days prefer to meet men online, it’s safer, convenient and spares them from meeting duds. 

Just notice wherever you turn, girls are on their tablets with their headphones on.

Therefore, if you wish to take your chances at a bar or club go for it, however, your dating odds through a top-ranking site like friends with benefits will be much higher.

Traditional Dating VS Online Dating 

When you go to a club or bar, you don’t know who is looking to mingle as opposed to a dating site where women have joined with the sole intention to meet men. 

Furthermore, you can’t handpick the girl of your dreams at a bar as you can by browsing through hundreds of profiles and landing on several dream girls. 

At a bar, women tend to hangout in groups, which requires patience to join in. 

However, when you join friends with benefits, you’ll get a heads up instantly of what each particular woman seeks. for instance:

Meet Auckland Women Online

You’ll meet women from all walks of life seeking: 

  • serious partnerships
  • nothing serious
  • romantic escapades 
  • A friend with benefits 
  • one night stands
  • discreet extramarital affairs
  • kinky sex
  • threesomes
  • Make new friends 

and many girls wish to see how things go “looking for nothing specific” 

Meet Auckland Women Via Friends With Benefits

If you wish to meet an Auckland hottie, simply sign up, create a profile and start browsing.

Once you come across a hottie that strikes you, send her a message in a way that’ll guarantee a response. 

Friends with benefits are pros at matchmaking, so when you state your sexual preferences, the sites search algorithms which will pair you with the type of girls that you fancy. 

Friends with benefits rank so high that it’s users never need to question the single life. 

With friends with benefits, questions like why am I still single will be a thing of the past.

Join the fun! 

Friends with benefits

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Dating in Auckland - Meet singles today
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Dating in Auckland - Meet singles today
In this guide, we will walk you through the best hotspots to pick-up women and dating in Auckland, starting with nightlife and daytime activities
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